Hi again… I have just finished my few days in New Zealand, a fab place where I discovered lolly cake… (thanks Belynda!) and met lots of FAB fans! Thanks to everyone in Auckland and Wellington who came to see me at The Children’s Bookshop in Auckland, Takapuna Library and The Children’s Bookstore Kilbirnie… and to the cool kids in the schools I visited, too! You were all brilliant.

Now I am off back to Australia, to melbourne this time, for the very last leg of my tour… so see you there! Keep the posts and emails coming, and watch out for the secrets of lolly cake, too!!!


Comments on LOLLY CAKE LAND….

  1. hi, i like to read her books. i just move australia and i like it. i am not good at the english and i can not talk right yet. i buy her books and i like.

    Posted by: T on 7th November 2017
  2. i really like cathies books because they are exiting! i just moved from america to australia! i read my first cathy book on the plane! i think it was called indigo blue.

    Posted by: S on 7th November 2017
  3. hiya chur books 2 me r a bit out of this world!

    Posted by: L on 7th November 2017
  4. nice good idea for book

    Posted by: M on 7th November 2017
  5. lolly cake sounds like a good name for a book

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  6. hi everyone, lolly cake is delicious and all you have to do is google the recipe, it’s incredibly easy to make. It’s a winner everytime at children’s parties and it sells in nearly all cafe’s in New Zealand.

    Posted by: M on 7th November 2017
  7. i like its a good name for a book lolol sup

    Posted by: B on 7th November 2017