Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie’s Story

Alfie knew how he felt about Summer Tanberry from the moment he saw her dance.

As Valentine 's Day and Summer's birthday approaches, Alfie is determined to find the perfect present to make her smile again. With the help of an old-friend he hatches what he thinks is the perfect surprise, but Summer's twin sister Skye isn't so sure . . . Can Alfie make Summer's dream come true without breaking her heart? The first in a delicious series of eBook shorts from Cathy Cassidy.
Reviews of Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie’s Story
  • Eleni, age 11

    This is an amazing book! I hope you continue the mini-series, Cathy! Who will be next after, Sweet Honey???

  • Shiksha, age 10

    I <3 The Chocolate Box Girls series. I've read all the books in the series so far. Can't wait to read Chocolates & Flowers and Sweet Honey. Cathy Is the best author!

  • aaminah, age 12

    love ur bboks havent read this one but from everybody elses coments i so want to read it. love ya :)

  • wajiha, age 11

    Cathy is the best author. I met her personally at the goldmine centre valentines day

  • Libby, age 10

    I sooooo want to read it I have read all the other ones so I am excited to to try it out

  • Oreofe, age 10

    I would really love to read this book and I cant wait till Cathy's new book Sweet Honey comes out !!! I've read all of the Chocolate box girls except from Coco Caramel, Vanilla Skye and Sweet Honey !!!!

  • Lily-Sophia, age 13

    Omg I asked you ages ago if this book is gunna come out and it did! Ily cathy cassidy, u r totally amazing xxxxx

  • Zainyy, age 13

    I think you're books are amazing the first one i read was Indigo Blue and it actually made me cry.I think you are a fabulous author so please never stop writing these amazing ,interesting, fascinating and adventurous stories. :)

  • Tarn

    The books are really good! Are the short ones going to be as paperbacks as well as ebooks? xxxx

  • Abbey, age 13

    finally i have been asking forever about alfie and the boys story and now there is thank you cathy!=)

  • Francisca Nogueira, age 12

    I love your books its inspired me to do things that i never did! Now I started to read more because I read your books my mom told me to read more and when I resseaved one of your book wow i started to read more! thank you for your pressures time!

  • Alicia, age 10

    i love this book :)

  • Dolly Busby, age 13

    Omg I love your books sooooo much they are amazing! You are such a great writer Cathy, I have read all of your books and they are absolutely incredible. Me and my best friend really want to meet you, it is our lifetime goal! xxx

  • Lauren, age 13


  • erin, age 13

    hello Cathy will there be another book after sweet Honey? xx

  • Anastasia , age 13

    I love that Cathy cassidy has made Alfie a story so we get to see Alfies version of what happened.

  • malika, age 11

    omg, i totally looove your books! i'd die to read all of them! i think your the best author in the whole world! u rock!!!

  • malika, age 11

    i looove you!!! your the best author in the world!!

  • Lexi, age 11

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to buy

  • Jasmine, age 13

    Not read it yet or seen it in the shops but would love too soon ♥♥♥ anybody tell me if its a short read or long read, thanks x can't wait to read this one... Eeeeek!!! Can'_t wait much longer. ♥:-)

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