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    I’m home after a gorgeous book tour to celebrate the launch of SAMI’s SILVER LINING! I want to thank the awesome schools who helped to make it so special… St Hilda’s; Worthing High; Connaught School for Girls; Whittingham Primary; Somers Park; Westacre Middle; Birches Head; Derby High; Sacred Heart; Cramlington School and all the visiting schools at those events. (Don’t **think** I’ve missed any but apologies if so!)

    Have YOU read the new book yet? If so, send your reviews to me via the EMAIL CATHY link or post on the website books page or even on if you’re feeling extra lovely! SAMI’S SILVER LINING was a real labour of love for me – I hope you’re going to love it just as much as I do!

    So… have you heard about the new SAMI’S SILVER LINING COMP?

    Just nip over to the COMPS page on this website to find out more… basically, you need to take a supercool photo of your fave CC book… style it, make it look arty and fab… and either post it on social media using the tags shown on the COMPS page or email it to me via the EMAIL CATHY link on the website homepage! You can win a copy fo the two newest books for you, your school or even to give to a friend, and also an amazing ‘INSTA’ INSTANT CAMERA! Wow!

    What are you waiting for? Get those phones and cameras out NOW!

    Cathy xxx

    m says…

    Cathy is my hero xoxo


    I’m just home from a week’s tour talking to thousands of readers old and new all around the UK… it was SO much fun, and the feedback on LEXIE has been awesome! I’m now hunkering down to do a final proof read on the next book, SAMI’S SILVER LINING, before it goes off to print… it will be out on 28th June and it’s SUCH a special book to me. I think you’ll love it!

    After that, I’ll be chilling for a while before thinking about the book after that, and getting sorted for my events at HAY & EDINBURGH amongst other things! I also have a new COMP planned for you all, and I’ll be posting news about that on here VERY soon!

    I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the kids, parents, librarians, teachers and booksellers who helped to make this tour such a gorgeous one… you were all AWESOME! Off to do my edits, but I’ll be back soon with news of that COMP!

    Cathy xxx

    Z says…

    You went to withington girls school-I go there

    A says…

    Love fro Lexie is amazing'!!!!!!! I LOVE CATHY CASSIDY

    J says…

    I would soooooo love to read your new book! I think I will ask for it for my birthday or Christmas. keep up the good work! xxx

  • WINNERS!!!

    You’ve been SOOOO patient… but at last I have picked the winners (from a hat, of course!). And I’ve found a few more copies of BROKEN HEART CLUB so there are going to be FIVE lucky winners!!!

    Here goes… the winners are: ZARIN K; EVA, age 11; WICTORIA M, age 13; NYAH G, age 10; and LAUREN E, age 12. Please can all the winning readers EMAIL ME through the link on the website homepage with their full name and postal address, so I can get the books packed up and posted off!

    Once I’ve heard from everyone on the winners list, there will be a NEW competition linked to my new book LOVE FROM LEXIE. It will go live soon and I thought I’d ask you all to do something to be eligible to win… but WHAT? Any ideas? All suggestions welcome, just post your thoughts below!

    THANKS to all who entered, and see you soon!

    Cathy xxx

    K says…

    we could write about our fave cathy cassidy book then you could choose a winner i hope you like my suggestion p.s i cant wait for love from lexie to come out i have read all of your books and i am now craving to read the next one.

    W says…

    YAYYYY I WONNN! I love you so much!

    W says…

    For the new competition, you could make us write a story of some sorts


    I still have a signed copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB to give away… could YOU be the lucky winner? To be in with a chance, just comment below to tell me why you’d like a copy of the book… someone’s got to win!

    In other news, I am just putting the finishing touches to my new book, LOVE FROM LEXIE, which will be the first in a brand NEW series about a bunch of mismatched friends who accidentally form a band. I am very excited about it all, and I think you’re going to LOVE it… LOVE FROM LEXIE will be out in JUNE!

    There are LOTS of giveaways almost every evening over on my FACEBOOK FANPAGE, so if you haven’t joined up, do – or get a parent to do so for you. Don’t miss out! Just going to make myself a hot chocolate and get back to work… but even though it’s freeezing just now, spring is definitely in the air! 

    Get those comments coming and tell me WHY you want to win a signed copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB!

    E says…

    I would like to win this book, because, I read most of your books, including this one, and I know that you are my #1 Fave Author! I just wish I could win :)

    S says…

    I want to win a copy of Broken Heart Club because I have read almost every book which you have written and I can't wait to read the rest! I'm most excited about this book and would be better if it was signed by the best author in the universe!

    A says…

    Hi Cathy, I LOVE your books and I would really like to be the luck winner because its like every time I turn a page from your books I get sucked into the story, like I'm part of the book; all my worries are stored away and it's just so.. Magical! From your biggest fan Alissa xoxo


    BROKEN HEART CLUB is out in paperback and I am off on tour for a week to talk to readers old and new in schools all around the country! I’ll be signing books, answering questions and giving away a few secret hints about my new book, coming in JUNE – the first in a brand new series!

    It has been a very busy start to 2017 for me, but it’s great to have lots of ideas in the pipeline! I have set aside a copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB to give away – if you’d like to be in with a chance, just comment below and tell me why it should be yours! Talking of giveaways, there are LOTS just now over on my Facebook Fanpage, so if you or a parent has FB do go and ‘like’ the page and check in every evening so as not to miss out on the freebies!

    I’ll be updating the EVENTS page soon with the first few events for this year… hopefully I’ll be in your area soon! 

    Don’t forget to COMMENT BELOW to tell me what you’ve been up to, and to enter the giveaway for a signed copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB. What are you waiting for?!!

    R says…

    Hello Cathy, I am a big fan of your books and have just started reading The Broken Heart Club. In fact you came to my school today (Trent College/The Elms) All of us there enjoyed the afternoon learning about you and your books! I just wanted to say hello and wish you good luck for the future! -Rhea xxx

    N says…

    Hi Cathy, I came to your book signing and I had my book signed. I am really happy now as you are my favorite author! From Niamh.

    N says…

    Hi!!!!! I have been to see u Cathy Cassidy yesterday in Blue Gates Field Junior School. I absolutely loved it and it was an honour getting to meet you Cathy! I also bought the broken heart club and am currently reading and am enjoying every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every letter!

  • 2016 – WHAT A YEAR…

    Maybe a little bit of Christmas magic can chase away the sad stuff… who knows? I lost my mum and my mum-in-law this year, after very difficult illnesses, and then my lovely dog Kelpie died after an accident in the park… you can read more about that here, but as you can imagine it felt like the very last straw. I am getting through it all with the help of my family and my amazing readers (special thanks to all who have emailed, written or messaged to cheer me up!).

    We’ve also adopted another rescue lurcher – Ziggy had been abused and abandoned, and although she’s only a year old, at some point she’s had a broken pelvis which has healed a little bit squint and left her with a zig-zaggy way of walking. In spite of this, she is the cutest, coolest dog EVER, and she’s shown me that there is always something to be happy about in life, especially when that something is dog-shaped!

    What else is new? Well, I’m writing the first book of a new series which I am very, VERY excited about… it will be out in June, and I think you’re going to LOVE it! I’m just back from a book fair in PARIS where I got to meet more of my lovely French readers, and I’ve had a great meeting with my friends at PUFFIN HQ to talk about some AWESOME ideas for next year… I think you will approve!

    So… what’s been happening in YOUR world in 2016? Post below to tell me everything! Meanwhile, me and Ziggy had better get back to work… check in just before Christmas for a new message, too!

    Lots of love, 

    Cathy (and Ziggy!) xxx


    K says…

    My year has been a mixed bag but it ended with me getting second in my year! YAYY a new book in time for my birthday!!!!!

    J says…

    It's so good that you adopt abused dogs as it gives them a second chance in life! Ever so exited to read your new book!

    E says…

    My year has been AWESOME! I found a bunch of great friends who really like me and i like them. I had a crush on a really nice guy and i was able to tell him i like him. AND, i had really nice teachers.

  • Discover the DREAMCATCHER blog!

    I’m loving the new DREAMCATCHER blog-zine – by my readers, for my readers! There’s a new post every day, ranging from fun stuff to cool stuff and serious, dramatic stuff stuff. Take a look at DREAMCATCHER and scroll back through the posts to see what you’ve missed – and remember to comment as you go! 

    If you’d like to contribute to DREAMCATCHER, join my FACEBOOK FANPAGE (if you’re old enough to have FB) as lots of posts start as discussions on the FB fanpage; or email me your ideas and suggestions here. It’d be great to have you on board!


    R says…

    See you there Cathy! Look out for me! I have loved you all my life! Nearly! Bye for now! Love your biggest fan

    J says…

    Hi, Cathy!


    That’s it… I’m all packed and ready to hit the road for my SWEET HONEY tour around the UK. I can’t wait to see what you all think of the new book! I will be doing public signings in BROMLEY & KINGSTON on Sat 31st May, BIRMINGHAM 1st June, NEWTON MEARNS after school on Friday 6th, EAST KILBRIDE & EDINBURGH on Saturday 7th, DUMFRIES on Sunday 8th, CHESTER on Saturday 14th and BLUEWATER on Sunday 15th. In between, there will be lots of school visits… I can’t wait! You can find out more about my public signings on the EVENTS page. The DUMFRIES event is a very cool afternoon tea with tickets at £3.50 to include cake… so book quickly before it sells out!

    If you’re coming along to a signing, why not bring a couple of friends? Groups of three or more attending will be entered into a prize draw to win a cool sleepover kit, and the overall winners from the tour will win a fun makeover session! If you can’t enter the EVENTS comp then try out fab SELFIES or SHELFIES comp… just send in a pic of you with your fave CC book (hopefully SWEET HONEY!) or a pic of your bookshelf with CC books on it! The best will be included in a playlist on CCTV and the overall winner will get a cool camera and tripod kit! Find out more about the comps HERE.

    In other news, I have been shortlisted for the fabby QUEEN OF TEEN award again… I’d love to be the first author to win that crown twice, but I really need your votes! You can cast your votes HERE… pretty please? I can pr

    J says…

    Hi Cathy i cant wait to read sweet honey and I will defenetly vote for u xx

    C says…

    Can't wait to get Sweet Honey, honestly. Also, you deserve the Queen of Teen award. I'll be sure to vote for you!!!!

    L says…

    Amazing! Nice to hear that you 'finished' "Sweet Honey" and going on a tour for it :D Hope you get 'Queen Of Teen' again!!! xxx


    It’s not often I ask a favour of you, but this one is IMPORTANT… it’s a way for you to show that you care about girls in danger on the other side of the world. I’m talking about the 276 schoolgirls from Chibok, Nigeria, who were kidnapped in April by an extremist group who have threatened to sell the girls as slaves.

    These girls have done nothing wrong; they are JUST LIKE YOU… can you imagine how frightened they must be feeling now, torn away from their homes and families? We are so far away it may feel like there isn’t much we can do to help, but we CAN show that we care.

    On my blog-zine, DREAMCATCHER, I have posted a CHALLENGE: for my readers to send in a selfie holding a sign that says #Bring BackOurGirls and also to write a letter to one of the missing girls, whose names are listed on the blog. Send a pic of the letter to me, too; if I get enough, I will make a slideshow of your messages of support and your #BringBackOurGirls selfies. The letters you write may not get to the missing girls, but perhaps a little of your concern and caring will find its way to the captive girls. 

    If you want to be extra-awesome, you can get your friends and teachers involved in this project too. You, my readers, are the most amazing people I know. You have so much to give; can you spare five minutes to show the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls that you are thinking of them and praying for their safe return? Click on DREAMCATCHER now and scroll back to find the #BringBackOurGirls post; it will explain more about what you can do.

    Thank you… for being awesome, for being YOU.

    Cathy xxx

    D says…

    I'm definitely going to do this and spread the word! This is something to serious to let go.

    J says…

    I feel really sorry for those girls they must be worried sick And there parents. I am going to ask my tutor if we can do that selfie presentation

    L says…

    I am so sad about what has happened. I will try and see what help me and my friends can do. Really Sad event :(


    I’m writing this out in the garden, in the sunshine, and it feels fab after such a long, grey winter! I’m tweaking the final edits on SWEET HONEY, so it will be ready to publish on 5th June. Yay!!! If you can’t wait until then, the very first copies will be available at my event on Weds 28th May at HAY BOOK FESTIVAL. You can find out more on my EVENTS page! I’ll be in Shrewsbury, North Berwick, Liverpool and Guernsey soon too… check the EVENTS page for more info. And then it will be time for my June tour… can’t wait!

    Right now I’m busy working on a new book – something very different from the Chocolate Box Girls series, but something I think you’re going to LOVE. It’s top secret for now, but it’ll be out next April!

    I’m also loving the new DREAMCATCHER blog-zine – by my readers, for my readers! There’s a new post every day, ranging from fun stuff to cool stuff and serious, dramatic stuff stuff. Take a look at DREAMCATCHER and scroll back through the posts to see what you’ve missed – and remember to comment as you go! 

    If you’d like to contribute to DREAMCATCHER, join my FACEBOOK FANPAGE (if you’re old enough to have FB) as lots of posts start as discussions on the FB fanpage; or email me your ideas and suggestions here. It’d be great to have you on board!

    Well, back to writing my new book… and soaking up the sun… this is the life! What’s YOUR favourite thing about April? Tell all! Oh, and Happy Easter!


    B says…

    Dear Cathy, My fave thing about April is CHOCOLATE!!! I am planning 2 sit down eat chocolate and read 1 of your books. Hope u have an amazing day! Xoxo

    L says…

    Easter time is amazing. I can't wait to read Sweet Honey x This will fun this Easter. I don't like chocolate so I don't want any Easter Egg's but I want to be happy with the story of Easter. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

    L says…

    The thing I love most about Easter is all the chocolate and the two weeks off from school!!:)