Hopes & Dreams: Jodie’s Story

Jodie always feels like second best, caught in the shadow of her best friend Summer.

Now Jodie has taken Summer's place at the prestigious Rochelle Academy. It's everything she's ever dreamt of, but she's racked with guilt and struggling to follow her dancing dreams. With the help of her friends and the gorgeous Sebastien, will Jodie finally take a risk and step into the spotlight? The second story in the series of eBook shorts from Cathy Cassidy.
Reviews of Hopes & Dreams: Jodie’s Story
  • McKenna, age 10 3/4

    I have read all your books and so loved them all! I can't wait this book sounds super cool! I hope you make even more books for the other characters like Jamie Finch and Lawrie.I hope Lawrie will appear in more books to.

  • Riya, age 9

    I loved all your books that I have read and my greatest wish is...(drumroll)...TO MEET YOU!!!!!!

  • Eleni

    I really want to buy this ebook, and I need to buy it before the price goes higher! <3

  • Liberty, age 12

    I'm pre-ordering this book, I can't wait 2 get it! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Rheanne, age 15

    OMG read this and flowers and chocolates its amazing luv u cathy xxxx

  • katie, age 12

    cathy, will you get hopes and dreams and chocolate and flowers in paperback anyway i totally cant wait to read em! YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lara, age 13

    I just started to read this! its amazing! <3

  • Floella, age 12

    Wow...this book was soooo good! LOVED IT!!!

  • Cathy Cassidy fave , age 10

    Perfect my fave keep on going cathy :) :)

  • Emily, age 9

    I can't wait to read ur new books!U r such a brilliant author!!!!!!!! LOL!

  • Hannah, age Davie

    You are an amazing author, I love every single one of your books ( Marshmallow Skye is my favorite ). I can't wait to watch the new season of CCTV and read your new books. You are my favorite author and I can't wait to read as many of your books as possible

  • Hannah Davie, age 10

    Love your books, keep writing <3

  • Niamh, age 12

    This sounds a little like Skye- She feels like she's living in Summer's shadow but I bet it's amazing like all the other books and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  • Ruby, age 14

    Sounds like a marvy read Cathy! (I really wanted to know what the academy would be like!) do you think these will ever go on paper back? xx

  • Annie, age 11

    Pleaseeee write a story about Finch!!! xoxo

  • leila, age 11


  • Crystal, age 10

    I can't wait to get this book!!!!!!! I thought that it just finished at Sweet Honey, but there are another THREE books: Bittersweet, Chocolates and Flowers and now Hopes and Dreams! This is great, I never want this series 2 end! Please do a Jamie Finch one and a Aaron Jones one!

  • Gilberte, age 14

    I have just read finish Summer's Dream,which is the first book I have read from the chocolate box girls series. I really liked Summer's story and I hope that you can write a sequel to her story! I'm always inspired to be a writer like you when I grow up,but my English is not good,I doubt that I will ever be a writer

  • Jasmine, age 12(almost)

    I love the Chocolate Box Girls!! I cant WAIT until I get Sweet Honey and these new e-books sound FAB!!!!CANT WAIT!! Jasminexx

  • Greta, age 14

    I haven't read any Cathy Cassidy books for about a year and the other day I googled her name and soooooo many new books had come out! So glad to hear she's still writing

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