Hi again… I have just finished my few days in New Zealand, a fab place where I discovered lolly cake… (thanks Belynda!) and met lots of FAB fans! Thanks to everyone in Auckland and Wellington who came to see me at The Children’s Bookshop in Auckland, Takapuna Library and The Children’s Bookstore Kilbirnie… and to the cool kids in the schools I visited, too! You were all brilliant.

Now I am off back to Australia, to melbourne this time, for the very last leg of my tour… so see you there! Keep the posts and emails coming, and watch out for the secrets of lolly cake, too!!!


Comments on LOLLY CAKE LAND….

  1. That sounds really cool!!! My best friend is going to New Zealand soon! Have fun!

    Posted by: B on 7th November 2017
  2. are you going to come to Manchester? I am a HUGE fan ( i don’t want to say number one because there are a LOT of people who are your number one fan, so they can’t really be number one hee hee! I have just ordered Angel Cake from Amazon even though it hasn’t come out yet, I can’t wait for it to arrive on the 2nd of July! I wrote to you a couple of years ago, and your books just get better and better! You’re AMAZING! XxxXxX

    Posted by: M on 7th November 2017
  3. Wow lolly cake sounds waky! Lol I can imagine it now, a big vanilla cake with loads of rocket lollys sticking out of it! Crazy huh? Lol

    Posted by: F on 7th November 2017
  4. sounds nice but that going to be the next books title?well you called the last one gingersnaps and the new one coming out soons called angel how about lolly cake or lollipop cake or lolly land or lollipop land or lolly cake land or lollipop cake land?oh and by the way i hope you enjoy your next trip cathy.x

    Posted by: G on 7th November 2017
  5. hiya
    have U ever tried lolly cake?

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  6. Have I ever tried lolly cake? I tried one piece…. then another… then another… that’s how gorgeous it was!!! I ended up taking a whole parcel of it back to the hotel room… healthy balanced diet, anyone?!!!
    I will add the recipe soon, but alas some of the ingredients are not available in the UK so I will have to have a think about what we could use instead…

    CC xxx

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017
  7. We were wondering how schools can get it contact with you so you can meet them!

    Posted by: G on 7th November 2017
  8. Lolly cake sounds truly delicious , I’d love to try one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: K on 7th November 2017
  9. whats a lolly cake

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  10. that looks so cool !

    Posted by: C on 7th November 2017



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