Summer’s Dream

SUMMER is quiet, confident, pretty, popular and VERY serious about dance . . .

Summer has always dreamed of dancing, and when a place at ballet school comes up, she wants it so badly it hurts. Middle school ends and the holidays begin, but unlike her sisters, Summer has no time for lazy days and sunny beach parties. The audition becomes her obsession, and things start spiralling out of control . . . The more Summer tries to find perfection, the more lost she becomes. Will she realise - with the help of the boy who wants more than friendship - that dreams come in all shapes and sizes? download ibookstore     > Click here to order from your nearest indie bookshop! video
Reviews of Summer’s Dream
  • noina , age 13


  • Yana, age 12

    OMG I need to get the bookshop NOW!!!!!!

  • NicoleNeill, age 12

    Omg ! This book is fantastic ! I think this might be my fave chocolate b

  • Jewels, age 12

    I preordered my book and it came on the 2nd of June I was very surprised as I thought it came out on the 7th of June! But I was very pleased and love reading it!!!

  • mary, age 11

    I have just read this book (in 2 days flat-thats how good it was)! I just couldn't put it down! Just like Summer I love dance!

  • Leah, age 10

    Summer's Dream is amazing even though I prefer Skye. I read the book in 1 night because I didn't want to go to sleep. It was awesome!

  • Megan Ross, age 14

    This is a gripping story for all ages. In 'Summers dream' Cathy touches upon the issue of anorexia and tells us readers about summers fight with the illness in her race to try and get in to a boarding dance school. Personally, i think that this is the best book that cathy has ever wrote and you really feel for summer throughout the novel. Well Dome Cathy!!!

  • Jasmine Hogg, age 12

    read it under 3 hours! great! LOVE IT

  • holly, age 11

    hi!!! I'm still waiting for my book it is coming in a few days!!!! I'm soooo excited I could explode! I have all the other chocolate box girls series. I absolutely love marshmallow skye so I think I will LOVE this one!! I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Delianna, age 12

    the wait is finally over!!!

  • Iona, age 11

    i LOVE your books, i got amazon vouchers 4 my christmas and birthday and i think i still have money left! i hope i do so i can buy this book!!!! :-) ;-)

  • Grace, age 13

    I got this yesterday as my mum pre-ordered it and we got it early! It was so good I finished it yesterday evening! It's the best one so far!!!

  • lucy :), age 12

    read lots of books by cathy cassidy, enjoyed. can't get my hands on indigo blue though. can't wait to buy summer dream, have not seen it in store yet.

  • sabrina, age 12

    I loved it it took me 5 hours exactly to read the whole book it's just amazing i also do ballet I've done it since i was 3 and i still think its awesome ! thank you Cathy

  • jessica, age 12

    this is a amazing book i cant wait until you come to kingsthorpe college on the 26th i am your biggest fan

  • scarlett watson, age 11

    i loved it! the bvook really does give full detail and explanation on her character! another of cathy cassidys brilliant reads for kids!

  • Mischa, age 12

    CANT WAIT TO GET THIS BOOK SO EXITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobbie, age 11

    I have ordered iot but they are temporerilly out of stock! You are popular!

  • harriet, age 11

    I love the whole series and i got summers dream early! whats honeys and cocos books called?

  • Alice-May, age 11

    i love this book!!!!! just got it and already started to read it!!!! i was just wondering (since i am such a big fan) if you have got the girl who is doing the picture on the front of the book??? please email me back cathy!!!! thank you, alice-may xxx

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