Ever had a problem and wished you had someone to talk to… and some answers? If so, you’ll love my new book, LETTERS TO CATHY, out now! Letters To Cathy is a non-fiction book, based on some of the letters readers have sent to my website asking for help on a whole range of personal problems. I have used my agony aunt experience – and my life experience – to try and answer them.

The result is a cool, upbeat, girl’s guide to growing up! LETTERS TO CATHY has everything you ever wanted to know about friendship, family, school, boys… and much, much more! I think you’ll like it. It is in the shops now in the UK & Ireland (Aus, NZ & SA later in the year). Check it out!

Meanwhile, here is another FAB reader report – this time from fab friends Shannon Mackenzie and Toni Catterson, who stayed strong for each other when Shannon was diagnosed with cancer and had to have six months of very tough treatment. The girls’ story inspired me, and I couldn’t wait to meet them – here is their interview!

On the 17th of August my friend Toni and I were invited along for tea and cakes with Cathy Cassidy and her pal Catriona. We met at one of the book marquees at the Edinburgh Book Festival and then we went to Browns café in George street. It was really posh!

We sat at the highly polished shiny glass table. Me and Toni sat at one side with Cathy and Catriona at the other. Toni and I ordered a hot chocolate each . It was lovely. Cathy and I ordered a chocolate fudge cake, Toni ordered chocolate éclairs and Catriona had cheesecake. When the cakes came our mouths watered. The first bite was indescribable. The chocolate fudgeness oozing in to my mouth. The cakes were scrummy!

We talked about ideas for Cathy’s books and we told her about teachers we have at school – Cathy liked some of their names and stories. We then told her about a teacher my dad had a high school who threw a schoolbag out of the window then blamed the kid for ducking. Cathy and Catriona thought this was really funny, and Cathy might use it in a story!

We also spoke about how Toni and I kept our friendship strong during a hard six months of my cancer treatment – and the mischief we got up to in my hospital room!

It was a fab day and we felt very honoured to meet Cathy and hope to meet her again sometime.

By Shannon and Toni

Let me know if you have a friend who has kept you going through some tough times… and don’t forget to tell me what you think of LETTERS TO CATHY!!!

Cathy xxx

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  1. Hey Cathy Cassidy,
    I have only read two books of yours but i think they are really good. Are you going to write any other books?
    Love Always Courtney

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017
  2. hey cathy i love your book DIZZY i have only read this book of yours but i am going to read on and read your other books!! any books that has came out recently?!

    Posted by: O on 7th November 2017
  3. how do you get boys to like you ? x

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017

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