Well, Summer is over… actually, it has been over for quite a while here in drizzly Scotland! Sigh! It’s time for me to settle down and make a start on my brand new book, Cherry Crush. I spent a few days down in Somerset researching the background (see the photo of me below), and now I’m ready to write!

The winners of the Cupcakes & Kisses Giveaway have been selected so click here to see if you are one of our winners! We had so many entries that we chose 200 winners instead of 150 so that even more of you can enjoy my mini book.

This Autumn, I am planning to run a series of reader reports/interviews from readers I have been lucky enough to meet over the last few months. I’m starting off with a piece by reader Connie, who came to see me in Carlisle in january and again in Preston in July. Here is Connie’s report!

Meeting Cathy Cassidy…

On Saturday 31st January, I met the amazing Cathy… I felt like THE luckiest girl ever! We chatted about our favourite places that we had been to, and also her inspirations. Also she told me how she came up with the material for her amazing books and we confessed to each other which one was our favourite… Ssh it’s a secret!

I could not believe it when I was with her, it was like a dream. A hot chocolate with Cathy Cassidy!!

I met Cathy again recently on July 11th at Preston for the booksigning of her new book “Angel Cake.” Sadly, we didn’t have as long to chat but all the same, I was there right?

These lucky days couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for my supportive family, my encouraging friends and of course, my Idol Cathy Cassidy. Thank you all for everything!

Connie Luckham

Comments on END OF SUMMER…

  1. I got da cupcakes nd kisses book free wit MIZZ mag. Twas really brill u got 2 c angel cakes frum lily caldwells’ point of view execellent recipes too!!

    Posted by: F on 7th November 2017
  2. i love all your books so much <3 but i dont have your mini books so will you ever be selling them at any time? i would love to read them!
    Charlotte 🙂 x

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017
  3. I love your books!!!!!!

    Posted by: S on 7th November 2017
  4. heyy, i love your books so much, i find i can relate to them and they really speak to me. i read them all i got daisy star for my birthday last year and i stayed up all night just to read it. Just can’t wait for the arrival of your next work sure to be a masterpiece…x your number #1 fan!!!!

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  5. I am new to cathys book but i love them so much!!! I’ve just got indigo blue and loving it. Can’t wait to get cherry kiss!

    Posted by: E on 7th November 2017
  6. I loooooove all of Cathy’s books soooooooo much. My favourite is Gingersnaps. I don’t know how many times i have read it but it never get’s boring!
    Hope Cathy keeps writing these great books!

    P.S I love Joey from Driftwood!

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017
  7. heyy, i lovvvve ur books. der da best n keep up da good work!! xxx

    Posted by: Z on 7th November 2017
  8. hey, i abousletly loooovvvvvvvveeeee your books i’ve read nearly all of them I’m trying to find cherry crush it looks really. My 3 fav is indigo blue, ginger snaps and scralette and Angle cakes (thats 4 i know) u are like one of the best authors (i also luv jacquline wilson and jk rowlin) xx

    Posted by: N on 7th November 2017
  9. Hey, a while ago, i won this poster comp and the prize was the book “Cherry Crush”. Sadly, I have never read any of your books so I decided to give it ago. AND WOW! I LOVED IT! I read it in like 3 days.. I couldn’t put it down. Now, I am reading all of your books :))

    Posted by: M on 7th November 2017