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    Phew! just recovering from an awesome World Book Week… I took part in the Biggest Book Tour roadshow and met lots of fab readers, old and new! I especially loved meeting the girls from my Blackburn event who were dressed as the characters from my books… it was as if the stories had come to life! Did you have fun on World Book Day? Remember you can use your World Book Day token to get £1 off any book… what will YOU buy?

    I’m home again now but no time to rest… I’m planning out a new book, due out this time next year. It’s top secret for now, but trust me you are going to LOVE it! I’ve just finished writing another of my little ‘extra’ e-book shorts, like the fabby ‘Chocolates & Flowers: Alfie’s Story.’ This new one is called ‘Hopes & Dreams’ and tells the story of Summer’s friend Jodie – it will be out next month, just in time for Easter! Don’t say I’m not good to you! You can find the e-books at a bargain mini-price over on

    Have you had a look at my new blog-zine, DREAMCATCHER yet? The readers on my Facebook Fanpage have been helping me to put together some awesome features… maybe you’d like to get involved, too? Click the DREAMCATCHER link on the homepage and find out how to be a part of it all!

    April will be a writing month for me, but I will be heading to WALES for a fab event at the CARDIFF CHILDREN’S LITERATURE FESTIVAL on Sunday 13th April… check the EVENTS page for more details! Whoop!

    Last but not least, I’ve finished the edits for SWEET HONEY… just the proofs to check! You can now pre-order SWEET HONEY so you can be one of the first to read it when it comes out on JUNE 5TH. Expect LOTS of drama… and expect the unexpected, too!

    Going to drag the dogs out for a walk in the park while this sunshine lasts… what’s YOUR favourite thing about spring?


    L says…

    Book Day was so fun. I wish it could be ever over week as I love to read :D Enjoy Spring with its pretty flowers and its time to start to get ready for longer days xxx

    L says…

    I was at the World Book Day Book Event and met Cathy for the first time, I went a bit starstruck!

    M says…

    Wow that adventure ! And I would give anything to meet you ! Plus: I'm going with my class in Wales too! AND AT THE SAME TIME, LIKE YOU! And I had said, and this is what disgusts me : I am French, so I do not have many chances to meet you... but it !! WOW, I'm ... speechless *o* ♪ A girl who devours your new posts ♪


    Phew! Unpacking my suitcase after just over two weeks travels around the UK, meeting thousands of fabulous readers on my Coco Caramel paperback tour. I had an epic time, but it’s great to be back! 

    Big thanks to the AWESOME readers, teachers, librarians and booksellers I met wherever I went – you helped to make it all so cool, whether I was in Lichfield or Lynn Grove, Walsall or Warrington, Bristol, Gloucester, Leeds, Yarm, London and all kinds of places in between! I think it has been my best tour yet, and I feel like the luckiest author ever to have such inspiring, amazing readers. Special thanks to the readers who have given me presents, chocolates, cakes, letters and stories… you’re amazing!

    If you’ve never been to a CC signing you can take a sneaky peek behind the scenes over on my new DREAMCATCHER blog-zine, thanks to my first reader-reporters, Morgan and Darcie, who interviewed and photographed readers at my Bristol signing. If you haven’t looked at DREAMCATCHER yet, check it out, and send me your ideas for future features. And if YOU want to be a roving reporter or even feature in one of the upcoming posts, let me know!

    Have you read my new e-book mini-book, ‘Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie’s Story‘ yet? It’s only 99p on the amazon Kindle store, so grab it while it’s still a pocket-money price! Alfie, our favourite ‘most annoying boy in the world’ gets to tell his own story, and fans of Summer will find out more about how she’s getting on too. ‘Chocolates and Flowers’ should keep you busy until Sweet Honey comes out on June 5th… don’t say I’m not good to you!

    Oh, and while I remember… I know there are LOTS of very cool readers out there with panda hats like the one Coco has in Coco Caramel… send me a pic of you wearing your panda hat (or another animal hat, perhaps) and I will post the best in an upcoming issue of DREAMCATCHER mag. What are you waiting for? Fame at last!

    See you soon!


    F says…

    already read alfie's story. was great as all cathy's books r. i should know. have read all the books. even short stories. has anyone else has read it? think cathy is gonna do a finsh story as well. wat do u guys think?

    L says…

    Cool! Dreamcatcher is brilliant, thanks Cathy:):):):):)

    K says…

    I've read Chocolate and Flowers and can't wait till Sweet Honey comes out. Been following the touring on Instagram and my friends Isabel and Ella also saw you in Leeds.

  • HELLO 2014!

    Happy New Year CC readers! I hope all your hopes and dreams for 2014 come true… and that your resolutions are awesome and inspiring!

    I’m keeping a Happy Thoughts Jar again… every day, I try to scribble down something cool or lovely that has happened. It might be a walk in the park with my mad dogs, sharing a coffee with friends or meeting amazing/ inspiring CC readers at a book signing… it all goes into the jar! Then on New Years Day 2015 I’ll read through my Happy Thoughts and remember… aww! Why not make one of your own? 

    There’s lots of cool stuff to look forward to this year… I’ll be touring in February when the paperback of Coco Caramel comes out; and again in June when Sweet Honey is published, and as always, I can’t wait to meet my readers old and new!

    There are some extra treats in store for you this year, too, starting with a little Chocolate Box Valentine’s story on February 14th for those of you who have Kindles or e-readers. Whoop! 

    There’s a LOT of work to do, so I’d better get back to editing Sweet Honey…

    What are YOU looking forward to in 2014?


    M says…

    Yes, you are right Cathy ! 2014 promises to be very interesting ! I really look forward to the publication of "Sweat Honey" arrives. I wait the month of June ! Being patient will not be easy ... A girl who is sure and certain that Volume 5 will be perfect. Manon ♥

    L says…

    The happy thoughts jar is a brilliant idea! Looking forward to Sweet Honey! Lauren ♥

    C says…

    Hi Cathy cannot wait to read sweet honey and the new story too! Xx


    Just a quick post to wish you a belated but VERY Happy Christmas… hope you all had an amazing time!

    We’ve had friends and family staying so everything has been lovely but a little chaotic… so I’m sorry I didn’t manage to post before Christmas! I had a fab time and got some lovely presents, including lots of cool books, a gorgeous pair of boots and an AWESOME Tibetan Singing Bowl! (I am not very good at making it ‘sing’ yet!) There was lots of chocolate too, of course!

    I’m now starting to think about New Year… are you making some resolutions? If so, what? And what were YOUR fave Christmas prezzies and memories?


    G says…

    merry christmas you rock cathy never forget you

    B says…

    My new years resolution is to read sweet honey as soon as it comes out! I cant wait!

    S says…

    i got a macbook pro and i sooo happy i love you cathy and i cant wait for your new book. happy hodays


    I am just back from an AMAZING visit to Paris to meet my French publishers – and of course, my awesome French readers!

    My Chocolate Box Girls series (Filles aux Chocolat in France) are very popular in France and my visit began with a special Cathy Cassidy party with an amazing spread of cakes designed to look like those on the French covers. Yum! Readers and book bloggers came from far and wide to get their copies signed over the next few days, and I was given hugs and presents and interviewed for blogs and magazines… wow!

    Now I’m home and working on a secret story to share with you early next year… nope, no clues, not telling! I’m also working on the second draft of Sweet Honey, which will be out in May… almost there! It’s ages since I last blogged, but I promise to be less erratic in future… fingers crossed!

    Oh, and there’s just a little matter of Christmas to get ready for, too… are you all sorted yet? I think December is my favourite month… what’s YOUR fave thing about December? 

    See you soon!


    N says…

    WOW! Your sooo lucky Cathy!!!!! I just borrowed your book called 'Marshmallow Skye' from the libary and I loved it!!!!

    M says…

    Wow, your so lucky Cathy :) I have always wanted to go to Paris!! ♥ x

    C says…

    Paris is amazing! I went there in October and it is fantastic! wish I could have been there when you were! that would have been awesome!


    MBFR Finalists at Puffin Towers... whoop!

    MBFR Finalists at Puffin Towers – whoop!

    This summer has been AWESOME… hot, happy and mega-busy! I’ve been lucky enough to meet lots of my lovely readers, too… you can see some of the kids I met at my events at Carfest North and the Edinburgh Book Festival here! The music for this cool slideshow was written and performed by Dream Teamer Zoe S – what a talent! If YOU fancy starring in a CCTV slideshow, send in a photo (high-res if possible) of you reading one of my books here… I’ll be making another reader slideshow soon, so make your pic as cute/ cool as you can and with luck it will be included!

    I’ve been busy getting a few comps up to date too… you can see the winners of the LOST WRITING COMP here. Well done to all who entered… if you fancy testing your skills in writing stories or poetry, check out our NEW WRITING COMP too. Who knows, you could be a winner next time!

    Speaking of winners, I am pleased to announce ELLA & ORLI are the winners of the My Best Friend Rocks Comp 2013! You can see some of the fantastic shortlisted entries here. Ella and Orli’s family have asked for their entry not to be broadcast, but trust me it was wonderful – they are very worthy winners. I will be asking Ella and Orli to tell you more about how it feels to be the MBFR winners soon! Big congrats to the other shortlisted friends I met at the MBFR finals, too. Neve, Jessie, Isabel, Lauren, Samantha, Olivia and Ella will all be acting as FRIENDSHIP AMBASSADORS for me this year, and you’ll be hearing more from them on the website soon. We have some very exciting plans in store!

    If you’re back at school now, enjoy – and if you have any advice for new Year Sevens/ S1s, or anyone starting a new school, share it here. Let’s make September super-cool!


    L says…

    My summer has been great! I'm in Year 10 now. Scary, huh? Good luck to all Year Sevens, you'll have a great time at high school!

    L says…

    Boohoo I only got to read like eight books over the summer hols I kept on reading cc books to the end and I only got one more cc book to go till I read every single cc book , whoop whoop but booooooo

    L says…

    Well done Ella and orli!!!


    Have you been enjoying the sunshine? Have you been anywhere exciting? And most importantly, have you been reading any of my books?

    I’ve been to a couple of fab festivals, including Carfest North in Cheshire which raises money for NSPCC Children in Need. My events at Carfest were cool, and I spotted old and new readers alike reading my books all around the festival site, which was brilliant! It gave me the idea to launch a PHOTO CHALLENGE – and anyone can take part!

    If you were at Carfest and have a pic of you reading your CC book at the festival, send your pic to me here. If you’ve been to a different festival and have a pic of you there reading one of my books, send that pic in; and if you haven’t made it to a festival this summer, just recreate the festival vibe and imagine you’re styling a festival photo shoot – starring you, with your fave CC book! You might accessorise with a festival hat, a flower headband, a picnic blanket, a face-painted flower on the cheek or just some boho-cool clothes… get creative and channel that festival fun! If possible, get high-res pics and email them to me here.

    What am I going to do with the pics? I’m planning to put them together to create a FESTIVAL themed slideshow which will appear on CCTV to remind us what a brilliant summer we’ve had. A little bit like this slideshow – only with added festival cool!

    The vlogs from Cherry, Skye, Summer, Honey and Coco are taking a break for the summer, but that means there’s a chance for YOU to get involved and liven up CCTV for me… either by taking part in the festival slideshow or by filming your OWN video review of a CC book or even getting together with friends to act out a few scenes or make your own trailer for one of my books! What are you waiting for? 

    Get your creative groove on, and go for it!


    L says…

    Wow, I can't wait to get involved!!!!!!!

    E says…

    You are THE best author, Cathy! Does that mean the vlogs are still gonna carry on after the summer is over?

    E says…

    This is so cool. BTW: Cathy, I love your books. I'll keep reading



    Wow! I have just joined twitter – and what a lovely warm welcome I’ve had already (I might even get a little bit addicted to this thing!!) If you have a twitter account, look me up @cathycassidyxx

    To celebrate my journey into the twitterverse I’ll be joining lovely author Sarah Dessen for a live twitter chat on Sunday 30th June at 6pm (GMT). Hope to talk to you then and remember to use #PenguinChats!

    If you’re not on twitter don’t worry – you can still get involved with my special blog tour – join me (and Sarah Dessen too) for Q&As, playlists and giveaways from Monday 24th – here’s where we’ll be:

    Mon 24th June – – Q&A with Sarah Dessen

    Tues 25th June – – Q&A with Cathy Cassidy

    Weds 26th June – – Quickfire Q&A with Sarah Dessen

    Thurs 27th June – – Cathy Cassidy’s – Coco Caramel – Playlist

    Fri 28th June – Dessen’s – The Moon and More – Playlist

    Sat 29th June – – 3 winners to get Coco Caramel and The Moon and More

    O says…

    oh i dont have twitter

    M says…

    I cant wait till the 24th!

    G says…



    Its here!!! Coco Caramel is out/ published/ released into the wild… and the feedback so far is AWESOME! I’m out on tour all around the UK, meeting some amazing readers, which is very cool! And that’s not all… it’s time for the launch of My Best Friend Rocks 2013. Whoop!

    MBFR is all about celebrating friendship, so if you have a super-cool friend and you’d like to tell her how much she means to you, this is your chance. This year we’ve given MBFR a twist and we’re asking you to send your entries in video form! Maybe you’ll tell us on camera why your friend is so brilliant; maybe she’ll star in the video along with you; or maybe you’ll get arty and creative and use pictures, words or even animation to create your video entry!

    The finalists will be invited to a big award ceremony in London and will meet me… and the winners will get a £200 shopping spree and a full set of my books! Full details are on my COMPS page… check it out and start planning your entry now!

    If you’re video-crazy, check out my Trailer Comp over on the COMPS page too… and make a fab trailer or video book review for Coco Caramel – or maybe another of my books! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    For anyone who entering the Thirteenin13 comp, I’ve just been told the closing date is now 21st June – so you have an extra week to get your letter to the Prime Minister finished and posted! Good luck!

    Better get back to my tour now… see you when I get home!!!


    G says…

    This was one of my favourite Chocolate Box Girls books yet! I loved the plot, and the depth of the charaters and the panda hat - I bought one just like it on the day that I read the book! It was fate, and I had just the right amount of birthday money too. I highly reccomend it. I expecially like Lawrie XD : ) Read and enjoy with a hot chocolate (if you're in Australia and it's just coming into winter, that is!)

    M says…

    Yay!!! I'm definitely getting Coco Caramel, can't wait till Sweet Honey!

    C says…

    Yay! It has finally launched! Can`t wait!

  • ARE YOU THIRTEEN in 2013?

    I’m soooo excited to see the awesome Anne Frank Trust launch their Thirteen in 2013 campaign… and to be involved in supporting and judging it! If YOU are thirteen at any point this year, you can get involved too!

    All you have to do is nip across to the Anne Frank Trust website and find out more! Seventy years before social media, a thirteen year old girl changed the way we see the world, forever. Anne Frank’s dairy is one of the most widely read books in the world, and her bravery and honesty still inspire us today. Now you can have YOUR say. If you are thirteen at any point in 2013, we’re inviting you to write to the Prime Minister to tell him what YOU think would make Britain a better place, and what YOU would like to change. 

    It’s an amazing opportunity – please join in. The best letters will be answered by the Prime Minister and published in The Times… and who knows, they might just change the world, a little bit, anyway. Take a look at the Anne Frank Trust website and see how you can enter!

    All sorts of good stuff is happening this week – the trailer for Coco Caramel has just gone live on CathyCassidyTV, giving us a sneak peek of Bobby playing Coco – she’s FAB, just full of personality and fun, just the way I imagined Coco would be. I think you’ll agree she makes the  cutest little sister to CCTV actresses Toni (Honey), Sophie (Summer & Skye) and Bethany (Cherry)! Do leave a comment on the trailer to be in with a chance of winning this week’s £10 New Look voucher… you might just be lucky!

    I’m still unpacking after my fab trip to the Children’s Reading Festival in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates… where did all that sunshine go? Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend… and please think about sending a letter to David Cameron to tell him what YOU think about life in Britain today. Your views matter – have your say!

    E says…

    Hey Cathy, I watched the Coco Caramel trailer a few days ago, I adored Bobby! Sadly, I'm going to be 11 this year, so I can't get involved. Maybe I'll get involved when I'M 13?! Keep Writing, Cathy! xxx

    V says…

    Hiya cathy, I'm going to be 13 this year! Whoop whoop Sounds great btw!!!!!!!! Love u to bits xoxox

    E says…

    Yay,I turned 13 last month! x