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    Hey… it’s good to be back! My website has been getting some snazzy behind-the-scenes work done recently, so I haven’t been able to update my blog – but I’m back now and I have LOTS to tell you!

    First of all, the finalists for My Best Friend Rocks 2012 have been chosen. It was a seriously difficult task this year – the other judges and I were blown away by the high standard of entries. I swear, they get better every year! You can see the shortlisted entries here… well done to the shortlist, and a BIG shout out to all who entered. You’re all winners to me, because you know how important friendship really is. I can’t wait until the MBFR Award Ceremony on June 17th… I wonder who this year’s winners will be?

    Guess what… I’m on the shortlist of the super-cool Queen of Teen Award again… I won back in 2010, so I wonder if I can hold onto my crown this time around? You can vote for me here

    In other news, we’ve adopted a new rescue dog, an Irish collie/whippet cross named Finn. Here he is trying out my Queen of Teen tiara… what d’you think? Suits him, huh?

    Finn in tiara

    And of course, my brand new book Summer’s Dream is out on 7th June… I’m counting down the days! You can read an extract here

    If you can’t wait till June 7th, get your hands on an early copy of Summer’s Dream by popping along to my first June signing at WATERSTONES, AYR, on Saturday 2nd June from 2.30pm to help me celebrate! Find more tour dates here and in the June newsletter!

    STOP PRESS: The Secret Superfan Page isn’t working just yet – a few gremlins in the works that need to be sorted out after the bank holiday long weekend. Don’t panic – we’ll get it fixed soon!

    Thanks for being soooo patient while the website was being fixed up… you’re the best!

    Cathy xxx

    L says…

    Welcome back Cathy!

    A says…

    welecome back.... i'm soooo waiting for the results of the writing comp

    S says…


  • HELLO, 2012!

    Hello there 2012… good to meet you! I think you are going to be cool and crazy and filled with opportunity, friendship and change. Or maybe I just hope that you are! I know you are going to be busy, anyhow! I’ll be touring in April when Marshmallow Skye goes paperback, then again in June when Summer’s Dream is out… and I have the new Daizy Star book to write before making a start on the 4th Chocolate Box Girl book, Coco Caramel. I think there’ll be a few surprises, too!

    I’m still planning out my New Year resolutions. Instead of the usual ‘work harder, be more organised, eat less chocolate…’ I might try to pick some things I can actually achieve. ‘Dream more, hug more, hope more, stop worrying about the chocolate…’ Hmmm. That might work.

    I love the idea that the New Year is a new start, a chance to begin again. Do you have any dreams, hopes, wishes and plans for 2012? Let’s make this year the best one yet!


    C says…

    I want to start writing the books i've planned

    M says…

    Hi Cathy! Happy New Year! I Can't Wait Until The New Daizy Star Book And Summers Dream Comes Out!!! I Had A Really Unlucky Year Last Year So I Hope This Year Will Be Great! Miakat xxx :-)

    H says…

    Awsome! i think this year is gonna be a good one aswell. I can't wait for Coco Caramel to come out as Coco is my fav charecter (well and Skye oh and Alfie) i'll be a teenager very soon so i'm going to make it my new years resolution to stay in a good mood as much as possible :D p.s i love your books!


    Well it’s cool all right – positively arctic, in fact. Here in Scotland we’ve had hurricanes, floods, blizzards, hail, sleet, even thunder and lightning! I don’t care, because it’s almost Christmas and that’s my FAVOURITE time of year. Over on the Secret Superfan Page you’ll find reader’s tips on fab make-it-yourself Christmas prezzies, as well as a picture challenge that could win you a signed CC book… take a look! If you still don’t have the password, sign up for the free online newsletter because there’s a clue in every issue!

    I’m working like mad to finish off the second draft of Summer’s Dream. The publication date has been brought forward a whole month, so it will now be out in JUNE 2012! I’ve even seen a cover rough, and hopefully I’ll be able to give you a sneak peek at that soon! In the New Year I’ll be writing a 4th Daizy Star book, and then settling down to begin the 4th Chocolate Box Girl story, Coco Caramel… it’s going to be a busy year!

    Right now though, I am wrapping prezzies and hanging fairy lights and perfecting my mince pies… mmmm! I can’t wait for the snow to start falling, for everyone to be home for Christmas, because that’s when the fun really begins. What do YOU like best about Christmas? And which books are you hoping for in your Christmas stocking?


    Z says…

    <3 I WANT SUMMER'S DREAM NOW CATHY! I NEED NEW READING MATERIAL!!! I love putting the Christmas tree!! <3 xxxx

    C says…

    sounds fun!

    H says…

    I love christmas becasue you see family. I want Scarlet in my stocking! Have a great christmas.


    Did you make it along to an event and get your copy of Marshmallow Skye signed this year? If not, don’t panic… there are still some fab Cathy Cassidy signings scheduled in before Christmas! Over the next few Saturdays, I will be signing books in CARLISLE (22nd October), KILMARNOCK (12th November), NEWCASTLE (19th November) and BELFAST (26th November)… come along to say hi, get your books signed and join in the marshmallow madness! Click here for more details…

    I’m back home after my epic tour now, my cold is all better and I am finishing off the first draft of SUMMER’S DREAM, the third in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRL series which will be out in JULY 2012.

    While I was away, I managed to finish the judging for the last writing comp and the RESULTS are now up online… take a look and let me know what you think of the winning extracts! I think they are AWESOME. You might even get inspired and decide to enter the new writing comp yourself… check out the WRITER’S WORKSHOP page to find out what to do, and check out my top tips for young writers.

    Y says…


    J says…

    Do you think you will be coming anywhere near Scarborough? Love your books, they are the best. Marshmallow Skye was AMAZING! Me and my mate, Megan, Loved it so, so much!!

    E says…

    Marshmallow skye was AMAZING!!!


    On Sunday I was lucky enough to meet all 12 finalists for the 2011 My Best Friend Rocks Competition at Puffin Towers in London… It was brilliant to finally meet the girls whose entries had so impressed the other judges and myself! Well done to Felicity, Henrietta, Beth, Naomi, Adia, Mia, Markie, Joelle, Rebecca, Olivia, Olivia G and Yashvi. You were all AWESOME!

    This year’s fabulous winners were Markie and Joelle, from Liverpool… well done girls! I’ll try to get the MBFR page updated with some cool pics as soon as I am home from my tour… and you will hopefully be hearing more from ALL the MBFR 2011 girls as they have agreed to help me with a very cool Friendship Project on the website – look out for more info on this over the winter!

    Meanwhile, I am in the first week of my cool MARSHMALLOW SKYE book tour, visiting schools and bookstores all around the country. See my EVENTS page for details of where I’ll be – who knows, I may meet you along the way! Looking forward to my public signings in WORTHING, SOUTHAMPTON, READING, BATH, EXETER, LIVERPOOL, SOUTHPORT & WIGTOWN… with DUMFRIES, CARLISLE, KILMARNOCK & NEWCASTLE coming very soon!

    I have a rotten cold right now but my readers are cheering me up LOADS… you’re the best!!!


    H says…

    Aww, hope your cold gets better Cathy! Can't wait to meet you when you come on tour xxx

    K says…

    Oh, cathy poor u!! Hope u enjoy touring. Still haven't read Marshmallow Skye though i ordered it feom the library last month!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    N says…

    Cathy,I've read Marshmallow Skye! It was amazing! Reading it for the fourth time now!Wish I can meet you! And by the way, get better loads! Love you! You rock! :D xxxx


    At last… Marshmallow Skye, the second book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, is out NOW!!! Get your hands on a copy pronto and let me know what you think… you can even post a review on the website!

    I’m REALLY looking forward to the next few weeks – I’ll be doing lots of school events all around the country and public signings in Irvine, Dublin, Stirling, Bluewater, Bromley, Worthing, Southampton, Reading, Liverpool, Southport, Wigtown, Dumfries and Carlisle (plus Kilmarnock and Newcastle later in the year!). To find out more, check out the EVENTS page – maybe I’ll see you at one of those venues! (Possible Exeter date, watch this space… waiting to hear from Waterstones Exeter!)

    If you’re a superfan, and you’re hoping to get along to one of the above events, email me and let me know. I am looking for CHOCOLATE FAIRIES for many of the above events – reader-helpers to assist at the signings by handing out chocolate, marshmallows and friendship bracelets! If you’d like to help, tell me why you (and a friend, if possible) would be a fab chocolate fairy. One lucky reader & her friend will be chosen for each location. I’ll put pics of the chocolate fairies from the tour on the SECRET SUPERFAN PAGE in the Autumn. And if you don’t yet have the password for the Secret Superfan page yet, you’ll find the clue in the free online newsletter – don’t miss out, sign up here!

    Last but not least, don’t keep me in suspense – let me know what YOU think of Marshmallow Skye! Hope you like it!


    M says…

    I got Marshmallow Skye about four days ago from WHSmiths and read it in an hour. It is fab! Keep writing! Looking forward to Summer's Dream! xx

    C says…

    Marshmallow Skye only came out today in Australia, so I'm still waiting to get my hand on it! So the next books Summer Dream.... cool!! Cathy, u should sooooo come to Australia- I really wanna meet u! Keep writing, Caity xxxx

    O says…

    Yaaaaay I'm soo looking forward to reading this :D


    This was officially THE hardest comp ever to judge… there were tons of entries and every one of them was gorgeous, cool and full of personality! It took a while, but our panel finally settled on the reader they felt was most like Skye from the Chocolate Box Girls… and I agreed! It was a little like watching Skye come to life!

    Well done Grace W – your photos were great, and I think you’ll be a great model for the paperback version of Marshmallow Skye. (Possibly Summer’s Dream too, as Skye and Summer are twins!)

    The official photoshoot will take place at the HQ of GirlTalk mag in London, later this month… and I am pretty sure Grace will enjoy her day in the spotlight!

    I only wish everyone could be a winner… you were all AWESOME and if the results of this comp work out well, you never know… there may be more COVER GIRL comps in the future! I know what a positive, generous bunch you are, too, and I know you’ll be pleased for Grace. If you’re sad at missing your model-girl moment, nip over to the SUPER FANS SECRET PAGE# and try this month’s Superfan challenge to send in a pic of you ‘striking a pose’ – the best one will win a signed copy of STRIKE A POSE DAIZY STAR! (If you don’t know the secret password yet, sign up for the free email NEWSLETTER – there’s a clue in every issue!)

    I’d better get back to work… I’m writing the next book in the series, Summer’s Dream, right now. And don’t forget to check out the Aug 4th issue of MIZZ mag to see if you’re one of the six shortlisted finalists for the MBFR 2011 Comp! What are you waiting for?


    N says…

    Well done luv your picture I really wanted to win but u were great

    E says…

    Hiya Cathy! I think you chose the right person and I can't wait to read Marshmallow skye!!!! Love Emily xxxx

    T says…

    wow, well done Grace! I didn't enter as my hair is red, but you look so good for it. congrats!


    OK… here it is… the moment you’ve all been waiting for! After much deliberation and discussion Puffin have picked seven new readers to join the CC DREAM TEAM… read on and find out who they are!

    All winners have been informed by email, but in case you haven’t checked your mail lately, here we go… First of all, for the new Irish DREAM TEAM… congratulations to the following readers.
    From Connaght, NADA NEWESSER; from Leinster, JANE FINNEGAN; from Munster, NORA FARRELL; and from Ulster, LEILA O NEILL. Well done to all who tried out for the Irish DREAM TEAM – picking just four was an almost impossible task.

    To join the mainland UK DREAM TEAM, three more lucky readers have been chosen – congratulations to JULIANNE DOHERTY; EMILY MURRILLS; and ALICE BAXTER. Again, it was a very tough task, so a BIG thank you to all who entered – I have the best readers in the world, and if I had my way, I’d have picked you all!

    Keep an eye on the DREAM TEAM link over the next few months… soon you will be able to see pics of the new Dream Teamers and find out more about them… it’s going to be VERY cool!

    Last but not least, my book Cherry Crush has won the 2011 Redbridge Children’s Book Award… woo hoo! Thanks to all the fab children of Redbridge who voted for the book, and to the librarians and teachers too.

    Well done again to the new Dream Teamers… do YOU have any ideas for how they should spread the word about my books?


    E says…

    Awww! I really wanted to win that! Oh well... Maybe I have a chance in the writing comp. CC, I am your No. 1 fan!!! I've got all your books so far! Xx :D

    M says…

    congratulations to all the dream team winners, sad that I didn't ge tin but happy for them. Also congratulations cathy cherry crush deserved to wint he redbridge childrens book award 2011!!! :O)

    A says…

    oh, cathy!! my entry was the best, and you didnt pick me. I actually cried when i found out. :(


    I have just started work on the third Chocolate Box Girl book, Summer’s Dream… exciting! Just the kind of thing to put me in a summery mood, and right on cue, the sun is FINALLY shining! I have a feeling July is going to be awesome… there is so much going on!

    I’ve just arrived in Cork for the extra-cool West Cork Literary Festival, and I’ll be in London later in the week… woo!! By then we should know the winners of the DREAM TEAM search, so watch the website for the results! Puffin will also make a start on the HUGE task of sifting through the hundreds of truly amazing entries for MY BEST FRIEND ROCKS 2011 and the equally fab entries for the COVER GIRL comp. I can’t wait to see the shortlists and make a start on choosing my favourites! All results will be posted on the website and in the free email NEWSLETTER as soon as we know them.

    There’s a cool, fun book giveaway running over on the SECRET SUPERFAN page too… don’t miss out! If you haven’t got the secret password yet, just sign up to the NEWSLETTER – there’s a clue in every issue!

    Right… setting off to Bantry now. See you soon!


    S says…

    I really enjoy reading your books and I live outside europe so if one time you could come to the UAE more specifically Dubai I will be there

    C says…

    Cool! Really excited for Marshmallow Skye! But now I am excited for Summer's dream as well! Keep on writing Summer's dream. Summer is one of my favourite characters in the Chocolate box girls. I like watching ballerinas dance, but I am not one myself. Anyway, I think all of your books are really something to look forward to. From Chloe B!

    A says…

    Hi Cathy! I hope your new books going really well and that you'll have great fun writing it! I've loved ALLLLL your books so far so i'm really really really looking forward to reading this one!!! With Love Amy xx


    I hope you are liking the new photo covers for my paperbacks! And now the hunt is on to find a model for the paperback version of Marshmallow Skye, out in April 2012. We need a COVER GIRL – could it be YOU?

    Puffin and Girl Talk are launching a nationwide search for the perfect girl… what are you waiting for? If you are quirky, cool, smiley and individual like Skye, you could be the model we are looking for… click the COVER GIRL link on my website and find out how to enter! The winner will be invited to a special photo-shoot at Girl Talk HQ – and will also get to meet up with me for tea and cakes on my September tour!

    If the COVER GIRL comp is not for you, don’t panic – there is still time to enter the 2011 MY BEST FRIEND ROCKS COMP… click the MBFR link on the website to find out how. All of our comps have a cool cover flavour this year, and for MBFR we are asking you design a book cover with you and your best friend on it, plus a blurb for the back telling us why your friendship is so fab. You can download a template on the MBFR page. Go for it!

    We seem to have gone COMPETITION CRAZY this month… but remember that both comps close on June 30th so don’t waste any time! You have to be in it to win it, so give it a go… and GOOD LUCK!


    S says…

    wow, this comps sounds so cool ! xxx :)MBFR is awesome...

    K says…

    Cool comps!!! I was wondering, when is the winners of the superfan comp to be announced? :) :) :)

    C says…

    Kate, do you mean the Dream Team comp? Winners will be announced at the start of July. All comps/challenges on the Secret Superfan page are listed/ announced on there, but I'm not sure that's what you meant? xxx