Discover the DREAMCATCHER blog!

I’m loving the new DREAMCATCHER blog-zine – by my readers, for my readers! There’s a new post every day, ranging from fun stuff to cool stuff and serious, dramatic stuff stuff. Take a look at DREAMCATCHER and scroll back through the posts to see what you’ve missed – and remember to comment as you go!

If you’d like to contribute to DREAMCATCHER, join my FACEBOOK FANPAGE (if you’re old enough to have FB) as lots of posts start as discussions on the FB fanpage; or email me your ideas and suggestions here. It’d be great to have you on board!


Comments on Discover the DREAMCATCHER blog!

  1. You are sòooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome I want to be like you

    Posted by: T on 7th April 2020
  2. Cathy I cannot use the cookies I am using my mum’s phone and I cannot use my mum’s email
    I’m sorry.

    Posted by: T on 7th April 2020
  3. Hi, Cathy I love all your books .

    Posted by: Anonymous on 14th June 2020
  4. Soo cool😋 I love you Cathy 💕

    Posted by: A on 21st June 2020
  5. Soo cool😋 I love you Cathy 💕

    Posted by: S on 21st June 2020
  6. Your the best Cathy💕

    Posted by: D on 21st June 2020
  7. Hi Cathy i am on my dads work computer so I cant email. I wish I could because you are awsome . I am reading your book letters to Cathy because all my friends started to read your books and they look intreasting. So i am trying it out. i only got it yesterday afternoon but i am on the last chapter. You really helped me in the friends chapter. I have backup friends which are the boys in my grade that my friends find annoying. thank you for that.

    Posted by: E on 19th March 2021

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