Discover the DREAMCATCHER blog!

I’m loving the new DREAMCATCHER blog-zine – by my readers, for my readers! There’s a new post every day, ranging from fun stuff to cool stuff and serious, dramatic stuff stuff. Take a look at DREAMCATCHER and scroll back through the posts to see what you’ve missed – and remember to comment as you go!

If you’d like to contribute to DREAMCATCHER, join my FACEBOOK FANPAGE (if you’re old enough to have FB) as lots of posts start as discussions on the FB fanpage; or email me your ideas and suggestions here. It’d be great to have you on board!


Comments on Discover the DREAMCATCHER blog!

  1. R

    See you there Cathy! Look out for me! I have loved you all my life! Nearly! Bye for now! Love your biggest fan

  2. J

    Hi, Cathy!

  3. z

    Hey Cathy I am in a comp at school its a story
    comp and you have gave me so much inspo

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