Angel Cake is out in paperback NOW… yay! It’s perfect reading for the holidays, so add it to your Easter list… a welcome change from all that choccy. (What am I SAYING?!!!) OK, OK, something to read while you munch! Find your copy of Angel Cake in all good bookshops now…

Readers in the UK & Ireland can check the COMPS page now for the brand new 2010 MY BEST FRIEND ROCKS comp and start planning your entries… I can’t wait to see your arty collages and stories of fab, fantastic friendships. Postal entries ONLY for this comp, though – check here for all the details on how to enter.

I’ll be off on tour soon all around England to celebrate the launch of Angel Cake in paperback… check the EVENTS page for a taste of where I will be off to!

Oh, and last but not least… Happy Easter!



  1. I’ve been dieing to get this book! But I can’t seem to find it any where? Any suggestions?

    I love all your books, I started off with Dizzy. That was lovely, It was like reading lots of adventures all in one! Well done!

    I love it so much I now have 9 of your books!

    I just love them. You can read them again and again. It never gets old!

    Keep it up! And keep in mind another version of Dizzy! (Lucky Star was just amazing! Great writting skills!)

    Posted by: N on 7th November 2017

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