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Hi everybody,

I can’t believe I have fans as far away as New Zealand, but Sinead wrote to asking me this…

“I was wondering if you could write a book based on an older character, 14 or 15, so that your older readers will be able to relate more. I think you are a fantastic author and have read all of your books except for Sundae Girl, which is not yet out in New Zealand. Your books are the perfect excuse to daydream!”

Well, good news Sinead! The book after Sundae Girl is called Lucky Star, and is all about Mouse from Dizzy when he is 14. So I think older readers will like it lots – and younger ones too! Lucky Star will be out in August!


Comments on Older readers

  1. “If you don’t believe in wishes, can they still come true?”I wouldn’t know,as i totally believe in them.Your book, SCARLETT, helped me over-come my fear of asking my secret crush(of 8 months!) if he would go with me. Iwoz reding SCARLETT in the school library when i caught him looking over my shoulder.He said he woz only trying to see wot kinda stuff i woz into.I had got to the part where KIAN kissed SCARLETT!!! He said i woz really enthralled in the story and,before i could stop myself,i blurted “well, its dead romantic int it?”I felt myself going bright red but he wozn’t too bovvered. I looked at the floor and asked him then an there!!! He went red and said he’d wanted to ask me earlier but thought i’d say no!!! So thanks to you an your AMAZING writing, i am now gone way the sweetest boy in my year!!!!THANKS SO MUCH TO CATHY CASSIDY!!!!!

    Posted by: H on 7th November 2017
  2. cathy, you have got to be the best author ever ive just read sundae girl and the gran was my favorite character and at the end when she died i cried my eyes out!!!!! keep writing cathy you rule!!!!

    Posted by: D on 7th November 2017
  3. Lucky Star is smart! Sundae Girl was my fave, and i like it how u have carried on mouse in another story
    i luv cat she is so cool!

    Posted by: M on 7th November 2017
  4. I love your books. Most of your characters are the same age as me so i can relate to them really well. I am reading luchy star and I still need to get Love from Lexi but apart from that, I have read all your other books and I love them. I think you are such an amazing inspiration.

    Posted by: I on 13th May 2020

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