Fortune Cookie

Get ready to meet JAKE...

After the amazing twist at the end of Sweet Honey, the sixth and final book in the Chocolate Box Girls series follows Jake, the Tanberry sisters' newly discovered half-brother . . . As if the bombshell that he had three half-sisters wasn't enough, Jake's life in London is turning into a nightmare. He has nowhere to run - except for maybe his new family in Somerset . . . But Jake knows next to nothing about the Tanberrys. Will he be welcome there? And even if he is, can anyone really help him turn things around?   > Click here to order from your nearest indie bookshop! video
Reviews of Fortune Cookie
  • Zoë, age Clare

    I love all Cathy's books and i think this one will not fail to amaze me!

  • Katie, age 12

    Yay can't wait to read the book it sounds amazing and if honey got mad at cherry for just being there imagine how furious she will get at jake!!

  • Hoenytanberrey, age 18


  • cerys, age 12

    I can't wait it sounds sooo good.

  • Sarah , age 12

    Thanks Chioma, I realised that I little while after I wrote that comment but still, thanks! :) I'm so excited for Fortune Cookie it's going to be really good!!!!

  • Portia, age 12

    Ive just finished honey sweet it was so awesome! !!! I cant wait for the next one and see what happens, it will be brilliant!

  • Crystal, age 10

    I can't wait for Fortune Cookie! I have read about the confusion over the age of Jake but Chioma is right. It must be weird to find out you have three half sisters not to mention a complete and utter stranger who is no relation to you whatsoever. What I'm puzzled about is if Jake is actually related Coco.

  • Hamdi, age 12

    I was so excited when I heard there was going to be another book in the chocolate girls series as Iuv them! But I was a little disappointed when I heard it was going to be in the point of view of a boy as I have nothing to relate to and 1 of the reasons why I like cathy's books coz they r mostly in the point of view of girls and its fun to read when u k u can relate to the person! I'm still excited though and the cover looks cool!

  • Melisande, age 13

    Hello, i read all the books and i love them. I leave in France so... when Fortune cookies out in France please? lot of kiss Cathy

  • Chloë, age 11

    OMG I can't wait !!!!! I've read all the chocolate box girls books and it sounds amazing

  • Kate, age 11

    OMG cant wait to read it <3 u cathy cassidy

  • Abi, age 12

    wow!! I am so excited but sad that this is the last one!!! I love you cathy <3

  • Reemah, age 11

    I'm so excited!!!!!! My fave sister is Cherry but my fave book is Marshmallow Skye.

  • Esmeralda, age 14

    To answer Naomi. 11's question, Jake was 2 IN THE PHOTO, he is most likely slightly older then Coco but a similar age. Cannot wait for 2015 though!

  • bella, age 10

    I can't wait when fortune cookie comes out I like all your books Cathy

  • Erin, age 10

    I'm sad that this is the last chocolate box girl book because there my fave

  • Sara Winiarska, age 13


  • Moyin, age 9

    I was sooo angry that a new chocolate box girls untill i read what its about. Now i just NEED to read Sweet Honey and Fortune Cookie

  • jaria, age jallow

    i have recently started reading your book and they are amazing i am in the middle of cherry crush and i have fell in love with your books !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tioluwa, age 12

    I really want to read this !!!!!!!!

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