Marshmallow Skye

SKYE. Long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, smiley, individual, eccentric, kind . . .

Skye and Summer Tanberry are identical twins, and Skye loves her sister Summer more than anyone else in the world. They do everything together, but lately Skye’s been feeling like second-best – it’s the story of her life. And when her friend Alfie confesses he’s fallen not for her, but for Summer, it hurts.

Skye wants to be her own person, but with an effortlessly cool twin, how can she? Will Skye ever step out of Summer’s shadow and find her own chance to shine?

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Reviews of Marshmallow Skye

  1. My favourite book, I keep reading it again & again πŸ“šπŸ“™πŸ“˜πŸ“—πŸ¬πŸ­πŸ«

    Posted by: F on 18th May 2020
  2. hi I am loving the two books I have read : cherry crush and marshmallow Skye I am hooked. once I have finished these I am going to try to get some over of your books.

    Posted by: E on 19th May 2020
  3. I feel SO much like Skye, we have almost everything in common!

    Posted by: L on 20th May 2020
  4. i really enjoyed this book:)!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: l on 27th May 2020
  5. I loved it just finished and I couldn’t put it down from the moment I picked it up great read a definite recommend x

    Posted by: J on 11th June 2020
  6. My favourite Cathy Cassidy book is MARSHMELLOW SKYE. She is my favourite Cathy Cassidy character!

    Posted by: L on 24th June 2020
  7. I cannot put those books down! Great work Cathy!

    Posted by: L on 24th June 2020
  8. Scary but exiting!

    Posted by: L on 24th June 2020
  9. i read it again and and again i wont stop ! my fav book

    thank you for making the book that feels me cathy !

    Posted by: J on 25th June 2020
  10. OMG I LOOOOOVED this book . Once I started it I couldn’t stop. I finished it in a day!!!!!!!#AWESOME!

    Posted by: C on 25th June 2020

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