Letters to Cathy

All the questions you ever wanted to ask Cathy Cassidy. OUT NOW.

Have you ever had a crush?
Fallen out with your best friend?
Cathy Cassidy is here for you.

There are no questions Cathy hasn’t been asked and isn’t afraid to answer, from growing-up to dating, making friends, following your dreams and much more. Through the happy times, the mad and crazy times and the days when you simply find yourself asking ‘Why? ‘- whatever’s bugging you, Cathy can help . . .

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Reviews of Letters to Cathy

  1. A

    My favourite book of Cathys is DIZZY!! Its so realistic and makes you think about things you would never picture you thinking of. It’s a great book to read before bed, it only takes a few chapters I mean pages before Cathy reels you into a different wold!! I L❤️VE YOU CATHY CASSIDY ‼️ (Keep up the fab tales we all know you have!)

  2. C

    cathy i would start of saying that your books are the best book any dreaming child could ever have. Your book made me had confidence to go up to my crush and talk to him(it was amazing we even kissed)it tured out just like the one in sundae day girl at first i really like dizzy star to. I wish you the best of luck for your other books.

    caity(they call me caity too)

  3. D

    Dear Mrs Cassidy,
    thank you for writing all of these lovely books. During these past couple of years i have had some difficulties in life and so many emotions which i couldn’t describe or put into words but thanks to your books i feel at peace all the emotion which i could not describe you put them into words and into your books i love you books and enjoy them all lot they make me so happy
    i wish i could express my gratitude more to you…
    thank you sooo much for writing, keep writing…

  4. U

    dear Cathy, I’m one of your biggest fans…..
    because you reach out to people and their troubles through your books
    not just that but you can put yourself in the shoes of a teenager and walk around in them….
    your huge admirer

  5. G

    I’ve read Cherry crush,marshmallow Skye,Summers dream,Coco caramel and 3 chapters of sweet Honey.
    I’ve been waiting for you to Wright more about Cherry,Skye,Summer,Coco and Honey
    I Love your books!
    #Chocolate Box Girls

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About Cathy Cassidy

I love my family, I love my animals, my home and my work. Of all my jobs, writing has to be the best – it’s the perfect excuse to daydream, after all!

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