Sweet Honey

HONEY. Ringletty blonde hair, creamy skin, artistic, moody, charming . . .

Honey is going to live with her dad in Australia. Determined to make a fresh start, she couldn’t be further away from the tough times at Tanglewood.

Her new life is a dream come true – until school begins. The girls are different from Honey’s friends in England and the only person who seems to understand her is the cute boy from the beach she’s chatting to online. But when he, the girls at school and even her dad start breaking promises, who can she trust?

All alone on the other side of the world, Honey’s past is about to catch up with her . . .

> Find out more about the issue of cyberbullying in this book

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Reviews of Sweet Honey

  1. Honey is soooooo my favorite
    Sorry but i don’t like cherry 🙁

    Posted by: C on 1st December 2020
  2. I loved Sweet Honey! It just adds a little twist to the rest of the books

    Posted by: E on 21st December 2020
  3. Hello Cathy,

    We’ve read all your books and actually met up with some other authors and helped them come up with ideas for their books!

    You’re our favourite Author and also, your number 1 fan!

    From Katy Bell, Lulu, Charlotte, Amy and Annabella Xxx
    P.S. Katy Bell wants to be an author- Like you, Lulu wants to be a vet- like Coco, Charlotte wants to be a ballerina- like Summer, Annabella wants to be a fashion model- like Honey and Amy wants to Kiss boys, Yuck!!!- probably Cherry but we’re not sure. Xxx

    Posted by: K on 21st December 2020
  4. I love your books sooo much. my favourite is Coco Caramel when Lawrie Marshall help Coco and cherry crush when Shay likes Cherry. You are the best author ever Cathy Cassidy!!


    Posted by: c on 4th January 2021
  5. I LOVED Sweet Honey! I love writing, and The Chocolate Box Girls is amazing!

    Posted by: M on 15th January 2021
  6. I love the chocolate box girls, Cathy, you’re my hero!

    Posted by: Anonymous on 10th February 2021
  7. I LOVE this book sooo much! Its obviously the best book ever invented LOL, Honey just needed the right guy and the time to see how much her dad was a loser! Now she has Ash she is more happy and will forgive Cherry soon! I just love this book as I knei exactly what Honey feels!

    Posted by: A on 11th April 2021

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