Lucky Star

Has Mouse met his match in new girl Cat?

‘Cat and Mouse,’ she says, grinning. ‘That’s cool!’

Mouse is doing his best to stay out of trouble. Cat is doing her best to land herself in it.

They’ve both had it pretty tough, so when they meet by chance, they thank their lucky stars. Weird and wonderful things happen when they’re together – but how long can it last? Because everyone has their secrets – and there can only be one winner in a game of cat and mouse. Can’t there?

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Reviews of Lucky Star

  1. hi cathy i am reading this book right now . i am trying to find information about this book but cannot find it here on your website . please can you tell where i can find more information about this book. actully i love it though

    Posted by: d on 28th April 2019
    1. There should be info on all the books here… the website has had a re design, and was out of action for a while, so try again and hopefully you will find what you’re looking for! xxx

      Posted by: Cathy Cassidy on 24th July 2019
  2. This is one of the best adventure books I’ve ever read. Tysm x

    Posted by: R on 2nd August 2019
  3. Hold on a second- Mouse? The little boy from Dizzy?

    Posted by: J on 9th December 2019
    1. YES!!! It’s a ‘sort of’ sequel… I couldn’t resist! xx

      Posted by: Cathy Cassidy on 17th January 2020
  4. I love this book, it’s so interesting .

    Posted by: A on 9th December 2019
  5. Your books are great and i am maybe halfway through this book, the hook me everytime! I love them all, even thought i have a few to read.

    Posted by: A on 5th March 2020
  6. lovely book, Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my only doubt is that how do you write such wonderful books???

    Posted by: B on 10th March 2020
  7. lovely book, Cathy!!!

    Posted by: B on 10th March 2020
  8. i cant wait to start reading!!!

    Posted by: H on 17th March 2020
  9. Oh man I really wanna read this book!!!! Is it Mouse from the book Dizzy?!

    Posted by: L on 20th June 2020
  10. I love it very much I kept reading the book over and over again I love it

    Posted by: t on 26th June 2020

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