Shay is back in this special short story!

Shay, the boy with the cool blond fringe and the blue guitar, the boy who smells of darkness and the ocean, is Cherry’s boyfriend. But it wasn’t always this way. Once, he was in love with Honey, Cherry’s oldest step-sister. Since their break-up, bitterness has twisted every word she’s said to him.

Now Honey needs his help. Should Shay reach out to her – or is it safer to steer clear?

Dip into the delicious world of the Chocolate Box Girls, as for the first ever time Shay gets the chance to tell his own story. And don’t miss the rest of the Chocolate Box Girls series: Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye and Summer’s Dream.

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Reviews of Bittersweet

  1. Could you maybe put them on Audible to read?

    Posted by: Anonymous on 3rd May 2020
    1. I think they already are?

      Posted by: Cathy Cassidy on 4th May 2020
  2. Thank you for writing this I love it sooooo much great read.
    Your books kind of make me feel bad for other people who go to my library because every time I go I take every one of your books that I can find. Your so amazing thank you!!!! 💕

    Posted by: J on 11th June 2020
  3. I love you books
    Their amazing please write more

    Posted by: Anonymous on 8th July 2020
  4. I love your books please write more
    I’m going to start writing some books to
    So thank you for inspiring me

    Posted by: B on 8th July 2020
  5. Cathy,

    My friend Annie and I both love this book. I think we have read all of your books that are in our school library. If you ever come to Belfast please do visit our school (I’m sure thy would love to have you). Please write more books like this.

    Thank You🙂

    Posted by: N on 29th July 2020
  6. hi cathy i love your books

    Posted by: A on 21st September 2020
  7. This book is absolutely amazing I just read it! I would def recommend it so pls read it! I would give it : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! I love it soooo much, I am addicted to reading the series!!

    Posted by: M on 3rd January 2021
  8. This book is epic, but could you maybe write a book from Ash’s POV coz I would really like to read it! Thanks for all your amazing books and hard work Cathy xx

    Posted by: M on 3rd January 2021
  9. Can you make another Chocolate Box series on Jamie Finch pls 🥺 Means a lot to me cause I reapplied loved BitterSweet cause it was on a boy this time and also make a book on Alfie too

    Posted by: I on 6th January 2021
  10. I really want to read coco caramel where could i get it? Also keep up the great work the books are brilliant so far!!!

    Posted by: H on 19th January 2021

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