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    Angel Cake is out in just TWO WEEKS in the UK & Ireland… wooo!!! Readers in Australia & New Zealand, where the book is out right now, seem to be loving it, so make sure YOU don’t miss out!

    You can pre-order Angel Cake so you get it as soon as its out… just click here and check with your parents of course… and it’s all sorted! You can listen to me reading an extract here.

    Don’t forget that on THURSDAY JUNE 25th MIZZ mag are giving away another fab CC mini book… CUPCAKES & KISSES. And of course, it’s totally free! There’s a brand new short story, all the low-down on boys, a whole bunch of cool cake recipes and all the latest on National Best Friends Day on July 4th. Don’t miss out… ask your newsagent to reserve you a copy of MIZZ today!

    Speaking of National Best Friends Day, how are you planning to celebrate with YOUR friends? Tell me your cool ideas and send in any pics you have of the day itself! If you are near London on NBFD, July 4th, come along to WATERSTONES in Piccadilly to join me for a fab NBFD celebration… and get your copy of Angel Cake signed! Details – and news of where I will be on my June/July tour – are on the EVENTS section of the website. There will be lots of cool treats and some random acts of kindness going on at Waterstones stores all around the country on NBFD, too, so mark July 4th in your diary and pop down to your local Waterstones to get your hands on ANGEL CAKE. Life is sweet!


    S says…

    Wow, I cannot WAIT for Angel Cake to come out. I've got a Waterstones gift card (only half used) so I'll have fun spending the rest of it! Hugs, happiness, and custard doughnuts, Sonal xox

    M says…

    Angel Cake is fab! I loved all of it! It is definitely one of Cathy's best books! The Angel cakes recipe is really good, the cakes i made were really yummy! I also can't wait until July 4th as i am having a party with my friends - Hannah, Ailis, Megan, Laura, Megan and Charlotte! From Mollie x x x P.S: I can't wait to get the copy of mizz with cupcakes and kisses in!!

    B says…

    i cant wait but im on hoiday in hong kong when both angel cake and the mizz giveaway coms out. are ther any othr chances 2 gt the cupcakes and kisses book? thnx beve x


    It’s time to decide how YOU’RE going to celebrate the first ever Cathy Cassidy National Best Friends Day… so you’re ready to join in the fun when July 4th rolls around! NBFD has kind of grown out of the annual My Best Friend Rocks comp… it’s a way EVERYONE can get together and celebrate friendship… with a little bit of cake stirred in for good measure, of course!

    So… what do you need to do?

    1. Check out the new NBFD page on the website and start planning your own party/picnic/sleepover for NBFD! There are lots of ideas, plus some cool downloads… everything you need to create your own extra-cool NBFD event! It’s all about friendship, fun, laughter… and cake! What’s not to like?

    2. Join the Friendship Charter Challenge! I’d like 20,000 people to sign up to the CC Friendship Charter before NBFD 2010… it’s the perfect way to keep your friendship strong and show your best friends just how much they mean to you. Tell your classmates about it, too… let’s start off a friendship frenzy!!!

    3. Come along to Waterstones, Piccadilly, London between 1-3-pm on NBFD itself, July 4th… and celebrate NBFD with ME!!! I will be signing copies of my new book Angel Cake, unveiling a giant Friendship Charte and launching NBFD in style! There will be Friendship Festival events, Random Acts of Kindness goodies and lots of yummy surprises… the event is free, so come along with your friends and celebrate NBFD with me!

    What are you waiting for? Let me know how YOU’LL be celebrating… and spread the word!!!


    K says…

    Hi CC! I'm interested in throwing a massive sleepover for my mates and celebrating NBFD. I'd never actually heard of it a year ago, but now its a MAJOR date on my calender! PS. I tried out for that dream team but didn't make cut, but I'm going to do what I said I would anyway! xx.

    L says…

    WOW I will defininatly pop down to my local waterstones and get a surprise! I think its amazing to celebrate friendship!

    B says…

    Oh I was in London the other day!I wish I was there in two days!Happy NBFD! Bonnie


    Hi again… I have just finished my few days in New Zealand, a fab place where I discovered lolly cake… (thanks Belynda!) and met lots of FAB fans! Thanks to everyone in Auckland and Wellington who came to see me at The Children’s Bookshop in Auckland, Takapuna Library and The Children’s Bookstore Kilbirnie… and to the cool kids in the schools I visited, too! You were all brilliant.

    Now I am off back to Australia, to melbourne this time, for the very last leg of my tour… so see you there! Keep the posts and emails coming, and watch out for the secrets of lolly cake, too!!!


    H says…

    Lolly cake sounds delish. I wish I could try it! Hope you have a great time in Melbourne! I am a really big fan! It was so great to meet you!

    C says…

    Hi Cathy, Your speech at the Takapuna Library was awesome... It really inspired me

    E says…

    did you only go to auckland and wellington


    Hey everyone… I am just leaving Singapore after a FAB few days and heading off to Australia. First I’ll be in Sydney, then Brisbane… then I am flying off to NZ for a couple of days and finally finishing off in Melbourne!

    Soooo…. if you’re in Aus/NZ and not sure where I will be, or when, just click the CAMPER link on my website and you’ll find all the details. See you there!!!

    If you are in the UK, check the CAMPER link anyway, because all my UK dates for the Angel Cake tour in July are up there too!

    I’m really sorry I cannot visit every part of Australia, but it’s a pretty big place… if I don’t get out to see you this time, I’ll do my best next time around! If you are coming to one of the events, send a comment through the link below… and if you’re not, send one anyway!!!

    Thanks again to all the brilliant readers I met in Singapore… a special thanks to the girls from United World College, The Australian School and Raffles Girls Primary; and also to everyone who came along to the Kinokuniya Bookstore and Borders Bookstore events; and to the fab winners of the Best Friends Photo Comp (Borders) and the MBFR Singapore Comp (Kinokuniya). It was great to meet you all!

    Better go catch that plane now… keep posting the messages, and see you soon!

    Cathy xxx

    B says…

    Hi Cathy thank-you for saying hi to my sister shes fine now!Cool.I would really like to go to Australia,one of my friends comes from Australia and she loved it so I'm sure you will too!

    J says…

    It was nice of you to visit Cathy! Thanks for signing my book !

    A says…

    Hey, Cath! Have you read my stories yet? I'm writing a story about two cats who have to choose one choice.Each other or live in different places. I am writing the story on the book-Little book of friendship.


    Today I am heading off on my fab overseas tour… I will be visiting Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, and I am so excited! I’ve never been to any of those places so it feels like a real adventure…

    I’m hoping to keep up with emails while I am away, and I’ll post on here too if there is anything extra cool to report! Meanwhile, if you are going to see me at one of my overseas events… in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore, Auckland or Wellington… why not post a comment through the link below? See you soon!!!

    If you are in the UK, you don’t have to feel left out… there are LOTS of public events in the Angel Cake tour coming in June/July. Check out the CAMPER link for all the details, but I’ll definitely be in Bluewater, Kent; Bristol; Cambridge; London; Huddersfield; Blackpool; Preston & Liverpool. There’ll be some Scottish dates later in the summer, too… so check the list, make a note in your diary and come along!

    AND there will be a very special event on National Best Friends’ Day on 4 July in London that you are all invited to – more details to come…

    Better get back to my packing now…

    S says…

    WhOh, YAY!!! I am SO majorly EXCITED!!! I mean, who wouldn't be? After all, Cathy Cassidy IS coming to Melbourne...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A says…

    wish you were coming to WA, have fun!

    Z says…

    That's so cool, Cathy! I can't wait until you come to Scotland because that's where I live!

  • Are you a MY BEST FRIEND ROCKS finalist?

    Today, mizz announce the finalists of MY BEST FRIEND ROCKS 2009. Make sure you get a copy to see if you have won!

    The 6 lucky finalists will be invited to London for a glamorous award ceremony on National Best Friends Day on July 4th! They will be part of the celebrations on the day and I will announce who the winner of MBFR 2009 is. If you are one of the 6 finalists, you’ll also get a letter in the post very soon with all the details.

    If you aren’t a finalist this time, then don’t be disappointed. We had hundreds and hundreds of incredible entries. Check out some of the pics of us judging. You have all really shown how amazing your best friends are and how important friendship is to you. And that’s the most important thing!

    CC x

    A says…

    that an awsome thing for friends to do! what do people do if they have lots of BFs?

    D says…

    Oh yeah i entered but i went to the shop to get the mag but it wasnt there :S oh well i will get it soon! What's your comment?

    D says…

    I got it :( i didnt win (didnt think so anyways! but i am entering agin and its the taking part that counts!


    It’s mostly girls who read my books… or is it? Who says that boys don’t want to read real-life, growing up stories about friendship, families and falling in love? Boys have friends, families and feelings too, after all!

    Boys DO read my books, but they don’t post on the website as often as girls. (OK, OK, I know… the website IS very pink!!!!) Do YOU know a boy who enjoys my books? A friend, a brother, a classmate, a boyfriend? If so, get him to post a comment through the link below explaining why he likes the books… I’ll post the best online and print the VERY best in a brand new CC minibook, Cupcakes & Kisses, to be given away free with UK mag Mizz in the summer!

    Who knows, there could be some boy readers out there who are just as cool as Finn, Kian, Sam, Carter, Paul and Mouse…

    Get those comments coming… let’s hear it for the boys!!!


    T says…

    i totally agree! I'm still good mates with my ex-boyfriend (we got together chatting about books, so the friendship still survived!)and i lent him lucky star recently, he practically begged for some more! he didn't much like the fact that all the other books have girls as main characters, but he said they were good, and has suddenly and mysteriously started dressing like a certain trilby hat-wearing character...

    K says…

    Cool! I'll ask some of my boy friends if they do. I bet I'll get one that secretly reads his sisters copy! Haha!

    A says…

    hahahahaha it would be funny if someone pretended to be carter or mouse haha the thought of it haha i would love that! Please someone do that it would be sooooo funny! Love you Cathy xoxo alice x


    When I was on tour at the beginning of February, I was lucky enough to be able to call in to see one of the fab & feisty winners of MBFR 2008, Laura… it was brilliant to finally catch up, as Laura was such an inspiring winner yet was ill at the time of the 2008 finals, so only her nominated friend Kelly was able to make it along to the Ultimate Friendship Festival….

    Meeting Laura at last was brilliant, and I knew right away she was a VERY deserving winner! Cool, kind, courageous and caring… those were the qualities that made Laura stand out, even while fighting a very serious illness, and which made her such a fantastic winner in 2008. I loved meeting Laura and her fab family (and her collection of crazy pets!) and I can definitely say for sure that Laura Taylor ROCKS!!!!

    So… do you have a fab best friend? You STILL have time to enter the 2009 MBFR comp… just click the My Best Friend Rocks link on the website for all the details on how to enter. The comp closes on April 1st, so hurry… and get those arty entries in NOW!!! The finalists will be invited down to London on July 4th, National Best Friends Day, for a cool Awards Ceremony… and the overall winners will win amazing prizes to help them run the sleepover party of their dreams!

    If you’ve already entered, or if you have more than one best friend… or if you live outside the UK & Ireland… you can still send a shout-out to YOUR best friend(s) and tell them how much they mean to you. Just send your shout-out through the comments box at the bottom of this blog. What are you waiting for?


    C says…

    My BestFriends Are The Best You Could EVER Ask For!! My Friends Are So Supportive And I Dont Think That I Could Get Better Friends. My Friends Are The Only People That I Can Trust In The Whole World!! I Know That They Are Always There For Me And That Will Always Have My Back. My Friends Are So Funny And Always Cheer Me Up When Im Down, And We Both Know It. I Would Like To Repay My Friends Somehow For Everything That They Have Done For Me. But I Dont Think That Anything I Could Ever Do Would Be Good Enough To Pepay Them For Everything That They Have Done For Me!

    G says…

    hey shll bell,abix2,lucy an rach g luv ya all u r the best friends ever thanks 4 being there

    R says…

    Well done Laura! I am sooooo jealous that you got to meet Cathy!


    Are you dressing up to celebrate World Book Day this year? If you are dressing up as a fave character from one of my books… Scarlett, Cat, Ginger, Joey, Dizzy, Indie or Jude… send me a photo of you in costume. I will post the best pics on the website and send a goody bag to the five best photos… what are you waiting for?!!!!

    Send your photos by clicking here only.

    Have you got your entry in for the fab MBFR comp 2009? Click this MBFR link for all the details and tell me why YOUR best friend rocks!!!

    Are you in Australia or New Zealand? You may not be eligible for the fab MBFR comp but you can enter a special comp to meet me when I tour Australia & New Zealand in May… click here for more details of how to enter!

    And don’t forget to tell me how you’re celebrating World Book Day….

    A says…

    what's world book day?

    J says…

    are you writing any new books. who is your idle and what is your favourite book of yours. what is you favourite book of another author who is your favourite author and what is there best book

    P says…

    when is angel cake coming out???? looking forward to it heaps!:):):):):)




    All the plans are coming together for my tour in Australia and New Zealand this May and I’m very excited that I’m going to get to meet my readers who live over there.

    Penguin Australia & Penguin New Zealand are both giving one lucky Cathy Cassidy fan (and their best friend) the chance to have lunch with me while I am touring. If you want to enter, simply go to to find out more and I hope to see you there!

    Good luck!

    I’ve been having an amazing time on my GingerSnaps tour for the release of the paperback – I have met so many brilliant readers, so thank you for coming to see me! Check out My Camper for details of my other events coming up.

    CC x

    M says…

    Hi Cathy, Unfortunately I don't live in Australia or New Zealand but I saw you at Imagine and you were so cool!

    C says…

    Likewise!However , i sooo wan to go see you cathy!!!

    D says…

    Hi Cathy i so wish ilived in Australia or New Zealand right now but i don't unfortunately my brothers in australia on a gap year, he should have taken me with him!!