I’m back from my tour and my fab holiday in Sorrento, and as promised, here is a book giveaway ESPECIALLY for overseas readers, as they weren’t able to enter the Back To School Blues freebie comp… well, this time, OVERSEAS readers are welcome to enter. This one’s for you!!!

We have ten signed books up for grabs. All you have to do is send your name and postal address (include postcodes and country, too) though the link below (the comments box) along with the NAME of the book you’d most like to win and why. On November 10th, I’ll set my computer to randomly select 10 lucky winners, who will be sent the book of their choice. Easy!!!

Remember to include your postal address – entries with no address included will be DISQUALIFIED. Entries will NOT appear on the website so your address will remain private… and tell me which book you want to win and why. What are you waiting for?

The 10 winners have now been randomly selected. They are: Alexandra H, Canada; Eugenia, Gran Canaria; Paige F, Australia; Betsy R, USA; Lishani R, Sri Lanka; Robyn, Tenerife; Lalla P, New Zealand; Ashley M, USA; Isobel W, China; Tara H, Portugal. Many thanks to all the entrants – and well done to the winners! the Lucky Dip comp is now closed.

Comments on LUCKY DIP!!!

  1. Hey im lauren i have read all off you books and i love them all,but if i had to pick a favourite it would hav to be Lucky Star. Its my favourite because its all about finding love in the most unlikely places. I loved it when i found out mouse was mouse from the first book Dizzy i was really suprized that i didnt work that out but it was still great. lots of love Lauren
    ps: plz write more books because you are my favourite auther and i love reading your books. xxxxxx

    Posted by: L on 7th November 2017
  2. hi cathy,
    my sister was badly bullied. that bad that she had to go to hospital.when i herd driftwood coming out i saveed all of my money up. i was able to by 3 of your books because i asked my for help around the house.
    she gave me £15. i bought driftwood,indigo blue and sundae girl.
    driftwood was my favourite. when my sister came back out of the hospital because she was in bed for a while she was reading alot of books and she read driftwood. she read it in a day and since we are alot closer to each other.
    love katie

    Posted by: K on 7th November 2017
  3. hi Cathy!!!my favourite book is Ginger Snaps but i already have it, im saving up for Dizzy as that is my second favourite but i don’t own it but i have read it and its fantastic!!! Dizzy is a good book because its exciting you’re always on the edge of your seat to see what’s coming up next!!
    btw, thank you for always writing back to emails and responding no other author does that except for you!!that’s only ONE of the reasons why you’re so wonderful!!!!!

    Posted by: J on 7th November 2017
  4. I love
    your compotitions i love everything about this sote but why cant there be an easier way to make everybody in the same comp?

    lots of love from Emma-Jo xx
    p.s- can you call me Emmie i hate my real name!

    Posted by: E on 7th November 2017
  5. I love your site but unfortunalty I live ova sea in NZ (new Zealand) and i think it is quite hard to enter some comps and i was wondering iif you could have more comps that ova sea readers can enter like this !

    Lovya PEACE

    Posted by: R on 7th November 2017
  6. Oh, I didn’t know about the back to school blues giveaway and I live in England. I would love indigo blue but I know I am not allowed to enter. Can I enter for my pen friend in Italy as a surprise, Cathy? Her name is Emma Zepetella and she is ever so nice! Will you reply please to let me know if I can. Thanks.

    Posted by: E on 7th November 2017
  7. my favourite book is Driftwood because i love all the characters in it and i love the way the book talks about your feelings and true friends and trusting them “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. I would love to win a copy of Daydreams and doodles as I have all of your other books.

    Posted by: P on 7th November 2017
  8. id love do enter this comp but i dont live over sea so.
    hay maybe you could do one for people over sea and people not over sea.
    i love all ur books.
    i think ur the best auther ever!!!!!

    Posted by: R on 7th November 2017
  9. Rianna, we had a fab book giveaway running for two months, ending just a week ago, for UK & Irish readers… you need to keep a close eye on the website so as not to miss the comps when they happen! Paige, you need to enter as directed above and include your address, and remember only overseas readers are eligible this time.. Emma, you’re eligible for all the UK comps but this one is especially for overseas to enter!!!

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017
  10. happy reading.

    Posted by: T on 7th November 2017

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