Love from Lexie

Ever since Lexie's mum vanished, her world hasn't stopped spinning.

A new home, a new school - even a new family but Lexie never gives up hope that her mum will come back and writes her letters every day to tell her all about her new life. There's plenty to tell - the new group of misfits she calls friends, the talent for music she never knew she had and the gorgeous boy with blue eyes and secrets to hide. But her letters remain unanswered and she's starting to feel more alone than ever. Lexie's about to learn that sometimes you need to get lost in order to be found . This is the first book in the gorgeous new series, The Lost and Found, from Cathy Cassidy.
Reviews of Love from Lexie
  • Sophia, age 13

    I am so excited to read Love From Lexie, it looks like a wonderful book! Cathy Cassidy is coming to my school next week and I can't wait to meet her, she seems like a lovely and very talented author!

  • Claudia, age 14

    OMG, I just finished the book 2 days ago - AND IT WAS AMAZING! It had great twists and drama, and the ending took my by so much shock! Well done Cathy, again, you are my favorite writer!

  • Tayla, age 12

    Hi Cathy I cant wait to read this new book to a new series your books are my most valuable thing . I just cant wait to read more. Your books are an amazing adventure to enter and I just don't want them to finish. I love u Cathy

  • Tia Mae, age 12

    Can't wait to see you Cathy!! Already ordered your book My friend and I are making a brilliant poster board for you. Hope you like it. X Kisses X

  • Isobel, age 10

    I absolutely loved Love from Lexie. I got it at Cathy Cassidy's book signing event in linghams. The book is amazing so I would definitely recommend it to you.

  • Sophia, age 13

    Hi Cathy, Thank you for visiting our school today! It was a wonderful experience. I am going to start reading 'Love from Lexie' today and I can't wait! Thank You!

  • Ceri, age 13

    OMG, this book is absolutely amazing! It's full of twists and turns, and it's just, well, awesome! Not giving away any spoilers, but if you look closely, you'll notice there's a very familiar face...

  • Ella, age almost 14

    You came to our school on Thursday and I'm in the book club and we are going to review your book and make a movie of it

  • Scarlett, age 12

    This book is phenomenal. I love how it carries the chocolate box siblings into it, and Lexie is so relatable because everyone is, or has been lost. I don't want this to be a book summary, hence why I won't really talk about what happens, so no spoilers. I love how some things (such as romance) which I haven't yet personally experienced are laid down in a way in which I can relate to. I also love how

  • Freya , age 10

    Hi Cathy! I just got your new book love from Lexi and I cant wait to read it the first chapter was amazing and I cant wit to read more!!!

  • Safia, age 12

    Hi, I met you today Cathy and I got the signed book of Love From Lexi. I'm already o chapter 10, Its so intruiging. I am so looking forward to the rest of the series. I also love how Lexi loves to help everyone and everything! I had a great day thank you. Love Safi x

  • chloe sterndale, age 11

    I met you today at a highschool love from lexie is amazing you are my fave authour

  • Fahima, age 13

    I can not wait to read this book. After hearing you read the first chapter I was enthralled by it. Unfortunately I had not been told to bring money to your meet so I could not buy the book but I will buy it soon.

  • Afifah, age 13

    OMG Cathy!! I came on Wednesday and saw you at roundhay school!!!!. It's was AWESOME!! You were brilliant now I'm literally even more obsessed with you I talk, about you 24/7

  • Shayna, age 11

    I have already read the book and I can't wait for the others to come out! You are like, the best author ever!!! ~Shayna

  • Eva, age 12

    Love the sound of this book. I've just watched the trailer and it looks so cool!

  • Ashleigh, age Very almost 12

    I can't wait to read this book, after you read the first chapter to us at my school (Penwortham Girls High School or PGHS for short) I have really wanted to read it. I have never read any of your books and all my friends are telling me to. So, after this I'm gonna get a bunch of more books!

  • Holly Winter, age 13

    I was lucky enough to get this book yesterday and I have just finished it. I just couldn't put it down, I thought it was amazing and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good book to read!

  • Aisha, age 19

    I prefer the chocolate box sries over this one but this one is still FAB!

  • Raven, age 13

    Hi Cathy, i LOVED your new book! i cannot wait to read the rest of the series! PS if you decide Lexcie's mum is dead, i swear i will never read another of your books again.

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