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    Well, it looks like you are LOVING the Chocolate Box Girls video blogs on Cathy Cassidy TV so far – yay! Ready for another one? This time Skye lets you into what’s on her mind… you can watch it here!

    I think you’ll love Skye’s vlog just as much as Cherry and Summer’s – and don’t worry, the story continues NEXT Tuesday too with our fourth vlog… you’ll be hearing more from either Cherry, Summer or Skye, but which one?!!

    Honey will be chipping in later in series one to give you a glimpse of her life at Tanglewood… expect trouble! And we haven’t forgotten Coco, but… well, I’ll tell you more about THAT in a later blog! 

    I’m off to Puffin HQ this week to film some extra bits ‘n’ pieces for CCTV, so don’t forget to look out for those too! Tune in every Tuesday afternoon for the latest from CathyCassidyTV – and don’t forget to subscribe to CathyCassidyTV to be in with a chance of winning a full set of signed CC books. Plus, if you COMMENT on the vlogs, you’ll be entered into a weekly draw to win a £10 New Look voucher! Cool, huh? 

    Don’t forget to tell your friends about CCTV – and share the link on your Facebook page, if you have one, to spread the word! Better go now… I’m off to watch SKYE’s vlog! Tell me what you think!


    M says…


    B says…

    who is next? xx

    J says…

    I am so pleased they have bought these video blogs out at long last! I will check Skye's video out right now


    The secret’s out… we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you a glimpse of life at Tanglewood… the home of the Tanberry-Costello girls!

    If you’ve been dying to find out more about the Chocolate Box Girls, you’ll love Cathy Cassidy TV! On this fab new YouTube channel you’ll find lots of exclusive video-blogs from Skye, Cherry, Summer and Honey! The vlogs give lots of extra background information and they pick the story up from towards the end of Marshmallow Skye, so no ‘spoilers’ for Summer’s Dream or Coco Caramel, don’t worry!

    And don’t worry, we’re not leaving Coco out of this… we have even more exciting plans for her vlog – all will be revealed in the next few months!

    PLUS! If you want to jump in with the fun comps and great prizes right away, click here!

    So. Ready? Just click the LINK and watch… and remember, there’ll be a new vlog update from Tanglewood on a Tuesday afternoon every week! Don’t forget to let me know what you think!


    M says…

    is it only cherry costello can't seem to find skye or summer

    C says…

    wow! cant wait ill be there i hope xx

    C says…

    @ Marjolaine, there will be a new vlog from one of the girls every week... Skye next week, I think! xxx

  • HELLO THERE, 2013!

    A LOT of stuff happened in 2012. I wrote some books, did a few fab tours, moved house… I had some awesome times, and I am hoping for more in 2013. I have a feeling it is going to be FANTASTIC… for all of us!

    I was lucky enough to spend New Year’s Eve with family and close friends, with good food, live music and lots of hugs and chat. We wrote our wishes for the New Year onto a sky lantern (the safe kind, with no metal or plastic parts that can hurt animals) and at midnight we launched the lantern off into the darkness and watched it disappear amongst the stars. I hope that means all of our wishes will come true! You can see a pic of our sky lantern in the Jan online newsletter… sign up for it here!

    I am SOOOOO excited about the secret changes coming SOON on the CC website… we have been working away all Christmas and New Year to make sure it will be ready! Keep a lookout, because all will be revealed mid-January. And if you love the Chocolate Box Girls series, then trust me, you will LOVE it! For some clues on what to expect, take a peek at the January online newsletter! 

    Have you made any resolutions for 2013? I love the fact that each new year is a fresh start and this year my best resolution is to remember all the good times about 2013 and value them. I’ve even started a Memory Jar, where I write down happy moments and store them in a jar to look through on New Year’s Eve 2013… pretty cool. Happy New Year… have a good one!

    M says…


    M says…

    Do you have a rough idea when you'll be announcing the winners of the writing competition? X x x

    G says…

    2013, here we come !!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx


    I’m not very good at secrets. I’m fine if it’s a serious, friend-to-friend secret, a heart-to-heart… but if it’s good news, well, I just want to tell everyone about it! So… when Puffin told me some exciting news a few weeks back I was bursting to tell you all. I can’t – I REALLY can’t – Puffin would ruffle their fluffy feathers and get very cross – but… maybe I can hint?

    This summer, I met some fab girls at Queen Elizabeth School in Cumbria who’d made a cool trailer for one of my books (you can find out more about them on December’s Secret Superfan page). Another reader, Hazel, has a YouTube blog and reviewed one of my books on it (you’ll see more of her on the Secret Superfan page in January!)

    These girls got me thinking, and one of my lovely Puffin pals, Julia, put all these ideas together and came up with the COOLEST idea for the website! It’s a perfect way for you to find out more about my CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series… and it’s launching on the website mid January. I can’t say any more just yet, but… I think you’re going to LOVE it!

    Oh, and there’s still time to enter my last two ADVENT FREEBIE COMPS over on my Facebook Fanpage – go over to the fanpage, click ‘like’ to join and then check back on Saturday 15th or 22nd December for your chance to win. I mean, it’s Xmas, so… why not?

    If you’re still stuck for prezzie ideas my friend Ruth is showing you a fab crafty make on my December online Newsletter – if you don’t get the newsletter yet, sign up here! You know what? It’s beginning to look a LOT like Xmas!

    F says…

    hi cathy your books are so cool

    S says…

    YAY! I ♥ the Chocolate Box series! I have all 3, 2 in hardback, 1 signed and 1 in paperback lol!

    M says…

    Cathy that is sooooo awesome though i am confused about what your trying to say. are you trying to say that in January there's going to be a chocolate box girls website cause if there is i'm going to faint!!!!


    Christmas is coming… woo hooo! Cities are bright with Christmas lights, families are beginning to put up their own trees and decorations, the radio is filled with Christmas songs… the excitement is infectious! If you love this time of year as much as I do, you’re probably counting the days already until 25th… how cool?

    To make it even better, I’m planning a little freebie comp over on my Facebook Fanpage, every Saturday up until 25th… starting tomorrow, on the 1st. All you have to do is nip across to the Facebook Fanpage and click ‘like’ – then check in tomorrow (Saturday 1st) to see the competition… and enter! 

    If you miss the Saturday 1st December comp, remember there’s one every Saturday until Christmas Day… yay!

    And we have LOTS of AWESOME treats coming up for you in the New Year here on the main website, too. 

    If you don’t have Facebook, here’s a challenge for you instead – I am looking for new pics for my Powerpoint Presentation which I use for school visits and book festivals, for 2013. Have you and your friends made a magazine in 2012? If so, send pics of you working on the mag and with the finished article… you might just end up a part of my slideshow in 2013!

    Better get back to my prezzie wrapping – do you have any ideas for cool Christmas makes to save pennies this year?


    G says…

    Christmas is coming to town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Coco Caramel and Sweet Honey! When will they be out? xxxxxxx :)

    L says…

    i get to spend christmas in florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hoping for lots of cathy books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    G says…

    Hi Cathy!! Happy Christmas! I love your books so much and I will definitely enter the comps that are coming up! keep writing great books!! :D


    Thanks so much to all who took part in my fun CC Survey… the survey is closed now and lucky reader Molly H won the £50 New Look vouchers… enjoy, Molly! You all loved the survey, so maybe we’ll do a few more soon… it’s a fab way to find out what you’re up to!

    One thing you were all very clear on after Cherry Crush was published – you wanted to hear more from cool surfer-boy Shay Fletcher. I had already planned the Chocolate Box Girls series as five books, each from the viewpoint of a different sister… so I didn’t think I’d manage a book for Shay too. Then those awesome World Book Day people asked if I’d write them a mini book for World Book Day 2013… fate, huh? My World Book Day book, Bittersweet, tells Shay’s story – and let’s just say he’s not having much luck! Expect music, mix-ups and major fall-outs in Bittersweet… plus a happy ending, of course! Bittersweet will be in all good UK bookstores from the end of February 2013, ready for World Book Day on March 9th… and best of all, it costs just £1. Bargain! 

    Although at present Bittersweet will be available in UK only, my fab publisher Puffin are looking into the options for publishing it as an e-book for overseas readers too… fingers crossed!

    Let me know what you think – and tell me which CC characters YOU’D like to hear more from, too!


    E says…

    Jodie, Alfie or Aaron

    M says…

    i would love to hear a story from all the boys like alfie and finch too cause i really want to know what happens between finch and skye and summer and alfie please write more!!!

    G says…

    I ordered Bittersweet off Amazon a couple weeks. I can't wait to read it. x

  • My CC Fan Survey

    Wow! You’ve been saying some really interesting things on my fan survey! Did you know that 45% of readers read Mizz mag, or that 67% of you shop in New Look? And 83% of you say that girl friends are more important than boyfriends. Do you agree? Take the fan survey here and let me know!

    And the best bit? You could win £50 in New Look vouchers if you fill the survey in before midnight on 5th October!

    Find the survey here!

    S says…

    I've completed the survey even though I know I can't win the 50 voucher because I'm Australian! But completing the survey was fun!

    K says…

    I can't believe 67% of CC fans shop at New Look!!!

    D says…

    i am sooo happy because i turned 13 yesterday and i just wanna say that this quiz is like finding out things you never knew about yourself. love your books to bits Cathy!!!!!!!


    Back to school time for readers in the UK and Ireland… if you’re struggling to settle in, we have some ideas that might help! There are LOTS of cool things in store over the next few months, and we need YOUR input and help to make them all happen… so read on!

    First of all, we want to know more about YOU… so we can make sure the CC website is as awesome as it can be! To help us get the details right, we need your help… just click here to take part in our fab READER SURVEY. It’s quick, easy and takes just a few minutes, but it will help us suss out how to make future comps and challenges ultra-cool. Plus, you might win £50 in New Look vouchers! What are you waiting for?

    As for school, check out the SECRET SUPERFAN PAGE for a fun activity to do with your mates – making a mag just like in GingerSnaps!!

    If you live near Bath, Cheltenham, Wigtown or Irvine, check out my EVENTS page and nip along to one of my Autumn book festival events. Take a look!

    Last but not least, post below to share YOUR top tips for settling in at a new school… or any ideas on getting over those back-to-school blues. And remember… if you see someone looking lonely and uncertain, be friendly. A smile can make a big difference to their day!


    G says…

    Hi Cathy! I love your books: and this site! :) :P

    D says…

    I have read almost every single one of your books and i am literally in love with them. You are the best teen author alive!!!

    N says…

    Hi Cathy! I have read all of your books and I LOVE them all. I haven't read Summer's Dream yet but I am dying to, I'm sure it will be yet another amazing one. You are my favourite author! Keep on writing Cathy!


    My extra special Summer Sleepover video is now live – woo hoo! You can find the link on the Sleepover page & make sure you download the fab party invites and free event pack too!

    Take a peek into my world as I make friendship bracelets and smoothies, reveal secrets about my writing and The Chocolate Box Girls series and read from my brand new book – Summer’s Dream! Grab your own copy of Summer’s Dream and read along too!

    Then you can download the Summer Sleepover pack. It’s filled with ideas for things to make and do at your sleepover, including strawberry muffins, personal pizzas, makeover ideas, fashion and talent show games, friendship quizzes, popcorn necklaces and much, much more!!

    You also get to ‘meet’ some of my crazy pets (and family!) and see where I live and how I work… take a look and let me know what YOU think! And if you’re planning a summer sleepover, let me know – you can even send in some piccies!


    A says…

    This video is brill Cathy. I love your dogs they're soooo cute!!!!!! Summers Dream is the best EVER! xxxx

    M says…

    So cool, I'm going to watch it right now!!! I'm your biggest fan oh and I was wondering can you ever come to the Basingstoke Waterstones please? That would be a dream come true for me and lots of your other fans!!

    G says…

    I really love you Cathy xx I came to see you at Queen Catherine's school and I loved it so much and I was kinda dizzy for the rest of the day xx Also, when we got back all the girls that went did a compertition to see how much we knew about you and I was one of the winners xx I won a free pen, a bookmark and a free copy of Dizzy xx


    This weekend I’ll be in LEEDS and SHEFFIELD, so hope to see you there… but if you cannot come to an event grab a copy of GIRL TALK mag for news of an exciting Summer’s Dream themed comp!

    Tickets are still available for my event in LEEDS this weekend… hear all about the new book, how I work and how I get my ideas… and have a chance to ask your own questions too! I’ll be signing books too… don’t miss out! Click the link to find out more… and see you there!

    In the afternoon I will be signing books at Waterstones Meadowhall in SHEFFIELD, so if you can’t get along to Leeds, see you in Sheffield!

    An AMAZING new competition has just gone live on the website – grab a copy of GIRL TALK mag for all the info, or click the link to see how YOUR creative skills can win you some fabby prizes! 

    OK… back to my packing now… see you soon!

    Cathy xxx

    L says…

    Hey Cathy, can you come to Brecon, in Powys, or somewhere in Powys? I'd love that! xx

    T says…

    I can't wait to see you on saturday in Sheffield, ill be bringing all the choclote box collections and im hoping to get a picture with my ultime favrote auther! love, Tillyxxxxx

    E says…

    i am so going to the book signing at shefield its my first one but i am so exited!:)and while i am there i hopefully want to get summers dream it sounds awsome how are you so good at writing?im rubish help!!!!!!!!!!! lots of lovexxxxx Eve (your the best)