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    Sorry for the long silence… writing this from my hotel room in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates where I’m taking part in a book festival. I can see skyscrapers and palm trees out of my window, a fountain, and a swimming pool which looks sooo tempting. Very cool. (Well, very HOT actually, but you know what I mean…) Thanks to the fab kids from Victoria International School who listened to my slightly jet-lagged talk this morning and didn’t complain when my powerpoint presentation didn’t work, or at my post-flu cough. Ahem! 

    It’s been a while since I last posted… I went to Rhodes for a week on holiday and fell in love with it… sunshine! Fab food! Lovely people! Swimming in the sea!!! Then I came back and got the flu, which was NOT so good… tissues! Lem-sip! Fever! Aches! Hacking cough! Sigh. I am much better now, but still have the cough as a souvenir… 

    Sooo… I am working on Sweet Honey again after a break for my holiday/flu. And it is going well… I’m being dragged into the story, which is always a good sign. I am also looking forward to my event this month at Liverpool’s In Other Words Festival, and my event at the lovely Hay Festival on Tuesday 28th May (half-term week, don’t panic!). This sold out fast BUT Hay have now given me a bigger venue so there are now MORE TICKETS on sale again! You can check them out here. If you can make it along, do, because I am hoping the very first copies of Coco Caramel will be on sale there… a whole week before the official release date. Don’t miss out!

    Then I’ll be off on my official Coco Caramel tour… I shall be at Bromley, Bluewater, York, Harrogate, Southampton and Reading… and  a fab event in Preston has just been confirmed too. Check the EVENTS link for all the latest details! Plus an awesome trip to Paris to meet my French readers, ooh la la! I’ll tell you more when I know, and update the website EVENTS page when I can. In between the public events, I will be at schools and libraries across England… and there’ll be Scottish and Irish dates later in the year, promise! (I was in Wales in March, and Hay’s in Wales too, so not leaving my lovely Welsh readers out!)

    Right now, I’d better get back to writing the book… might just take my laptop down to the poolside… what d’you think?



    S says…

    Go for it!

    S says…

    Cathy please please please come to Australia soon! So wanna meet you!

    G says…

    You should go to australia. Wish i went xxxxx

  • Coco… aka Bobby!

    Finally… after the toughest decision making in any comp, ever – we can announce that the winner of our awesome ‘Could You Be Coco’ comp is 13 year old Bobby B from Kent! Bobby has tons of personality and confidence – plus outstanding acting skills, of course. Her cheeky grin and friendly manner helped to seal the deal… and when her first vlog goes live in a few weeks time, I think you will agree!

    I want to say a HUGE well done to Bobby, and also to the other nine finalists, Katie, Lea, Emily-Indigo, Omni, Ophelia, Grace, Tilly, Mia and Siena-May. Every one of the finalists was talented, dedicated and determined, and made Coco come to life in their own unique way; each and every one of them would have made a wonderful Coco. Although there could only be one winner, we very much hope you will be seeing more of the other finalists too, if we are able to go on with CathyCassidyTV after the end of Season Three. We have all kinds of plans – and the ‘Could You Be Coco’ finalists had some awesome ideas for making it even better than it is now!

    Although we were asking an awful lot of our entrants for this comp, we had over 200 entries, and of a very, very high standard. Around 30/40 entrants have been ‘highly commended’ and extracts from their audition reels will be shown on CCTV in a few weeks time, as we felt they should have a little of the limelight too. Puffin have now replied to everyone, so if you haven’t had an email your message may have bounced back  to us – a few of our emails kept pinging back, but we HAVE tried our hardest to contact everyone. If you haven’t heard, then apologies – cyberspace is conspiring against us! To EVERYONE who entered, well done – the Puffin team and I were totally bowled over by the quality and talent of your auditions. I always knew I had the best readers ever, and this has proved it yet again!

    If you missed out this time, don’t panic – there will be more video challenges coming up, so keep a look out! If you’re not into acting, don’t worry either – our annual My Best Friend Rocks comp will be launching in June, and that could be YOUR chance! 

    And if you can’t wait until then, well nip over to CathyCassidyTV and leave a comment on our behind-the-scenes clip ‘Get Skye’s Style’ before Tuesday 9th… you could win not just the usual £10 New Look voucher but also the gorgeous, vintage-style necklace Skye is wearing in the video. Cool!


    E says…

    Omg! I cannot wait to see cocos vlogs. Good luck to Bobby! :D

    R says…

    oh my dais are u kidding cos i totally 4 got about the compettiton i hope it comes out this week or next ur the best cathy keep writting xxxxxxxxxxx

    P says…

    Wow, well done Bobby for winning the competition, to all the finalists! I can't wait to watch Coco's first video! :D xxx


    If you’re loving the CathyCassidyTV clips so far (and I think you are, ‘cos we now have over 1000 subscribers!) you will love this week’s episode. Would YOU like to get Skye’s look? Take a behind-the-scenes peek at CCTV and watch our awesome stylist and hair/make-up artist for CCTV talk you through it all!

    You can learn how to make a fish-tail plait and how to choose cool, vintage-style fashions as well as watch how Skye’s natural-style make-up is done. Watch it here – it’s like a magazine, come to life! I hope you like it – and if you do, make SURE you leave a comment because THIS WEEK one lucky reader who comments will be picked to win not just the usual £10 New Look voucher but the gorgeous vintage-style NECKLACE Skye is wearing in the clip! (Well, you did say you liked comps – don’t say we’re not good to you!)

    As I said, we have over 1000 subscribers so far for CCTV… if you haven’t subscribed yet, it’s worth doing because every month we pick one lucky subscriber to win a whole set of Cathy Cassidy books

    Meanwhile – SO EXCITING!!! – the team of judges at Puffin HQ have been busy drawing up the shortlist for the Could You Be Coco comp! The ten finalists have now been informed, and Puffin will contact the other entrants shortly… so if you haven’t heard yet, you should do soon, one way or another. We hope to showcase a ‘Best of the Rest’ of the entries too, with forty ‘highly commended’ clips, because according to Puffin the standard is VERY high indeed! I can’t wait to see them, as well as meeting the ten shortlisted readers at the audition-day on Thursday… I haven’t chosen the shortlist, but I will help to judge the overall winner. SOOOO excited! 

    I’ll blog again after Thursday to tell you how the ‘finals’ go…

    Don’t forget to nip over to CCTV and take a look at Skye’s styling video… and tell me what you think! Speak soon…


    D says…

    Good luck to all the Coco contestants! I love the Skye video and I definitely wear that look as much as I can!!!

    A says…

    Oh wow I can't wait!! I'm a vintage geek!! Everything I've got is vintage (almost!!) I love Skyes style!! xxooxx

    S says…

    That is so exciting! i am definitely watching that clip now! xxx


    It’s all go at Puffin HQ this week as the team sift through the FANTABULOUS entries for the Could You Be Coco competition… drawing up a shortlist of ten is NOT going to be easy! Once the finalists have been selected and informed, I’ll be getting involved too, helping the team to pick our wonderful winner. SOOOO excited!

    That winner will be starring as Coco in her very own episodes of CathyCassidyTV very soon… how cool? I love that you are all enjoying CCTV so much, btw… have you seen the brand new v-log from Summer this week? It tells you just what happened behind the scenes at Summer & Skye’s joint 13th birthday party, when Skye got lost in the snow. You can watch it here – and remember to comment to be in with a chance of winning this week’s £10 New Look voucher.

    I love doing lots of comps, freebies and giveaways both on the website and on my Facebook Fanpage… but not everyone approves. Last week I had an upsetting message from a reader who feels I should stop doing comps because ‘people would only be disappointed,’ and advising me to find a professional actress for Coco. I couldn’t reply, as the reader didn’t give me her name or email. :o(  

    If she is reading, I’d like her to know I genuinely think one of my cool and talented readers will be perfect for the role of Coco. If none of us took risks, entered comps or went all-out to try to make our dreams happen, surely the world would be a sadder, duller, less hopeful place? If I hadn’t tried to make MY dream happen, there’d be no CC books, f’r’instance. And sure, not everybody can win every comp, but the way I see it is that you can have fun trying and learn along the way that it’s the TAKING PART that counts, not the end result. 

    I guess the answer is that nobody HAS to enter a comp if they don’t want to, but what do YOU reckon? Should I keep on doing comps? (I need to know because the annual My Best Friend Rocks comp is looming in the summer!) Tell me what you think… 

    H says…

    Hi Cathy!x I really enjoy doing comps and I don't think you should stop doing comps because lots of other people loving doing them !x I'd be really disappointed if you did :( I didn't enter the coco competition cuz I don't live near London. Anyways I can't wait for the MBFR competition (please still have it)

    R says…

    Hey... ANYONE who has read it FANTABULIOUS books would know that we enter for the fun and joy of it! As Holly said I WOULD be disappointed if you cancelled the comps! We LIKE them and no-one can say or do anything to change our minds!

    M says…

    I love your competitions, and really enjoy taking part in them! :D Please keep on having them! I have entered the Coco competition, and can't wait for the results. Good luck to everyone who has entered!! xxxx


    Not sure whether to enter our awesome Could You Be Coco comp? You have until midnight on Friday 22nd to enter, so be brave and have a try – you have nothing to lose and possibly EVERYTHING to gain! After all, you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

    Just go to the Could You Be Coco link on the website, download the script and make an audition video to send to Puffin through the special link… someone has to win, and it could be YOU! 

    If you’re not an exact match for Coco in terms of looks, have a shot anyway – we’re looking for talent and perhaps you’d be suitable for another role in the future, or to review a CC book online. What are you waiting for?

    It’s also your LAST CHANCE to grab a copy of my World Book Day book, Bittersweet, which is selling out fast all around the UK. Bittersweet tells Shay’s story and shows a whole new side to Honey too… don’t miss out, get it while you can because once the copies are gone, they’re gone. It’s only £1 or free if you have your World Book Day voucher… those vouchers expire on March 31st so don’t hang around! People who have pre-ordered with Amazon have reported problems getting their copies, so I’d advice you to try your local indie bookstore, Waterstones, WH Smith, Tesco or Asda to find those last few copies before it’s too late.

    What else is new? Well, there’s an AWESOME new vlog over on CathyCassidyTV... go take a look. It’s Skye’s turn to chat about how she meets the mysterious Jamie Finch, and I think it’s possibly my favourite vlog so far… go take a look, and don’t forget to leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning this weeks £10 New Look voucher!

    I am finally back from the most amazing tour ever, so better get back to unpacking my suitcase! See you soon!


    K says…

    I am entering ... ..cant wait to get bittersweet but i ordered it from amazon....will it still come or be out of stock?

    R says…

    Help! hello, I don't even know if I will get it BBBUUUTTT...... On the 5th of April we are going up to Scotland to See the Giant Pandas! Help!( Even though I might Not even get to be Coco!

    A says…

    Hi Cathy! I entered my video for the Coco competition yesterday! I am a bit nervous but really excited to see who won! Skye's new vlog is brilliant! If anyone hasn't watched it yet they definitely should! Ava :) ☺♥♪


    It’s tour time again… to celebrate the launch of Bittersweet and Summer’s Dream going into paperback I am doing lots of school visits, signings and book festivals around the country. Woo hoo!

    So far I’ve been to Liverpool, Blackpool, Southport, Preston and Wimbledon and met some amazing, lovely readers… and school visits to Brentford, Tonbridge, Maidstone, Leamington, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Stoke, Dudley, Stourport, West Bromwich, Sandwell, Cardiff, Gloucester & Worcester are still to come! There are public signings too, at GUILDFORD, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, BELFAST, WEST BROMWICH, WORCESTER & OXFORD… check out the EVENTS page and my FACEBOOK for more info. Maybe YOU can com along to one of the signings – that would be cool!

    Have you checked out our fab COULD YOU BE COCO comp yet? You have until the 22nd to get your audition films in to Puffin! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have exactly the right hair colour or style, if you are older, younger, have darker skin… we are looking for readers who are comfortable in front of a camera. If you live overseas but REALLY want to enter, go for it… just make it clear you are not from the UK. We are looking for talent as well as the perfect actress to play Coco, so even if you’re not quite right for her, we may be able to find something for you! You’ve nothing to lose, so give it a go!

    World Book Day has finally arrived… so have you got your copy of BITTERSWEET yet? It won’t be on the shelves for long, so don’t waste time – get your copy today! BITTERSWEET costs just £1 (free with your World Book Day token!) so it makes a perfect pressie for friends too! It’s on sale in Waterstones, WH Smith, all good indie bookshops, Tesco, Asda and even in some schools… what are you waiting for? Read Shay’s story and let me know what you think!

    See you soon!


    G says…

    I want bittersweet!!! Woo hoo x

    F says…

    Our teacher bought us a copy of bitter sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read it in 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 of the best!!!!!!!!

    E says…

    I wasn't going to try for coco as i look nothing like her! But now I think I'll give the script a go! Can't wait to read Bittersweet! ;)


    If you’ve been enjoying the fabulous video blogs from Cherry, Summer, Skye and Honey on CathyCassidyTV, you will LOVE our amazing new competition. We need an actress to play Coco… could it be YOU? 

    Yup… we’re looking for a reader who can act out the part of Coco on CCTV! Click the comps link to find out more about our Could You Be Coco comp… and find out how YOU can enter. You can download a script, find out how to style yourself and make a short video to send to us… the best will be invited to Puffin Towers in London to meet me and take part in the final auditions. Wow! YOU could be starring as Coco in our CCTV vlogs soon! (Note: this comp is open to UK readers only, as the final filming will take place in London – sorry to my lovely overseas readers!)

    In other news, my World Book Day minibook, BITTERSWEET, hits the shelves any minute now… at only £1 (or free if you have a WBD voucher) you can’t afford to miss it! Shay’s story gives an outside view on the Chocolate Box Girls series… I think you’ll love it!

    Are YOU dressing up for World Book Day? If you dress as a Cathy Cassidy character, take a pic and send it in here… I’ll publish my favourites online and maybe give a prize to the best!

    We have some more amazing vlogs and exclusive videos to share with you over on CathyCassidyTV… so keep looking, and keep commenting to be in with a chance of winning the weekly £10 New Look voucher.

    Don’t forget to tell me whether you’ve got your hands on BITTERSWEET yet… and whether you’re entering the COULD YOU BE COCO comp! What have you got to lose?


    L says…

    I would really like to play Coco because I am into acting. But I don't really look like her but I'm sure whoever gets it will be really great :)

    J says…

    I am going to enter the 'You could be Coco' competition but has anyone else entered (or going to) without blonde because I would like to but I am more likely to not win! Also one of my friends looks like Coco but she is such a tomboy she has much shorter than chin length hair!! I still haven't asked my Mom & Dad if we are free on the 4th of April yet I'll ask them now!!!!! Laters:) (Sorry got to get used to Coco talk!!!)

    A says…

    WOW! I'd LOVE SO MUCH to be Coco!!! But sadly, I'm not in the UK. =( Can't WAIT to read Bittersweet! =D


    I have some extra fab stuff for you this week… life is getting busy here at CCHQ, but all in a good way!

    First of all, we have an EXTRA, bonus video blog for you over on CathyCassidyTV that’s right, TWO vlogs this week! First was Cherry’s pre-Valentine’s Day vlog, then Summer’s birthday party vlog which went live on Valentine’s Day itself. Head over to CathyCassidyTV to check them both out, and remember to subscribe and leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning our weekly £10 New Look voucher. (And the monthly subscriber lucky dip of a set of CC books, of course!)

    Did you know that this week is Random Acts of Kindness Week? I’m a big fan of RAKs, and I have a couple of RAK projects of my own running just now, but I’d LOVE to hear about yours. What will YOU do for RAK Week? Bake a batch of cupcakes for your friends? Help an elderly  neighbour or family member wash their car/ walk their dog/ fetch their shopping? Let someone go ahead of you in a queue, give your change to charity or think up some cool ideas of your own. If you DO think of something fab, take a pic and send it to me or post it up on my FACEBOOK FANPAGE… I’ll feature the best online to inspire other readers!

    I’ve been told about a couple of extra book festival events, too! I will be at Oxford Literary Festival in March for a fab books ‘n’ crafts event with a super-cool tea party included – you can find out more about booking here.

    I’ve also been invited back to Hay Book Festival and Edinburgh Book Festival… whoop! And for the whole festival feel, there’ll be an ultra cool event at Carfest North in Cheshire, which raises funds for Children In Need. How cool? There will be more info about these events on the EVENTS page on my website as soon as I have the details.

    Lastly, I wanted to ask if any of you were dressing up as a CC character for World Book Day on March 7th… if you do, remember to get a pic and send it to me HERE or on the FACEBOOK FANPAGE. Again, I will feature the best online! And don’t forget to get your copy of BITTERSWEET, my special World Book Day book, for just £1 – I’m counting down the days!


    B says…

    heyahh cathy i love you soo much thanx for sending me ur autograph it was gr8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE,PEACE AND CHOCOLATE BRYANY XXOXO

    S says…

    hi cathy your my idol your books are so meaningful you inspire me to write my own stories and poetry thank you for being awsome! i live in ireland and im going to travel up to dun laoghaire this september coming to see you i cant wait! love the vlogs and keep writing xxxx ps. if you can reply please do!

    G says…

    CathyCassidyTV is fantastic, love it to bits. When will Coco be out? xx


    I am getting addicted to the new CathyCassidyTV video blogs… I’m the first to tune in every Tuesday to see each new one! This week it was Honey Tanberry’s turn, and I loved that the vlog revealed a softer side as well as the impatient, rebellious streak we know so well!

    Don’t forget to tune in here – and remember to subscribe and comment! I’m going to wait until Sunday night to pick the best comment on Honey’s vlog, so you still have time to watch and comment and be in with a chance of winning this week’s £10 NEW LOOK voucher! What are you waiting for? 

    I have just made a start on writing Sweet Honey, the 5th book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, and so far I’m loving it – I’ve been waiting forever to chip away at Honey’s cool, couldn’t-care-less surface and explore what makes her tick. What do you think? Sweet or sour? Misunderstood or mean-girl to the core? Honey’s vlog over on CCTV might help you to decide! If your friends haven’t discovered CCTV yet, make sure to let them know – or better still, share the link on your Facebook page and spread the love!

    Remember to tune in on Tuesday afternoon, too… who’ll be next to pick the story up? Will we be hearing more from Summer, Skye or Honey? And what will they have to say now that Valentine’s Day is getting closer? Can’t wait… ;o)


    S says…

    I loved all the videos and I can't wait to see more! Are you doing anything special on Valentines Day Cathy and what do you think are the best gifts to give to friends on Valentines Day Cathy? Happy Valentines Day and Chinese New Year everyone!

    S says…

    I can't wait until Sweet Honey comes out! But I'm also sad because that will be the end of The Chocolate Box Girls Series. I think there is a sweeter side to Honey and she is just misunderstood.

    A says…

    I love Honey's vlog, it really shows the real Honey. The actors on the vlog are amazing. Happy Valentines Day :-)


    Whoa… so much going on it’s hard to know where to begin! OK… how about letting you know I have finished Coco Caramel, and that it’s gone off to be edited? Or that I have the details for the public signings for my March tour? Or that I can reveal a sneak preview of my World Book Day book BITTERSWEET?

    You can see me reading a sneaky peek from the start of BITTERSWEET here… take a look!

    Which sister will be next to post a video blog over on CathyCassidyTV? We’d like to think it will be Honey, but of course she CAN be hard to pin down so we can’t promise anything – yet! Best to check on Tuesday evening over at CathyCassidyTV!

    Speaking of Honey… now that Coco Caramel is about to be edited, illustrated and printed I am moving on to Sweet Honey. I can’t wait – expect a book that will turn everything upside-down!

    We’ve chosen the winners of the first three £10 New Look vouchers – to be in with a chance of this weeks, just check out the new vlog on CathyCassidyTV and post a comment. One lucky reader has just scooped a set of CC books, too, in January’s subscriber comp – to be in with a chance of winning Feb’s set of CC books, just subscribe to CathyCassidyTV

    I’ve just had the details of the public EVENTS for my March tour – I’ll be in LIVERPOOL, BLACKPOOL, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, GUILDFORD, BELFAST & WORCESTER. Before that I’ll be at the Imagine Festival in LONDON and later in LISTOWEL, Co. Kerry, DUBLIN & EDINBURGH. More to be announced soon, too! Check the EVENTS page for details – hope to see you along the way!


    M says…

    I'm going to the festival in London on 22nd Feb in the Purcell Room and I literally can't wait!!! Love you Cathy!! x x x

    I says…

    omg!!!! so many things are happening! i can't wait for bittersweet and coco caramel! hope to see you at the imagine festival cathy! keep writing, Ilaria xox

    M says…

    cant you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee come to basingstoke waterstones!!!!!!!!!!