Lucky Star

Has Mouse met his match in new girl Cat?

'Cat and Mouse,' she says, grinning. 'That's cool!' Mouse is doing his best to stay out of trouble. Cat is doing her best to land herself in it. They've both had it pretty tough, so when they meet by chance, they thank their lucky stars. Weird and wonderful things happen when they're together - but how long can it last? Because everyone has their secrets - and there can only be one winner in a game of cat and mouse. Can't there? download ibookstore     > Click here to order from your nearest indie bookshop!
Reviews of Lucky Star
  • Emily, age 10

    i haven't read it yet because it's not out but i have read the extract and i think it is going to be amazing and i love every other one so i'm sure i'll love this too! go Cathy Cassidy!!!! :)

  • Kerrie, age 14

    that book lookz brill!! omg Cath i love ur bookz you r an AMAZING author!!! Pwease write more!!! luvya K3ZZA x

  • Emma, age 13

    Hey Cathy I think all your books are really good but my fav would have to be Dizzy, so I cant wait to read the follow up about Dizzy's little "brother" Mouse..... I wish it could be out sooner!

  • Katie, age 10

    I know im going to love lucky star but at the moment im reading driftwood that is great. And i might be comming to the inisonce festival on august 4.

  • Ena nd Orlagh, age both 12

    My Cousin and me hav been hooked on ur since dizzy came out. We hav read them all nd cant wait 4 lucky star!!!!!! Keep on writing! faster! Faster! FASTER!

  • Meagan, age 13

    hey...i read the extract from Lucky Star and although i haven't read the whole story yet i think it was really cool! and i will defently get the book when it comes out in Australia!! cya luv meagan

  • Celina, age 12

    Hi Cathy! I love all your books i have read Indigo Blue and i am in the middle of reading Scarlett! I just can't wait to read your two new books; Sundae Girl and Lucky Star..! Your a great author and one of my favorites.. Thanx for being great! x

  • Maya, age 13

    i havn't read it yet but what you told me about it in your email and what i've read of the blurb and of the extract it sounds fab as soon as it gets out im buying it , i loved all your other books , especially dizzy so i'm going to love this because Mouse was in the dizzy serious definetly keep writing more books cause you have a talent and i would miss your writing. i looooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee your boooooookkkkkkkkkssssssss

  • Sussie, age 11


  • Miriam, age 11

    I have read all of your books, and they are all really good. I havent read Lucky star yet but I am hoping to get it soon. It looks really amazingly wicked and sooo fasinating.

  • Katie, age 15

    i cant wait for lucky star to come out i am sooo excited i have been waiting along time to see mouse again i cant wait :D

  • Faye, age 13

    hi im faye and i just wanted to say how much i love your books this may sound a bit over the top but i really enjoy reading them and have just brought the new book lucky star and have started reading it and is really brilliant so far thanks for such wonderfull books to read and wish you good luck in the future love faye p.s keep smiling

  • Amber, age 11

    I got it yesterday and started it as soon as i got in and read it by this morning. A really excellent book, gorgeous cover, but mainly the way we went forward in time to see Mouse, Dizzy and Finn all grown up! Loved it!

  • Bry, age 10

    soo cool its like totally awsome!!

  • Nin, age 14

    wow, this looks like a well good book, i saw it im my local book shop the day before it was meant to come out for £8.99 and i have £7 and i was like nooooo! the cover work is awsome, and i cant wait to see what mouse finn and idzzy are like ages 14 19 and 21 i wonder if we'll hear from zac or storm again?

  • Imogen, age 11

    Lucky Star is really exciting, and i really like how it's Mouse back, but as a teenager. I loved it!

  • Becky, age 13

    omg!! that was the best book ever!!! i could't put it down! i love how it joins on to another book. i started reading your books when i was 7 i have read all of them loved them all but this one is my most favorate . its the best ever!!!!!!!!!! please tell me if u write another book when it will be out. thanks becky x

  • Natalie, age 13

    i bought your book today (the day it came out) and i have already read half of it because it is sooooo good it could be your best one so far!

  • Sunita, age 12

    Wow - I have just read the extract and already i am falling in love with this amazing looking book - Cathy Cassidy sure has got a lot of talent - and a wide sense of humour!

  • Jade, age 13

    i thought that all of the books were brill, my friend started reading them 2 years ago and i started reading them a few months ago and i cant wait to get the Lucky Star book i have been hooked on cathy cassidy books ever since she is just a brill author

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