You’ve been SOOOO patient… but at last I have picked the winners (from a hat, of course!). And I’ve found a few more copies of BROKEN HEART CLUB so there are going to be FIVE lucky winners!!!

Here goes… the winners are: ZARIN K; EVA, age 11; WICTORIA M, age 13; NYAH G, age 10; and LAUREN E, age 12. Please can all the winning readers EMAIL ME through the link on the website homepage with their full name and postal address, so I can get the books packed up and posted off!

Once I’ve heard from everyone on the winners list, there will be a NEW competition linked to my new book LOVE FROM LEXIE. It will go live soon and I thought I’d ask you all to do something to be eligible to win… but WHAT? Any ideas? All suggestions welcome, just post your thoughts below!

THANKS to all who entered, and see you soon!

Cathy xxx

Comments on WINNERS!!!

  1. Hi everyone I’m also in love with Cathy and her books

    Does anyone know where she might be doing her newest sighing 🦁🐯

    Posted by: B on 20th February 2018
  2. Cathy,
    You inspire me all day everyday and I love your book Sweet Honey! I would love to see the next competition and love to enter only problem I live in Australia! I would love to have Love from Lexie I have all your other books. My competition idea is : If you could post an email to Lexie what would you say to her and write it in comment box. Then Cathy decided the one she likes the most! #Just an Idea!! 🙂
    Cassidy Xx

    Posted by: A on 21st February 2018
  3. For the competition, we could write a story on our life (Diary entry, etc) Whoever’s is most inspiring can be put on the Cathy site and we can meet you and get an signature on our story

    Posted by: P on 5th May 2018
  4. Cathy,
    the only thing i have to say about your books is this:
    keep going on your books and don’t stop until you have no more ideas left to do a new book on but can you do a request from me please if you can i just wanted to know if you can do a book about a girl who has ADHD and Autism please?
    many thanks

    Posted by: S on 9th May 2018
  5. My idea is that you should write a short story on a girl and choose the best stories.

    Posted by: B on 22nd February 2019
  6. O my God! I love you Cathy! Can you please tell us when your are next coming to Coventry because I REALLY want to meet you! I am reading love from Lexie right now and it is right beside me! Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Posted by: J on 7th March 2019
    1. In the autumn, all being well! I’ll try to update the Events section… website has been out of action for a while but all back and working well now! xxx

      Posted by: Cathy Cassidy on 24th July 2019
  7. I am in love with your books Cathy

    Posted by: L on 11th March 2019
  8. Hi Cathy! I love your books. I think Lexie is my favourite character!
    Here is an idea: Maybe we could write a song for the lost and found?
    Just thinking.
    You are such an inspiring author!

    Posted by: M on 26th March 2019
    1. Ooh, very cool idea!!!

      Posted by: Cathy Cassidy on 24th July 2019
  9. I love your Books Cathy! when the book “Broken Heart Club” came to this world, I was so much excited to have it, but then I left it to some others, I thought I will be gifted by this book, I told almost everyone maybe the entire world that I LOVE this book, brother tried to find for me, thousand times, but he couldn’t. A friend tried as well, she didn’t succeed. It made me gloomy, so much that whenever I see the picture of the book cover in my lappy, it hits me, it hits me so hard that I can’t explain.
    I wish that I could go back in past and I wish I could get the copy as a winner.

    Posted by: S on 1st April 2019
  10. Hiya Cathy!!
    You may or may not see this but your books inspire me. Ever since I have read Driftwood, I have been in love with your books and want to find more copies. I live in a world where my sisters only think for themselves and daydreaming really seems to be my only escape. So, thank you for making these inspiring stories and I hope that I might see some more copies of your books to read.

    Posted by: T on 16th April 2019

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