Looking-Glass Girl

Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole all over again with Looking-Glass Girl.

Alice is thrilled when Savannah invites her to a Wonderland-themed sleepover; she's wanted to join this circle of friends for so long. Finally, she's fitting in. But an accident suddenly changes everything and Alice is rushed to hospital. As her friends and family rally round, a mystery begins to unravel. Was Alice pushed, and why? Who would want to hurt her? Can her loved ones - and the gorgeous boy who doesn't want to leave her side - help Alice survive? Looking-Glass Girl is an unforgettable tale of friendship and love. Get ready to fall down the rabbit hole all over again... download ibookstore     > Click here to order from your nearest indie bookshop! Cathy Virtually Live banner> Tell your teacher to register for an amazing, FREE Cathy Cassidy virtual event! > Host your own Mad Hatter's Tea Party with these amazing activities and recipe ideas! video
Reviews of Looking-Glass Girl
  • Sadie, age 11

    I simply adore both Alice in Wonder and Cathy's writing so I am impatiently waiting for this to come out.

  • Freya, age 11

    Wow!! Your book sounds amazing! It won't be long until it's out!!

  • Aya, age 14

    WoooHoo! I LOVE your stories and can't WAIT for Looking Glass Girl to come out!!!

  • Katie, age 13

    can not wait!!! gonna order it soon!!!! I've been reading your books since i was 9 years old!!! your an amazing wonderful writer xx

  • Carole, age 11

    I CAN'T WAIT!! My bday is the first of April, and then my fav aurthor's book is coming out the next day!!!!!!

  • Gemma, age 13

    I LOVED this book. It's so uniquely and amazingly written! It's different from Cathy's other books, but not so different that it falls out of her general style of writing. xx

  • Ella, age 14

    O.M.G I can't wait till this book to come out and read it :0

  • charlotte, age 11

    i love your books i met you at the biggest book show and you sighned my book i cant wait for this book ps i loved the dress you were wairing at the show it was so cute

  • Jayni & Nikki, age 11

    i love you Cathy!!! Your an amazing book writer and please please please keep writing books... LOVE YOU! :)

  • Chloe, age 12

    I am really excited to read your new book as I have read all of you other ones I cannot wait it sounds really gripping and enjoyable to read. Just like all your others. Xx

  • Ava, age 12

    I cant wait to read this book! Im sure it will be amazing! <3

  • Saoirse, age 12

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG I'M SO SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS BOOK AND FORTUNE COOKIE...I Have Pre ordered Both of These Ages Ago...Now That Looking Glass Girl Is Coming Out Soon I'M GETTING ALL EXCITED!

  • Sophie, age 12

    I absolutely love these books, in some of them I can relate my own life to. I hope Cathy continues to write more books! x

  • Alora, age 11

    I've been so excited for this book. I wanted to pre-order it, but my mum just said buy it when it's released. I just... I just love the idea of this book and Cathy Cassidy, you're epic.

  • Daniella, age 10

    Gosh i love ur books deeply Cathy and this one is probaly my best one yet they just keep on getting better Keep writing Y.A.Y

  • Ally, age 12


  • Alora, age 11

    I pre-ordered Looking Glass Girl and have finished it already. It is truly an amazing book. I love the way that you set it out: from what was happening at the hospital, to Alices Wonderland, and then to the story behind the accident. I love all of the characters (but I have a book crush on Luke Millers). Cathy Cassidy, keep on writing. A xxx

  • Amy, age 9

    Wow this book is amazing please write write a sequel! It is my favourite book in the world!

  • Gentle, age 12

    I got this as a ebook at 9 o clock on the 2nd of April and had finished it at 12 o clock the same day, it was that good. Gripping from beginning to end!

  • Jess, age 14

    I sooooo want to read the rest of this book now! The scary part about reading that extract was how accurate Alice's problems were to mine, because I experienced the very same thing as well! I always wondered if there was ever going to be a book written about this and here it is! Thank you so much!

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