Shay is back in this special short story!

Shay, the boy with the cool blond fringe and the blue guitar, the boy who smells of darkness and the ocean, is Cherry’s boyfriend. But it wasn’t always this way. Once, he was in love with Honey, Cherry’s oldest step-sister. Since their break-up, bitterness has twisted every word she’s said to him.

Now Honey needs his help. Should Shay reach out to her – or is it safer to steer clear?

Dip into the delicious world of the Chocolate Box Girls, as for the first ever time Shay gets the chance to tell his own story. And don’t miss the rest of the Chocolate Box Girls series: Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer’s Dream.

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Reviews of Bittersweet

  1. e

    First of all, I am a huge fan of yours Cathy and I encourage you to write another chocolate box short story like bittersweet on jamie finch (skye’s boyfriend)

    keep up the good work and carry on writing xx

  2. A

    Why do you have to pay? Why can’t I get a preview?

  3. C

    You have to pay because if I gave my books away for free I’d starve… they are my only source of income, and even so I only get around 30 or 40p from the price of the book, the rest goes to the bookstore, publisher, etc. I am reading free chapters from LOVE FROM LEXIE over on my youtube channel during the lockdown, so that’s an option for you maybe? xx

  4. Anonymous

    Could you maybe put them on Audible to read?

  5. C

    I think they already are?

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