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    Ever wished you could read the CC books on your Nintendo DS? Now you can… from December 4th onwards, you can buy six Cathy Cassidy books as a fab new FLIPS INTERACTIVE BOOKS set… wow!

    The six books in the set are Angel Cake, Scarlett, Gingersnaps, Driftwood, Sundae Girl and Shine On Daizy Star… and as well as six complete books you get quizzes, games, activities, amazing unlockable extras and the option to share a chapter with a friend! Reading has never been quite so cool! Have a look at a video of how it works here.

    To celebrate, we’re launching a fab new COMP to get you all in the Christmas mood! Check out the COMPS page and you could win one of five signed FLIPS sets for Nintendo DS. And one lucky reader will an amazing DSi console as well! What are you waiting for?

    I love books… the feel of them, the smell of them, the whole idea of them… but trust me, the FLIPS books are super cool. Those extra games and quizzes and collectables are a LOT of fun… and it’s the perfect way to take six whole books with you on holiday, for example… all in one teeny game-card for your Nintendo DS! The CATHY CASSIDY FLIPS set is a must for your Christmas list… and mine!!!

    Click the COMPS link send your entries in… and tell me what you think about the idea of reading your fave CC books on Nintendo!


    E says…

    great awsum

    E says…

    Omg!!! So, so cool! I always have a problem taking books on holiday cuz I have to take loads with me as i am a really fast reader. This wud b wicked! Just 2 take my DS n thts it! Omg!!! Luv it xx

    C says…

    Wow! This sounds amazing! I'll be entering the competition! Good Luck to everyone who enters!


    OK, it’s ALMOST December, and that means just one thing… Christmas is coming! It’s my fave time of year. I love seeing the fairy lights twinkling in the dark streets, the tinsel, the Christmas trees, the stockings hung over the fireplace. I love the smell of cinnamon and satsumas and warm mince pies… sigh.

    Christmas traditions are fab – I loved researching Polish Christmas traditions for Angel Cake, and loved writing the Christmassy bits in that book, too! The best thing of all about Christmas, though, is spending time with special friends and family… and taking time out to show each other how much we care. That’s cool!

    What are YOU planning for Christmas this year? We asked the DREAM TEAM readers for their Christmas ideas – check out what they have to say below and on the DREAM TEAM page! Don’t forget to send in YOUR fave things about Christmas through the comments link below… and of course, let me know which CC books would be on your Christmas list!

    Oh, and I have a very special Christmas surprise coming for you all soon… watch this space!


    Zoe B
    If you had to pick 1 Cathy Cassidy book, which one would you ask for for Christmas?
    Angel Cake – Even though I already have it, it’s a great Christams gift because it’s the latest one and it’s sweet, like Christmas!

    Zoe S
    Other than CC books (of course!) what else are you really hoping for this year for Christmas?
    This year, I am really hoping to get a microphone for Christmas.

    What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
    My favourite thing about Christmas is the excitement of everyone being happy and how everywhere you go it’s constantly buzzing! Also spending the day with my family and celebrating Christmas for what it actually is! But as well, the presents make the whole day a bit enjoyable!!!

    C says…

    i luv christmas coz u cn giv prezzies nd get them 2!!! unlike birthdays its shared with every1 which makes it sooo much fun!!! oh nd i hav sumthin cool 2 tel u: there is a real cake shop called Angel Cakes!!! it is in Dorchester!!! weird huh? lolts of luv xoxoxo

    S says…

    I love christmas as much as anyone.Do you still beleive in santa?Oh yeah your great and your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C says…

    I love Christmas time. I love getting presents, but I enjoy the Christmas roast and spending time with my family.


    Are you doing something ultra-cool this half-term? Or are you just a teensy bit… well, bored? Chase away the blues and make sure life really is sweet… by baking some cupcakes or cookies, doing something fun with a friend or curling up with your fave CC book!

    Whatever you do to brighten up the holidays, share it – so other CC readers out there can get inspired to try something cool, too! Just post your tips for a boredom-free half-term through the comments link below.

    Here in Scotland, half-term is over (boo!!!) but my family and I had a fab time – we went to London and… wait for it… saw the Queen! (Yes, the REAL Queen! Really!) She was at a fab play, War Horse, based on the book by Michael Morpurgo… and she caused quite a stir! The play was so brilliant it got a standing ovation, too, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house… aw. We also shopped till we dropped in Camden, Covent Garden and the Kings Road, did lots of touristy stuff and even got to go behind the scenes at the Museum of London… spooky stuff!

    So what did you do… or what are you planning? Let me know! And if you DO make some sweet treats, send me a pic… I’ll post the best ones and send a little prize to those that really catch my eye!

    Remember… life is sweet!

    M says…

    Hi CathY ! Well during the holidays it was my birthday (yayy!) Soo all mty friends came over for a murder mystery dinner party and then i had a hudge sleepover ! It was amazing :) Me and my dad baked cupcakes with buttercream on top and sprinkles Yum :) Woww your london trip sounds great x

    H says…

    hi ur book dizzy made me cry : . . .{ buy u still da best

    E says…

    Hi cathy! My friend Lola always has partys on halloween, and you have to dress up, and last time i dressed up as a witches cat! and her mum makes the garage REALLY creepy and you have to put a blind fold on and she takes you in and she makes you touch slimy things and tells you its like, a body!!! and after that we go trick or treating! ( i always get suger hipo!) And my dads best friends niese who is the same age as me came over and we played all day it was really fun!!!


    Ever had a problem and wished you had someone to talk to… and some answers? If so, you’ll love my new book, LETTERS TO CATHY, out now! Letters To Cathy is a non-fiction book, based on some of the letters readers have sent to my website asking for help on a whole range of personal problems. I have used my agony aunt experience – and my life experience – to try and answer them.

    The result is a cool, upbeat, girl’s guide to growing up! LETTERS TO CATHY has everything you ever wanted to know about friendship, family, school, boys… and much, much more! I think you’ll like it. It is in the shops now in the UK & Ireland (Aus, NZ & SA later in the year). Check it out!

    Meanwhile, here is another FAB reader report – this time from fab friends Shannon Mackenzie and Toni Catterson, who stayed strong for each other when Shannon was diagnosed with cancer and had to have six months of very tough treatment. The girls’ story inspired me, and I couldn’t wait to meet them – here is their interview!

    On the 17th of August my friend Toni and I were invited along for tea and cakes with Cathy Cassidy and her pal Catriona. We met at one of the book marquees at the Edinburgh Book Festival and then we went to Browns café in George street. It was really posh!

    We sat at the highly polished shiny glass table. Me and Toni sat at one side with Cathy and Catriona at the other. Toni and I ordered a hot chocolate each . It was lovely. Cathy and I ordered a chocolate fudge cake, Toni ordered chocolate éclairs and Catriona had cheesecake. When the cakes came our mouths watered. The first bite was indescribable. The chocolate fudgeness oozing in to my mouth. The cakes were scrummy!

    We talked about ideas for Cathy’s books and we told her about teachers we have at school – Cathy liked some of their names and stories. We then told her about a teacher my dad had a high school who threw a schoolbag out of the window then blamed the kid for ducking. Cathy and Catriona thought this was really funny, and Cathy might use it in a story!

    We also spoke about how Toni and I kept our friendship strong during a hard six months of my cancer treatment – and the mischief we got up to in my hospital room!

    It was a fab day and we felt very honoured to meet Cathy and hope to meet her again sometime.

    By Shannon and Toni

    Let me know if you have a friend who has kept you going through some tough times… and don’t forget to tell me what you think of LETTERS TO CATHY!!!

    Cathy xxx

    J says…

    i love your book i was on cathy reading a part of shine on daizy star and i love it from jodie. p.s im your biggest fan

    K says…

    I am buying letters to cathy on friday can't wait to read it!! well done to toni and shannon for keeping their friendship strong during shannon's cancer treatments - they sound like true bfs! luv u cathy! xx

    R says…

    I have two amazing friends who have been there through thick and thin, ly to them both =]! I cant wait to get Letters to Cathy, it looks really good!! Your an awesome writer =] Becca M xoxo


    Well, Summer is over… actually, it has been over for quite a while here in drizzly Scotland! Sigh! It’s time for me to settle down and make a start on my brand new book, Cherry Crush. I spent a few days down in Somerset researching the background (see the photo of me below), and now I’m ready to write!

    The winners of the Cupcakes & Kisses Giveaway have been selected so click here to see if you are one of our winners! We had so many entries that we chose 200 winners instead of 150 so that even more of you can enjoy my mini book.

    This Autumn, I am planning to run a series of reader reports/interviews from readers I have been lucky enough to meet over the last few months. I’m starting off with a piece by reader Connie, who came to see me in Carlisle in january and again in Preston in July. Here is Connie’s report!

    Meeting Cathy Cassidy…

    On Saturday 31st January, I met the amazing Cathy… I felt like THE luckiest girl ever! We chatted about our favourite places that we had been to, and also her inspirations. Also she told me how she came up with the material for her amazing books and we confessed to each other which one was our favourite… Ssh it’s a secret!

    I could not believe it when I was with her, it was like a dream. A hot chocolate with Cathy Cassidy!!

    I met Cathy again recently on July 11th at Preston for the booksigning of her new book “Angel Cake.” Sadly, we didn’t have as long to chat but all the same, I was there right?

    These lucky days couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for my supportive family, my encouraging friends and of course, my Idol Cathy Cassidy. Thank you all for everything!

    Connie Luckham

    E says…

    great, i love somerset and am waiting for your new books to come out!

    T says…

    I can't wait till your new book comes out. I can read it instead of wathcing playhouse disney with my little sister. Yay.

    B says…

    I wasn't one of those lucky winners for the Cupcakes and kisses comp. I live overseas. Is there anywhere else I can get the Cupcakes and Kisses book from?


    That’s right, if you missed getting Cupcakes & Kisses free with Mizz mag in July, or if you live overseas, this is YOUR chance to win two fab copies of the fab mini-book… one for you, and one for a friend!

    Just click the CUPCAKES & KISSES comp link and send your entry in… it couldn’t be easier! I’ve has lots of emails from readers overseas who were sad to be missing out on the minibook, and this comp is open to readers all around the world, so everyone is welcome to enter!

    If you are one of the lucky 150 to be selected at random, you’ll receive TWO copies of CUPCAKES & KISSES, one for you to keep and one to give to a special friend… perhaps someone who also loves my books, or maybe someone who hasn’t yet discovered them! What better way to spread the word?

    If you’re reading this in the UK/Ireland, enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays… and if you are overseas, hope the sun is shining on you too! Wherever you are, if why not send a pic of your fave character from Angel Cake in to the YOUR PICS page? Go for it! Or send me a pic of you and your bezzie for the YOUR PHOTOS page, and sign up for the FRIENDSHIP CHARTER too! Cool…

    Life is sweet,
    Cathy Cassidy xxx

    C says…

    When I got the newsletter, I signed up to the competition straight away! I hope I will win.

    E says…

    oh cool im the first to coment lol:P i just signed up for it! and i hopeiwin hhehehe

    H says…

    Hope I win, good luck to every one!!


    My lovely publishers Puffin Books and Fascination Records have given me 4 VIP tickets (one for you, your bezzie mate and your two favourite grown ups) to see the fab new band Girls Can’t Catch at the iTunes Festival in London next Monday, 27th July. Daisy, Phoebe and Jess from Girls Can’t Catch joined in all the National Best Friends’ Day fun with me at Waterstone’s in London on 4th July and it’s great to be linked up with them.

    The Saturdays and Sophie Ellis-Bextor are also playing at the concert next Monday so it should be a cool night out. All you have to do to get your hands on these four VIP tickets is email me at GIRLS CAN’T CATCH COMP and you will be entered into a prize draw. Put ‘Girls Can’t Catch VIP tickets’ in the subject header of the email. The closing date is Thursday 23rd July. If you haven’t heard Girls Can’t Catch yet, check out their website and listen to their fab new single ‘Keep Your Head Up’ which is released on 3rd August.

    Terms and conditions:

    – Puffin and Fascination Records will not cover travel or accommodation expenses or any other expenses incurred
    – The prize draw is open to the over 9s only. If you are under 16 you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
    – Closing date is Thursday 23rd July
    – The winners must be available to attend the concert on the date specified (Monday 27th July) and if you’re not we will offer the prize to someone else

    K says…

    Hello these tickets sound great!!! I'm sort of entering this comp but I also wanted to tell you that my big brothers' girlfriend is called Kerensa. It's cornish and it means love. Maybe it could be a caracter of a new book, as it's so unusual!

    E says…

    Wow! Sooo entering...Ilove you Cathy!!! :-D

    C says…

    Omg! I love the saturdays and the new band Girls can't catch have such a cathy song! I have entered fingers and toes are crossed! Thanks Cathy!!


    Well, I am back home from my UK Angel Cake tour and I have a challenge for you! I hope you all had a brilliant time on NBFD… now how about taking the friendship theme a bit further?

    All you have to do is click onto the FRIENDSHIP CHARTER link and read the six simple promises there… they are things I’ve come up with along with ChildLine the fab children’s charity, with the aim of helping young people all around the world to make their friendships stronger. Are you ready to say ‘no’ to bullying and ‘yes’ to the power of friendship? Then sign up online on the FRIENDSHIP CHARTER link!

    We want to get 20,000 names on that charter by next National Best Friends’ Day, so I need you all to sign up… and to tell your friends and classmates to do the same! If you are outside the UK, please sign up too, and spread the message to your friendship group. We really can make a difference! You can even print out a certificate to say you’ve signed up… go for it! Don’t forget to let me know if you do sign up!

    I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone I met on my fab UK tour, and to all the schools, libraries and bookshops for making me so welcome. It’s great to now you are all enjoying Angel Cake! Have YOU read it yet? What do you think? I hope you like it!

    CC x

    A says…

    sounds great xx :)#

    O says…

    I finished Angel Cake last night. My favourite part was when "Santa Claus" offers Jozef a job. I was upset at the part where Dan finds his dad with another woman. Dan is so upset that he doesn't give his dad a chance to speak. Keep writing, Cathy! Your books make time pass so swiftly. You have an excellent talent, and let's hope that when I'm thirty, (nineteen years away) you'll still be writing.

    Z says…

    Hi Cathy, I had a great time meeting you in Waterstones, Lodon. I signed up for the friendship charter and sent an email to everyone on my contact list to ask them to sign up too! I have also been spreading the word at school. Zoe x


    Today is National Best Friends’ Day. You might choose to have a pamper party or a picnic, a cake sale or a sleepover. Whatever you do, enjoy spending time with your friends celebrating the power of friendship.

    I will be at Waterstone’s in Piccadilly signing books and taking part in lots of friendship celebrations. Come along to join in and for the chance to meet fab new girl band GIRLS CAN’T CATCH and to sign my huge Friendship Charter.

    If you can’t make it to London, every single Waterstone’s store is doing something very special – you might just be in for a scrumptious surprise, so pop along and see if you’re a lucky winner!

    The main thing is to have an amazing time with your friends! Make sure you send your photos of your celebrations so we can put the best ones up online. Just click here and make sure you put NBFD in the ‘What’s your picture of’ box.

    Go for it!
    CC x

    A says…

    my best friend means the world to me we have been friends since she was born because our mums are friends we live 2 hrs away from eachother and i miss her a lot!!

    R says…

    Hi Cathy, my BFFs mean the world to me! I counld not belif it when one moved school I cryed my eyes out! But she missed the school so much she moved back after about 2 or 3 weeks I was ssssoooo happy =o)!One of my best friends has be my friend ever since play school and my other best friend has been my best friend since i started Primary School!Now i'm in yr6 i am going to move up to a difforent school and my bffs are coming with me! i cant wate!I LOVE MY BFFS =O)

    W says…

    my best friend is awesome ive known her since iwas three were nirly sisters she is always there for me even when i feel i cant trust anyone i can trust her


    My brand new mini book, Cupcakes & Kisses, is out NOW, free, in MIZZ magazine… grab yourself a copy and don’t miss out! Tell your friends, too, because that issue is only on sale for two weeks! Cupcakes & Kisses has a brand new short story, the lowdown on boys, some sweet treat ideas and lots of ideas for how YOU can celebrate National Best Friends Day on July 4th.

    And speaking of National Best Friends Day, if you are in or near London – or if you fancy a trip to the big city – come along to Waterstone’s in Piccadilly and join in the amazing NBFD fun! Fab, new, up & coming girl-band GIRLS CAN’T CATCH will be popping in to join in the fun, and of course, I’ll be signing books from 1.00pm.

    There will also be lots of Friendship Festival fun, lots of sweet treats, some ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ goodies AND a chance to sign up to my fab Friendship Charter!

    Not in London? Don’t worry! Every Waterstone’s store on mainland Britain is taking part in the NBFD fun, so see what is happening at your local one on July 4th… you might be lucky enough to walk away with a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ treat! And I can’t wait to see what you have planned for your own NBFD celebrations… wherever you may live! Get planning, and don’t forget to send me some pics!

    I am just about to set off on my UK tour, and I will be doing public events/ signings at Waterstone’s Bluewater, Kent; Waterstone’s, Bristol; Borders, Cambridge; Guildhall, Winchester; Waterstone’s, Piccadilly; Huddersfield Children’s Bookshop; Huddersfield Lindley Library; Waterstone’s Blackpool; Borders, Preston; & Waterstones, Liverpool One. See the EVENTS page for more details… and see you there!

    Cathy xxx

    F says…

    Heyo Cathy!! Are you coming to Ireland for a book tour soon??? I love your books!!! I have 2 best friends nd I'm going to do something with both of them, like watch movies and make cookie and eat them of course!! xxxx

    Z says…

    Hey Cathy, Can't wait for July 4th. The band sounds great! I will be coming to London and have also put up posters around school about the event. Thank you for sending me the goodies too. My friend was thrilled when I gave her a copy of cupcakes and kisses and newsletter etc. I absolutely loved Angel Cake and Cupcakes and Kisses too. Thank You. Zoe xxx

    M says…

    Heya Cathy, Thanks for the copies of Cupcakes and Kisses, it is great! i liked Lilys Story. keep writing! luv from mollie x