I still have a signed copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB to give away… could YOU be the lucky winner? To be in with a chance, just comment below to tell me why you’d like a copy of the book… someone’s got to win!

In other news, I am just putting the finishing touches to my new book, LOVE FROM LEXIE, which will be the first in a brand NEW series about a bunch of mismatched friends who accidentally form a band. I am very excited about it all, and I think you’re going to LOVE it… LOVE FROM LEXIE will be out in JUNE!

There are LOTS of giveaways almost every evening over on my FACEBOOK FANPAGE, so if you haven’t joined up, do – or get a parent to do so for you. Don’t miss out! Just going to make myself a hot chocolate and get back to work… but even though it’s freeezing just now, spring is definitely in the air!

Get those comments coming and tell me WHY you want to win a signed copy of BROKEN HEART CLUB!


  1. I would like to have this book because I am in love with the only four books that I read that have been written by you. All of them were from local libraries and how I wishes I could have them!!! If I get this book, I would be proud to finally own an amazing treasure of my own. I will love it so much, the strong, entertainment-containing words in any book will not display how overjoyed I will be.

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  2. I love you Cathy. I’ve read all your books and I’m not exaggerating. Your just so amazing. I can’t imagine if I, a bookworm, actually had a signed copy that you, the almighty author, had signed. It would be unreal.
    I have to admitt I do already have the book but I will give it to my friend who also loves books as much as me, if I did win. I don’t expect you to choose me but just knowing that you read this is amazing and crazy.
    Lots of love
    Eden xxx

    Posted by: E on 7th November 2017
  3. I would LOVE to have it because I love all your books (my favourite one is Driftwood as I have literally fell in love with Kit , Joey ,Paul and also the kittens) I hope I win ur competition , if not there’s always more xx Ebony

    Posted by: E on 7th November 2017
  4. hey Cathy!

    I love all your books but my favourite has to be looking glass girl

    From Ana xoxo

    Posted by: A on 7th November 2017
  5. I’ve thought long and hard about what to say and then I realized that it just has to come from the heart so here it goes me and my best friend used to read ur books all the time it was like our thing I guess you could say every morning tea Me and my bestie Celina would run up to the library and get out the Cathy Cassidy books we where only aloud to borrow 3 books at a time but our library teacher let us borrow more knowing that we where in love with your books. But mainly the chocolate box series. as I was saying we went to the library 24/7 just to read your books but then I was starting to get bullied people calling me fat and ugly I couldn’t take it any longer and I had to leave the school I still love your books and now I get to see my bestie for the first time since I left the school and it would be amazing if we started our own little book club just for the cc books and I would love to start off with broken heart club to surprise her as a gift and that’s exactly why I want to win a signed copy of broken heart club❤️ Because if I didn’t that that would be the thing that would make me have a broken heart

    Posted by: P on 7th November 2017
  6. I love your books and I love reading. Reading for me is like creating a whole new world. I love to picture stories and l love to see how others do. Reading is magical, and it can help you escape from reality, like Skye did, into her wild imagination, creating people who she didn’t know existed. I love your books so so much, I just hope you understand that. Lots of love

    Posted by: J on 20th March 2018
  7. I’m excited about entering this competition so that I can win the book and give it to my sister as a present because she loves your books and we both love reading. She is one of your biggest fans and has read almost all of The Chocolate Box Girls series. I like reading because some books have really cool characters who are sometimes a lot like me. It would be really special to me. Thankyou for reading my message.

    Posted by: I on 9th April 2018
  8. Hey cathy my name is Ciara and I’m 11 years old, your are the best author in the world, my favorite book is love from lexie I think it’s an amazing and interesting book and has a great storyline when I grow up my dream is to be an author I love to read and write stories I just find reading is a great way to feel calm and relaxed and reading takes me away from the real world. It feels as if I’m truly in the book watching the characters as everything happens. I like to read every chance I get it just feels amazing.. Your the best cathy. Winning this book would be a dream come true xxxx lots of love ciara

    Posted by: A on 15th April 2018
  9. I would love to win this book book because you are an amazing author with an amazing insight and it would be incredible to win this signed book. You are one of my all time favourite authors and your books are my favourite too. Winning this book would just be amazing. The chocolate box girls are a superb series and I just love them. It would truly be amazing to win this book.

    Posted by: B on 17th March 2019
  10. Hey Cathy Cassidy! I’m Kulsum . I really admire all of your work and you have inspired me to get into writing books too. I’m actually working on one at the moment that I would love to email to you! Anyway, reading is my personal escape, and I love how your books are so relatable. I would love to win this book.. It wouldn’t make my day, it would make my year! Thanks for reading my comment hope you consider.

    Posted by: K on 28th April 2019

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