Sundae Girl

Will shy girl Jude ever share her secrets?

‘Don’t get me wrong, I love my family – but mum is forty-four going on fourteen . . .’

Jude’s family are crazy, quirky, bizarre . . . her mum brings her plenty of problems and her dad thinks he’s Elvis! All she wants is a hassle-free life – but it’s not easy when she’s chasing her mum’s trail of broken promises.

Nothing seems to go Jude’s way, until she realizes the floppy-haired boy from school could be her knight on shining rollerblades. And that sometimes, when everything turns sour, only something sweet can make it ok . . .

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Reviews of Sundae Girl

  1. O

    OMG I write books on a diary which I call the WRITING DIARY lol 😜 I all ways try but it’s never as good as ur books!! Ur my FAVE author I LOVE ur books don’t stop writing

  2. T

    When I read the first chapter of this book it was AMAZING and nothing would stop me reading it even if it meant reading it under your covers with a torch at 12:00 in the morning😂I LOVE YOUR BOOKS CATHY!!!!!!!

  3. P

    This book is amazing so keep doing your job and it is inspiring to see you encouraging other people to belive in themselfs and to have good friends and how to appreciate them

  4. P

    Love this book so keep on inspiring people not only to read but to also find out how to reward your freinds for what they do and to also just follow your dreams


  5. V

    I loved this book! It is such a typical tweenage book and things that go on inside a tweens head, I DEFO RECOMMEND !!

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I love my family, I love my animals, my home and my work. Of all my jobs, writing has to be the best – it’s the perfect excuse to daydream, after all!

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