Letters to Cathy

All the questions you ever wanted to ask Cathy Cassidy. OUT NOW.

Have you ever had a crush?
Fallen out with your best friend?
Cathy Cassidy is here for you.

There are no questions Cathy hasn’t been asked and isn’t afraid to answer, from growing-up to dating, making friends, following your dreams and much more. Through the happy times, the mad and crazy times and the days when you simply find yourself asking ‘Why? ‘- whatever’s bugging you, Cathy can help . . .

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Reviews of Letters to Cathy

  1. YOU ARE AMAZING .Reading your books have helped me become who i am

    Posted by: Anonymous on 5th May 2020
  2. I love love love love your books especially driftwood. They’re amazing

    Posted by: T on 13th June 2020
  3. I love ur books , your books inspire me to believe in myself .I bought 6 of your books for my birthday this year. U are my favorite writer. 😍😍

    Posted by: h on 1st July 2020
  4. I love ur books , your books inspire me to believe in myself .I bought 6 of your books for my birthday this year. U are my favorite writer. 😍😍

    Posted by: a on 1st July 2020
  5. Cathy I just want to say i love the Chocolate box girls more than any other series ever, Please continue that series. My friends and I were trying to write a letter to you but we couldn’t. πŸ™‚ u inspired me

    Posted by: c on 19th July 2020
  6. HI CATHY!!! I LOVE your books. I want to become a famous writer like u! I have just one question: When you write a book on the laptop how are you supposed to draw pictures?

    Posted by: B on 31st August 2020
  7. you are my 2nd best author
    your books are amazing

    Posted by: C on 30th September 2020
  8. Dear Cathy Cassidy,
    I am just saying hello, and would like to tell you that i had the joy of meeting you when i was in Derby High School. I am not attending a different school in Birmingham. I would just like to ask if you think Sabiha is an interesting name, and you said it might be a new character in one of your books… I’m just wondering if you still might want to use my name. Its ok if you don’t want to because i know that you will be very busy as an amazing author. I have a signed copy of Sami’s Silver Lining and ready it recently after i got the book when i was in grade 5 or 6, I am now is grade 8.
    Thank you and i would love it it you could maybe use my name in a book!
    Yours faithfully, Sabiha xx
    ps its not safe to put my full name on the internet so i have just wrote my first name then the initials of my second two names! Thanks again!❀️

    Posted by: S on 19th October 2020
  9. This book helped me through a lot

    Posted by: Anonymous on 22nd October 2020
  10. I love your books they are very funny and interesting I never know what is going to happen

    Posted by: I on 18th February 2021

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About Cathy Cassidy

I love my family, I love my animals, my home and my work. Of all my jobs, writing has to be the best – it’s the perfect excuse to daydream, after all!

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