When I was on tour at the beginning of February, I was lucky enough to be able to call in to see one of the fab & feisty winners of MBFR 2008, Laura… it was brilliant to finally catch up, as Laura was such an inspiring winner yet was ill at the time of the 2008 finals, so only her nominated friend Kelly was able to make it along to the Ultimate Friendship Festival….

Meeting Laura at last was brilliant, and I knew right away she was a VERY deserving winner! Cool, kind, courageous and caring… those were the qualities that made Laura stand out, even while fighting a very serious illness, and which made her such a fantastic winner in 2008. I loved meeting Laura and her fab family (and her collection of crazy pets!) and I can definitely say for sure that Laura Taylor ROCKS!!!!

So… do you have a fab best friend? You STILL have time to enter the 2009 MBFR comp… just click the My Best Friend Rocks link on the website for all the details on how to enter. The comp closes on April 1st, so hurry… and get those arty entries in NOW!!! The finalists will be invited down to London on July 4th, National Best Friends Day, for a cool Awards Ceremony… and the overall winners will win amazing prizes to help them run the sleepover party of their dreams!

If you’ve already entered, or if you have more than one best friend… or if you live outside the UK & Ireland… you can still send a shout-out to YOUR best friend(s) and tell them how much they mean to you. Just send your shout-out through the comments box at the bottom of this blog. What are you waiting for?



  1. My friend name is Avishi she is just like my sister. We both have study together and played together. We have done so many sleepovers to. And we have tell each other so many ghost stories and we have done so many parties to. She rocks so much. 🤩

    Posted by: S on 11th September 2019
  2. Hi cathy my ftiends are named Arianne and Jael both are really suportive we were friends since the day i was still nursery with Arianne Then on my first grade i met Jael we were really bfffffffffsss that best friends cant even discribe our friendship but now were highschool were moving schools away from each other were now just making the best of our time together🤗🤗🤗

    Posted by: S on 26th December 2019
  3. My best friend is called Isla. My parents got a divorce recently and Isla has been helping me through it the whole way. Even though her parents haven’t divorced she’s been sooooo understanding and caring. Isla is the best friend I could ever wish for!!! 💖

    Posted by: C on 11th February 2020
  4. Hi Cathy! My friend name’s Victoria! We met together on 1st grade! We both love music, play Gacha Life, eating and acting by English. She is shorter than me so I usually imagine she is my little sister.

    Posted by: L on 18th March 2020
  5. my BFF is called Tia and she’s one of the best things that ever happened to me I honestly don’t know how I managed before we met. We work on the school magazine together and she’s great at writing and poetry. She introduced me to your books and now I am hooked! she is a great friend who I can always rely on and trust and one thing that is very important is that she trusts me too so this is my way of saying thank you.
    Remember Tia you rock!
    from your BFF 🙂

    Posted by: E on 30th April 2020
  6. My best friends Anastasia and Olivia both rock. They are such both incredible friends they were the best friend I ever had and I ever will. They might not know that but they really rock. They are both AMAZING.

    Posted by: E on 10th August 2020
  7. My BFF is called Amy. She has wet quality I think a best friend needs, including the fact that she can be SUPER annoying sometimes. She has an AWSOME sense of humour and she is a great writer too. She is always there when I need her, even if it’s just in a game of chicken tag.
    I have known her for over 6 years and she has been loyal ever since.
    We mainly became freinds when I was the new girl. She liked writing, I like art. So soon after we had developed a plan for when we were older. I was to be the illustrator and she was to be the author. We are still trying to carry out that plan.
    Amy, If you are seeing this, I really wish that I could thank you in one way, but even all the riches in the world woulnt meet that point.
    Thank you for being the best person you could ever be, and please carry on.
    ❤️ From your BFF.

    Posted by: K on 11th September 2020
  8. I have lots of BFFs Neve Chloe Libbie Jasmine Evelyn Bella Bethany please keep writing you are very good you rock!!!😀

    Posted by: L on 12th October 2020
  9. Hello cathy!Idon’t have a best friend .I have many best friends.That means there are many friends with me in my good times and bad times.I am very proud to say that.😊

    Posted by: M on 24th October 2020
  10. Hi Cathy. I love your books they’re so realistic and one can really relate to them. My best friend is called Evie and she is one of the kindest people I know. Two of my other amazing friends are called Zuzia and Ellie. None of my friends have ever been to my house so I have no stories about them to tell. I am a year 6 girl and I am going to a different high school to all my friends so I am going to miss the 3 I mentioned above immensely. There are other people I will miss as well but they are the people who I will miss most! It’s horrible not being able to see anyone in lockdown! Especially you Evie!

    Posted by: C on 31st January 2021

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