Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie’s Story

Alfie knew how he felt about Summer Tanberry from the moment he saw her dance.

As Valentine ‘s Day and Summer’s birthday approaches, Alfie is determined to find the perfect present to make her smile again. With the help of an old-friend he hatches what he thinks is the perfect surprise, but Summer’s twin sister Skye isn’t so sure . . .

Can Alfie make Summer’s dream come true without breaking her heart?

The first in a delicious series of eBook shorts from Cathy Cassidy.


Reviews of Chocolates and Flowers: Alfie’s Story

  1. How can Alfie be younger than Summer?
    Don’t the boy need to be older than the girl?????

    Posted by: C on 23rd February 2020
    1. Why do you think Alfie is younger? There are no rules to say that a boy has to be older than a girl… not sure where that idea has come from! They are both in the same year at school…

      Posted by: Cathy Cassidy on 26th February 2020
  2. i love ittttttttttt reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im in love with ya books i love u cathy

    Posted by: L on 2nd March 2020
  3. First of all I haven’t read this book yet but I’d really love too could you please write a book in Millie or Tia’s point of view X

    Posted by: S on 3rd May 2020
  4. I love this book!!
    Out of 10 it is definitely 100!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Posted by: S on 12th May 2020
  5. Wow 🀩 just wow

    Posted by: A on 23rd June 2020
  6. i love this book

    Posted by: Anonymous on 3rd September 2020

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