Indigo Blue

Will Indigo choose her family or her friends?

'I need a seriously brilliant daydream . . . because everything is far from OK . . .' When Indigo's mum announces that they're moving - just Indie, Mum and baby Misti - Indie doesn't understand. Why the hurry? Where are they going? Will her best friend, Jo, still be there for her? In a dingy old flat with a grumpy neighbour, no heating and only biscuits to eat, Indie begins to realize that her mum's got a reason for running away - a secret no one can admit . . . download ibookstore     > Click here to order from your nearest indie bookshop!
Reviews of Indigo Blue
  • Georgia, age 10

    Indigo blue was the first cathy cassidy book that i ever read. It inspired me and taught me how lucky i am. It showed me what real friendship was all about and how to deal with what life throws your way! Its a great book to be proud of! Indigo is a very brave girl but eventually things get to much for her and she finds she cant rely on her best mate jo , anymore so what does she do? give up? not care? no she tries her hardest for her sake and her little sister misti's sake, she tries to hold the family together and eventually her effort pays off. Her life goes from great to bad back to great again this rollacoaster of a book is fascinating...

  • Beth, age 10

    Indigo Blue is a great book for all girls.I finished it in 2 days I just couldn't stop reading it!

  • Shannon, age 11

    I loved this book!!! I read it over and over again. Its a slice of real life with friends and boys but with issues that make it sugh a greeaaaaaaat book!!!

  • Abby, age 11

    I just luv it!!!!!!!

  • Rhona, age 10

    The most heart-rending story ever. An amazing read and I really felt for the characters, especially Indigo. I would recommend it to any-one even boys.

  • Hyein, age 13

    oh my god! I love Indigo blue! I read it in my school library and I recommended to my friend and then she read Scarlett and she said it was awesome! I like Indigo Blue best then it's Scarlett then Dizzy then Driftwood! I'm going to order Sundae girl hopefully...!! yay!

  • Diksha, age 10

    it is the best book i have read so far and it totally captures me, but i really feel sory for poor indie.

  • Kelz, age 12

    indigo is a character like me! only my mum and dad are together and my dad don't hit my mum.i LOVE daydreaming it's really sad about her mum my heart goes out to girls with violent parents.indigo blue is a fab book and it helps people unerstand what others go through top marks!

  • Georgia, age 12

    I thought this book was so good. i read it in two days. I couldn't put it down. i would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  • Aisha, age 11

    It was fantastic as soon as I started to read it I couldn't put it down!

  • Macayla, age 11

    I have read this book 8 times,it's one of my all time favourite books. It made me cry the first time I read it!

  • Bethh, age 10

    Indigo blue is the best book.At first max seemed a nice guy but at the end .......!

  • Sheena, age 12

    I really couldn't put this book down. This story is heartwarming, emotional story about a girl trying to live her life the safest.

  • Lauren, age 10


  • Flourence, age 12

    I thought Indigo Blue was a fabulous moving story and i was so glad when Indigo finally move out the basement flat and into a lovely flat .When you discribed the new flat i felt like i could feel the warmness of the new flat

  • Stephanie, age 12

    I thought Indigo Blue was amazing! It is the first book i have read out of all the others, and it is so emotional, and i cried reading it! i would recomend it to anyone of all ages!

  • Katie, age 10

    I love this book it really made me think. It is definetely one of the best books I've read. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down.

  • Jodie, age 12

    i thought it was a realy intresting book i couldnt put it down i realy enjoyed it

  • Alison, age 12

    i thought it was a realy good book and it was like you could imagine all the characters and the flat and it just seemed real! i would definitely recomend it to anyone that likes to read :p

  • Becky, age 12

    fantastic book shows how you can get over bad times too thanks this book inspired me alot

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