Finn, Kian… or Carter?

I’ve been getting lots of emails from girls who’ve fallen for the boy characters in my books… and it got me wondering. Who is your fave boy character so far?
Here are some of your emails….
Laura says…
Is finn from dizzy based on a real person because i have fallen in love with him! Every time i read about him i can’t get him out of my head….
Gemma says…
How do you come up with the ideas for your books? They are like what I’d love my life to be like, but you make it come out better than I can explain. In Sundae Girl, Carter is like the perfect best friend – how come I never meet boys like that?
Maddy says…
I have just read Dizzy for the second time and I’m sorry, but where
all the Finns in this world? He is such a loving character, so free
and caring. Dizzy is such a lucky girl!!!! I love the bit where Dizzy and Finn go to the beach for the day and end up kissing! It was like a fairy tale and it makes you go all gooey inside!!!!
Emily says…
I’ve read Dizzy, Indigo Blue Driftwood and Scarlett. You make the characters so real, like they could go to any school or festival or just be around the corner. When you described Finn (from Dizzy) and Paul (from Driftwood) I just thought why can’t boys be like that in real life? Imean why can’t they just be at least HALF of that?
Sarita says…
I just finished reading Scarlett and now I can’t get Kian out of my head. He is my perfect boy, gorgeous, mysterious, cool and kind. I wish he was real! Whenver I read your books I always fall for the boys. Oops!

So… which boy character is YOUR favourite – and why? Finn from Dizzy, Shane from Indigo, Paul from Driftwood? Or maybe Kian from Scarlett, Carter from Sundae Girl or even dodgy Jack from Love, Peace & Chocolate? Let me know!!!
Cathy x

Comments on Finn, Kian… or Carter?

  1. If I had to choose a favourite book, it would defenitely be Scarlett. I’ve read it many times and it is a very good book.

    Posted by: J on 6th July 2020
  2. Kian defenitely

    Posted by: J on 13th July 2020
  3. Is it just me or is Shay from The Chocolate Box Girls series AMAZING. I fell for him straight away

    Posted by: L on 28th December 2020

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