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Sasha is the lead singer of the Lost and Found band, from the outside it seems her life could be perfect. She works hard at school, she’s helpful and reliable. But Sasha’s struggles with anxiety are threatening to overwhelm her and when she starts having blackouts, she knows she won’t be able to keep it secret from her friends and family much longer…

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Lexie is kind, caring, creative… and always willing to go out of her way to help others. Friendship and family matter to her, and others often turn to her in times of trouble.



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Although he puts on a brave face, inside Sami is a mixture of grief, anger and hope. Learning to use his creative skills to express those troubled feelings may help him learn to trust again… and find true friendship and love once more.

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Fierce, feisty and full of attitude… Bex is fiercely loyal and a great friend to those she cares about! She is quietly ambitious, and succeeding in life will be on HER terms. Nobody tells her what to do!


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Marley has a one-track mind… for him, it’s music all the way, and he’s confident he’s heading for fame, fortune and a string of number one hits. He knows exactly what he wants in life – and nothing will stand in his way!

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Bobbi-Jo likes to project a cool, confident image to the world – but she is way more complex than that. There’s a lot more going on beneath the surface, but can she show her more vulnerable side to those around her?

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