Lucky Star

Has Mouse met his match in new girl Cat?

‘Cat and Mouse,’ she says, grinning. ‘That’s cool!’

Mouse is doing his best to stay out of trouble. Cat is doing her best to land herself in it.

They’ve both had it pretty tough, so when they meet by chance, they thank their lucky stars. Weird and wonderful things happen when they’re together – but how long can it last? Because everyone has their secrets – and there can only be one winner in a game of cat and mouse. Can’t there?

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Reviews of Lucky Star

  1. amazing book would recommend to read a heart warming book for little children to put them to sleep.

    Posted by: L on 6th November 2017
  2. I loved Lucky star it is really good

    Posted by: T on 6th November 2017
  3. Lucky star is the best. I mean Cat was meant for Mouse they should so totally be together, oh, and let’s not forget Lucky.

    Posted by: C on 6th November 2017
  4. There is only one word that i can say and that is… AWESOME. Love you Cathy!

    Posted by: J on 6th November 2017
  5. Hi. I’m Jada. I love your books so much. Just read lucky star. Pity Mouse and Cat aren’t the same age. I have a request. I would love a Cherry/Shay and Mouse/Cat collaboration. Please write a book on and when you do please dedicate it to Jada your biggest fan please it would be the best birthday present ever (ps my birthday’s coming on June 16th) it would be an honor . I also have a book idea for the lost and found series. Could you please write a book on a girl and boy who have a crush on each other but are scared to say so. Gradually they talk and romanc sparks and then he finally asks her to the school dance and dedicate it to me too Jada your biggest fan. Could you pretty please with a Cherry on top give them both curly hair and draw their picture on the cover. I know I obsessed. I just can’t help it I would like you please to write the characters based on Noah and Kaylee in Disney the lodge it’ll be so great if you do. I hope you do before June 16th 2018. Please!!!!! I beg you. I hope to read it. Xxx Jada (ps could you please add me as a character as my name Jada in a book. As a main character female in a romance book. Pleeeeeease!!! Love Jada. I hope to reading them all♥️

    Posted by: J on 28th January 2018
  6. The book was amazing!!!!!! I love most of it it is based on real life. The story plot goes up and down, leaving always thinking: What’s going to happen next? A MUST READ! 🙂

    Posted by: T on 9th February 2018
  7. One of her best books. I absolutely love it. I ish there was some kind of sequel to it thought. But anyways, pwease write some more romance book spike Lucky Star? Thanks!! xx

    Posted by: A on 27th September 2018
  8. its so good and heart warming i love it soo much i have talked about it none stop my friends get annoyed because they know Im obsessed ;]!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: m on 31st October 2018
  9. Hey Cathy! I love Lucky Star! The Bond between Mouse and Cat is amazing! I’ve read Coco Caramel and I absolutely love horses so it’s probably one of my favourite book! In Sweet Honey it was kind of obvious that it was Anthony who was doing it, he’s probably the most smart person in the fictional world! Soon I’m going to read Summer Dream and Marshmallow Skye. Keep writing! Your an amazing author!

    Posted by: Anonymous on 4th November 2018
  10. Please make a part two of lucky star , I really want to know what happens next after mouse said “what took u so long .

    Posted by: K on 6th November 2018

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