I’m home after a gorgeous book tour to celebrate the launch of SAMI’s SILVER LINING! I want to thank the awesome schools who helped to make it so special… St Hilda’s; Worthing High; Connaught School for Girls; Whittingham Primary; Somers Park; Westacre Middle; Birches Head; Derby High; Sacred Heart; Cramlington School and all the visiting schools at those events. (Don’t **think** I’ve missed any but apologies if so!)

Have YOU read the new book yet? If so, send your reviews to me via the EMAIL CATHY link or post on the website books page or even on if you’re feeling extra lovely! SAMI’S SILVER LINING was a real labour of love for me – I hope you’re going to love it just as much as I do!

So… have you heard about the new SAMI’S SILVER LINING COMP?

Just nip over to the COMPS page on this website to find out more… basically, you need to take a supercool photo of your fave CC book… style it, make it look arty and fab… and either post it on social media using the tags shown on the COMPS page or email it to me via the EMAIL CATHY link on the website homepage! You can win a copy fo the two newest books for you, your school or even to give to a friend, and also an amazing ‘INSTA’ INSTANT CAMERA! Wow!

What are you waiting for? Get those phones and cameras out NOW!

Cathy xxx


  1. Hey cathy ! I started reading your books not long ago and so far read 8 , I love all 8 of them and can definitely relate to ginger. One of my favourite books is marshmallow Skye as I like the parts when she goes of dreaming about the people who lived in her house in the past. I am hoping to get tons more books on my birthday.

    Posted by: M on 2nd March 2020
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    Posted by: D on 7th April 2020
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    Posted by: A on 19th June 2020
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    Posted by: M on 21st June 2020
  5. Cathey I love your books

    Posted by: T on 4th August 2020
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    Posted by: B on 22nd September 2020
  7. OMG!!!!!!!! I have read love from Lexie but not this one can’t wait!!!!

    Posted by: P on 13th March 2021

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