The Chocolate Box Secrets

A delicious scrapbook of fun, creative ideas from the Chocolate Box Girls. A must-have for all Cathy fans!

Welcome inside the world of the Chocolate Box Girls! Cherry, Summer, Skye, Coco and Honey may be very different - but they all love crafting and creating! From hosting a chocolate-themed sleepover to designing a flower headband and concocting a cupcake-sensation, each Chocolate Box sister shares her secrets. With ideas for every season - there's a whole year of Chocolate Box inspired ideas waiting - which will you make first?
Reviews of The Chocolate Box Secrets
  • Sanam, age 12

    Cant wait to get this and read it

  • Rosie B-P, age 11

    I love reading, making and doing all of the things in this book

  • Chloe Ramaj , age 10

    This book is astonishing . Everyone needs to read it

  • Vhari, age 13

    I think this book is a very good idea, I'm looking forward to buying it and trying out all the fun things to do inside!! P.s I'm still to read Sweet Honey, will this matter?

  • Freya and Izzy, age 11

    Hi Cathy, It's us-The MBFR Winners!! ;D We just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!! (Again!!) And we'll keep in touch for definite! We're reading your books right now! Freya and Izzy x :)

  • Hayley, age 11

    I really want to read this book.All of them are really good books!

  • sumayyah, age 14

    can wait to read this ...

  • Phoebe Bronstein, age 12

    I can't wait to read this book!!!!!

  • lala, age 1


  • april, age 11

    Fabulous and super cool I wish to get the book in real life my all time favorite book.

  • Jessica, age 24

    The Chocolate Box Secrets is full of great arty advice and as I have been doing decopauge at my art group, I am taking the book in to show them for ideas for new projects to work on!

  • Leusa Bowen, age 11

    OMG can't wait to get hold of it !!!!!

  • marie, age 11


  • Maryum, age 10

    I really enjoyed this book because of all the D.I.Y'S on the seasons with clear instructions. I was really impressed by all the techniques and info put into this. I am glad I bought this book,in my opinion is more packed (in the series) with more tips, tricks and your space! I love the book, it is one of my fave books so get it and read it because you will enjoy it!

  • April, age 11

    I love this book because I like crafting and creating myself so I love this book

  • Connie , age 10

    Your series is great my favourite book is sweet honey

  • Honey Meadows, age 11

    I love the chocolate box series and being called honey makes it extra special. The this scrap book looks amazing with loads of activities to do! I can't wait to get it!

  • emma keskeys, age 14

    Wow I have to get this Dear Cathy your books are what summer is all about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Veneeja Neerajan, age 10

    I love Cathy Cassidy's books because its a first person book.

  • Jaspreet Kaur , age 11

    This book is really nice and intersting. This is my favourite book.

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