That’s right, if you missed getting Cupcakes & Kisses free with Mizz mag in July, or if you live overseas, this is YOUR chance to win two fab copies of the fab mini-book… one for you, and one for a friend!

Just click the CUPCAKES & KISSES comp link and send your entry in… it couldn’t be easier! I’ve has lots of emails from readers overseas who were sad to be missing out on the minibook, and this comp is open to readers all around the world, so everyone is welcome to enter!

If you are one of the lucky 150 to be selected at random, you’ll receive TWO copies of CUPCAKES & KISSES, one for you to keep and one to give to a special friend… perhaps someone who also loves my books, or maybe someone who hasn’t yet discovered them! What better way to spread the word?

If you’re reading this in the UK/Ireland, enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays… and if you are overseas, hope the sun is shining on you too! Wherever you are, if why not send a pic of your fave character from Angel Cake in to the YOUR PICS page? Go for it! Or send me a pic of you and your bezzie for the YOUR PHOTOS page, and sign up for the FRIENDSHIP CHARTER too! Cool…

Life is sweet,
Cathy Cassidy xxx


  1. I entered for the competition! I really really really really want a copy! I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Cathy cassidy! Also, thanks for the Friendship Party idea, i’m having a party with my friends soon!
    I live in Australia, so i was wondering if you could come to Sydney soon??


    Posted by: M on 7th November 2017
  2. when will the winners be told

    Posted by: M on 7th November 2017
  3. hi im erin you are the best writer ever and i hope some day we will meet
    please reply to me iv wrote to you a lot
    will you write back to me 🙂 i love your books:)

    Posted by: N on 7th November 2017
  4. I live in a village called St.Martins and only had 1 peson who is famous(Asley Peacock)It would be sooooooooooooooooooo cool if you came:)!I would love to win something in my life!Your the best author.I want all your BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your BIGGEST EVER FAN Shannonx

    Posted by: S on 7th November 2017
  5. i think that is a great idea! i did not get to buy mizz so i enter and get it!!!
    love ciara xxx

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017
  6. I am so excited ! hope i will win a book for me and my B.F n good luck evrey1 .Just hope that i win …Amazing copetitoitn !

    Posted by: S on 7th November 2017
  7. just read the dreamteam profiles. so jealous

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  8. when do we find out the winners

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  9. My class got this book and my teacher was giving it away to someone but someone got to it before I did! 🙁
    I read a sample of it aswell and I would’ve liked to read the rest of it!

    Posted by: L on 7th November 2017
  10. OMG! the post came through this morning and it turns out that I was one of the lucky winners of ‘Cupcakes & Kisses’!!

    Lucky Me! (:

    Posted by: L on 7th November 2017