Best Friends

There are so many great things you can do with your friends to celebrate your friendship and have have fun! Here are just a couple of awesome ideas to help you be a great mate and have a fab time! 

Best Friends Day

Best Friends Day can be ANY date you choose! Just pick a time & date that suits you and your BF and celebrate then . . . if you have really good mates, you’ll know already that any & every day can be Best Friend Day!

The Idea of Best Friends Day is to spend time with your best friends and show them how special they are.  It’s a day to celebrate friendship and share some good time together. Why not plan a special sleepover, bakes cakes together, have a picnic, a day at the beach or even a full on party! Get creative . . . and do something cool with YOUR friends! The most important thing is spending time with each other and having fun . . . here are a few more ideas to inspire you and make sure your celebration goes off with a bang! 

Throw a mini party for your best friends

You could all watch a DVD together, or make your own dream flags to hang in your room!  You could hold your party during the day or you could use the opportunity to have a fab sleepover, with cool activities for the evening. 

Spend some time with your best friend

You could take the day to enjoy some quality time with your best freind.  Go and do some of the things that you like to do together the most, whether that’s shopping, going swimming, visiting the park, eating cakes in a bakery, reading books or magazines together, looking at celeb gossip or just having a chat! 

Do something for faraway friends

If you have a best friend who doesn’t live near you, then this could be the time to do something special for them. You could put together a package of goodies for them, as a treat, or you could try to meet up with them for the day.  Even just making the time to call them will make them smile! 

Invite you friends to a clothes swapping party

You might not be in love with that sparkly top anymore, but one of your would look great in it! And you’ll all save money by not having to buy anything new to jazz up your wardrobe.  Why not make it into a pamper party and spoil each other with some new hair styles, makeovers and nail painting. 

Organise a picnic in a park

Make some little sandwiches, bake some cookies and cakes or buy some yummy snacks, then invite your friends for a picnic in the park.  You could organize some fun games like rounders, an egg and spoon race and hula hopping, or just take along a frisbee for everyone to play with.  Don’t forget a blanket, for everyone to sit on, and some sunscreen and hats if it’s a sunny day! 

The Friendship Charter: 6 Easy Promises to Really Make A Difference

I promise to show – and tell – my friends how much they mean to me. Often!

I promise to always listen and be there for my friends … through thick and thin.

I promise to hug the people I care about and take time out to have fun with them!

I promise never to knowingly hurt a friend.

I promise to do one random act of kindness every day (even if it’s just the washing up!).

I promise to speak out if I see someone being bullied – and make an effort to be friendly to the victim too.

Print off this poster and get all your friends and classmates to sign up to the Friendship Charter. Let us know how many you get signed up! Just click on the image to open up a full size poster.

Friendship Charter

Friendship Stories!

 Send in your friendship stories and they might be featured in this special section!

Megan & Isabelle

Isabelle and Megan

I just wanted to say some people might enter the My Best Friend Rocks comp because they want to win the prizes (not that I don’t – it would be really nice to win!). But… I really just want to tell the whole world what a great friend Megan is. She loves me to pieces, she gives the best hugs and cares for every one around us, making sure they’re ok. She reminds me of Coco from the Chocolate Box Girls, she loves animals, which is brave because she gets bad allergic reactions to them. Megan is so supportive of me in everything I do… I have dyslexia which means I find reading and writing hard and I work slower than everyone else. But she always makes sure I’m okay in lessons, and helps me with my reading and writing. I really have no idea what I would do without her, and when she smiles my worries disappear and the room brightens up. 
I just want Megan to be recognised for what she is. Amazing. 

Isabelle, age 14 

From Erin, age 13

I know we really have to write about our best friend, but I have so many great friends that I can’t choose between them all! I love them all for different things. Jennifer and Eilidh are so crazy, they make you smile no matter what sort of mood you’re in. Sophie and Shannon are always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, Niamh gets us involved in lots of special days, such as Suicide Awareness Day and Denim for Diabetes Day.

Beth is the friend I can just chill out with, watch a DVD and do each other’s make-up. Jenny and Julie are just so fun, a little bit shy but somewhere you can go if you need a bit of peace and quiet!!!

I know I’ve droned on a bit, but I just want to highlight how great my friends actually are. I’ll never forget all the things they do for me, and I love them to bits!!!


From Romessa, age 11

Best friends are there forever. Even if you move away to another school just remember they are always there for you. My best friend has moved to another school but all you need to remember is that they are always there, through the good times and the bad they never let you down.

My best friend is called laraib I miss her loads but the way to heal the pain is to remember all the good times… I regret all the times I said ‘no’ or broke friends with her. I am missing her and all my other friends. The tips of staying a strong friend is never give up because they are truly the best.

Send your own friendship stories in here!

Real Friends

Real friends are great, aren’t they? They are always there for you – and it doesn’t matter where you are, how you feel or what you’re up to. They just care.

 childline logo

ChildLine also cares. We’re the UK’s free, 24-hour helpline for children and young people who need to talk. We answer thousands of calls each day about the things that are on your mind, no matter how big or small. Like a best friend, you can count on us to listen. And if you need our advice and support, you’ve got it.

Cathy Cassidy and ChildLine … always someone to turn to