Fortune Cookie

Get ready to meet JAKE…

After the amazing twist at the end of Sweet Honey, the sixth and final book in the Chocolate Box Girls series follows Jake, the Tanberry sisters’ newly discovered half-brother . . .

As if the bombshell that he had three half-sisters wasn’t enough, Jake’s life in London is turning into a nightmare. He has nowhere to run – except for maybe his new family in Somerset . . . But Jake knows next to nothing about the Tanberrys. Will he be welcome there? And even if he is, can anyone really help him turn things around?


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Reviews of Fortune Cookie

  1. I really like this book! The chocolate box girls/boy are my favourite Cathy Cassidy series! I have now started a new book called ‘ Broken Heart Club’ , its SUPER interesting. I cant wait to find out what happens!

    Posted by: A on 24th April 2020
  2. I really liked this book. This series are my favourite Cathy Cassidy Series. I can’t wait to see if there is going to be a next book

    Posted by: S on 11th May 2020
  3. Yeah this book was so good 😊 will there be another one about life at Milford because there really should because I would really like to know what happens at Milford for jake

    Posted by: M on 15th June 2020
  4. Hi l really like the chocolate box girls/boy series I especially enjoyed fortune cookie 🥠 and I was wondering if you are going to make one about jake in Milford because I am very interested in what it would be like there and I would really love you to make a book about it

    Posted by: M on 21st June 2020
  5. I can’t wait to read fortune cookie I just so want to know what happens are the girls boyfriends in it and I can’t wait to find out more about Jake.

    Posted by: R on 5th July 2020
  6. I’ve been a big fan since forever! Keep going with the great books! 🤩

    Posted by: N on 4th August 2020
  7. Yes please please please please do some follow up books of The Chocolate Box girls/boy!
    I love all of your books. The romance, the mystery, the friendships…everything. You are amazing. You have really good storylines and I really admire how quickly you come up with ideas. The books that you have written are really inspirational to me because it teaches me to be true to myself and to keep dreaming. ❤️ After I finished the Harry Potter series, I was so clueless because I absolutely loved the books and there wasn’t anymore to enjoy!
    So…I saw ‘Scarlett’ by Cathy Cassidy standing on my bookshelf. I started it, and completely forgot about Harry Potter – I felt like I was involved with the character. You have an an incredible talent!! 🤩
    I have read: Scarlett, the Chocolate Box series, Dizzy, Angel Cake, Gingersnaps, Sundae Girl and I’m actually about to start ‘Love From Lexie’.
    I don’t think I will ever finish reading your books because you write so many! I truly love that you have had the courage to share your talent with the world.

    Posted by: C on 18th October 2020
  8. Love this book also I really like the name Fortune cookie till I came to the part that his name was Jake I thought his name was Cookie what a cute name cookie… maybe cookie is his middle name or he really likes fortune cookies! TY for the new book tho I really enjoyed it cause there is a new twist to it!

    Posted by: I on 6th January 2021
  9. it was excellent it is one of my favourites !!!!!

    Posted by: t on 26th February 2021

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