Will her secret birthday wish come true?

'I never sleep, the night before my birthday . . . it's the only day of the year I hear from her . . .' Dizzy's mum left when she was small. But every year, on her birthday, something arrives in the post - a present or a card with her mum's loopy writing on it. Dizzy has kept everything. This year is different. Nothing comes in the post, but something amazing is about to arrive on Dizzy's doorstep. Something that will whisk her away - and put Dizzy's world in a spin. download ibookstore     > Click here to order from your nearest indie bookshop!
Reviews of Dizzy
  • Ellie, age 12

    I think that Dizzy is an excellent book because Cathy makes it so realistic like you are actually there. Also it teaches you a lesson about people who don't actually have a home and have to move all the time. It shows how lucky we are and i love the idea of the book and the exciting characters and personalities. Thank You!

  • Claire, age 13

    I loved the book dizzy to bits! it realy gets into a 13 year old girls mind! its really interesting i couldnt put it down! i thought the characters in it were so lifelike! i hope ill be hooked on the new book just like this 1!

  • Rebecca, age 11

    This was the first book i read of cathys books. i thought it was brilliant. next i am going to read scarlett and i cant wait. i loved the bit where finn and dizzy kiss because it is so romantic thanks so much cathy!

  • Joanna, age 12

    I thought Dizzy was fantastic. I read it in one night it was so good. I thought it was really interesting to read about travellers and stuff.

  • Amber, age 11

    i thought dizzy was a great book and its like i could see through a hole into dizzys mind. i liked the bit where mouse fell into the bonfire though it was sad. my friend let me borrow it and i thought i wouldnt like it but i was by far wrong! it was a fabulous, heartrending and passionate story!

  • Jenna, age 12

    This book is soooooo good it ought to be a film. I'd watch it over and over again!!!!!

  • Emily, age 12

    Dizzy is an amazing book. I couldn't get enough of it. I was upset when i had finished it in four hours. I really fitted into the book because i enjoy festivals like that. And i would adore a boy friend like finn!

  • Mikki, age 12

    I thought it was such a gorgeous book and my favourite characters are finn and dizzy. I cried when mouse had to leave because he was only truly happy when he was with finn and dizzy. Cathy Cassidy rox!!!

  • Amy, age 8

    i love this book because its exiting and groovy if you have read this book you will say the same thing!

  • Rachael, age 12

    This is a great book and really got me thinking about what the ending would be and when it came it was really unexpected and unique i would recommend it to anyone!

  • Feebee, age 11

    I think it is such a GREAT book it has cool messages and a wicked storyline !!!!!!!!

  • Eva, age 11

    I loved this book soooooooooo much. It is the best book I have ever read! I love all the characters, especially Dizzy. I can't wait until Lucky Star comes out! From your biggest fan Eva

  • Vicky, age 11

    I absolutely LOVED reading Dizzy,I got so clung to it, I read it in less than half an hour! I would definately reccomend this book one hundred percent!

  • Ellen, age 11

    This is one of the best books I have ever read. I couldn't put it down! I loved it as much as I enjoyed Scarlett and Indigo Blue

  • Heather, age 10

    This has to be one of my favourite Cathy Cassidy books! She has really captured the thoughts of Dizzy. I can't belive how close this is to real life! I would reccomend to any girl who is aged between 9-15

  • Kaila, age 12

    I loved this book!! I would read it twice. I'm going to start collecting all the Cathy Cassidy books.

  • Katie, age 14

    WOW!!! this my fave book out of all of them, it is so full of magic, i really love the mouse and finn characters i cant wait till august when lucky star comes out....

  • Alison, age 11

    hi!!!! i think dizzy is a really good book - i would love to have a mam like that!!!!

  • Kimberley, age 8

    After I first picked it up it was so interesting i never could stop talking about it.

  • Elisha, age 9

    dizzy is the best book i have ever read - who ever is about to read it they will love it just like me.

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