Well, it looks like you are LOVING the Chocolate Box Girls video blogs on Cathy Cassidy TV so far – yay! Ready for another one? This time Skye lets you into what’s on her mind… you can watch it here!

I think you’ll love Skye’s vlog just as much as Cherry and Summer’s – and don’t worry, the story continues NEXT Tuesday too with our fourth vlog… you’ll be hearing more from either Cherry, Summer or Skye, but which one?!!

Honey will be chipping in later in series one to give you a glimpse of her life at Tanglewood… expect trouble! And we haven’t forgotten Coco, but… well, I’ll tell you more about THAT in a later blog! 

I’m off to Puffin HQ this week to film some extra bits ‘n’ pieces for CCTV, so don’t forget to look out for those too! Tune in every Tuesday afternoon for the latest from CathyCassidyTV – and don’t forget to subscribe to CathyCassidyTV to be in with a chance of winning a full set of signed CC books. Plus, if you COMMENT on the vlogs, you’ll be entered into a weekly draw to win a £10 New Look voucher! Cool, huh? 

Don’t forget to tell your friends about CCTV – and share the link on your Facebook page, if you have one, to spread the word! Better go now… I’m off to watch SKYE’s vlog! Tell me what you think!


Comments on HELLO, SKYE!

  1. I love all your books 😍😍

    Posted by: A on 22nd October 2020
  2. Hi Cathy big fan l’m like Summer because l Love ❤️ all tpyes of dance especially ballet l have blond hair and l have a twin

    Posted by: S on 22nd October 2020
  3. Hey..Cathy Cassidy
    i am a big fan. your books are amazing. i loved all the chocolate girls book but i liked marshmallow skye the best. i dont exactly know why but i think i feel more connected to skye cuz she reminds me a little of myself. my middle name is dreamer and i am in love with vintage and history, myths and legends, and astrology..i love supernatural and ofcoarse i love chocolates. sometimes i feel no one understands me, my love with vintage or the wonders in the stars but i could see myself in skye and i really loved it.i also love painting like honey…its my life, its how i express myself.
    but all the chocolate box girls books was great and i really enjoyed reading it.
    but you know which book i totally fell in love with? it was the broken hearts club. it was so touching..such an emotional rollercoaster…and the twist in the about andie that was heart breaking. i cried for days after reading broken hearts club. tht book has caught my heart.
    i love it. i love all of your works, Cathy. you light up our world.
    thank you so much..love you

    Posted by: S on 23rd February 2021
  4. I loved summer’s dream!
    I just wanted to know who plays summer tanbery on cathycassidytv

    Posted by: J on 6th April 2021
  5. I love all your books especially sweet honey and coco caramel

    Posted by: Anonymous on 11th April 2021
  6. I love the chocolate box girls so much my favourite was Summer’s Dream

    Posted by: A on 19th April 2021

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