Coco Caramel

COCO. Blue eyes, fair hair and freckles. She’s a tomboy who loves animals and wants to change the world . . .

Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she’s as headstrong as any of them . . .

Coco is crazy about animals and loves her riding lessons. When Caramel, her favourite pony at the stables, is sold, Coco scopes out the new owner – and she’s not happy about what she discovers. With big sister Honey going off at the deep end and Summer only just recovering from her eating disorder, there’s no-one at Tanglewood to help Coco out. Can Coco save Caramel alone – or will a new friend help her?

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Reviews of Coco Caramel

  1. This is my favourite book in the series because the message it gives is that you may be the youngest but 1 word can change it all!

    Posted by: L on 17th April 2020
  2. Best book I have ever read! I wish that there was a part 2 maybe a book about Cocoโ€™s future. I loved this book the most out of all the girls. These books are so good I canโ€™t put them down! I would love to become an author some day. Just like Cathy Cassidy ๐Ÿ’—!

    Posted by: C on 24th April 2020
  3. I have the book ‘coco caramel’ I am half way done reading the book it’s really a good book . I really like it and I have them real book also . Thank u Cathy Cassidy for writing this amazing book.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜™

    Posted by: P on 1st May 2020
  4. Wow Coco relates to me

    Posted by: S on 1st May 2020
  5. I love this book the most because i love animals and i would do anything to save them from anything. You are the best Cathy Cassidy

    Posted by: L on 8th May 2020
  6. My dad’s gonna buy this book from Amazon…I can’t wait! From all your comments, I can tell it’s amazing. After Coco Caramel, I’m planning to buy Snowflakes and Wishes…I can’t wait for that either! I’m really inspired by Cathy Cassidy. I’ve actually typed up a book and I’m planning to send to her! But first…gotta read Coco Caramel and Snowflakes and Wishes!

    Posted by: B on 21st May 2020
  7. This is the best ever! I recommend this book. I even love Coco and we are almost the same age. I’m just a bit younger. I am making a book right now all about a new adopted sister arriving at Tanglewood. Honey knows something from when she was at Australia. The girl is Lilliana because that is my dream name. She finds out at the end that she is Coco’s real twin and Charlotte is her real mother! It’s still in process but I will always love Coco Caramel the most.

    Posted by: Z on 28th May 2020
  8. Ahhh I love these books!!! Iโ€™m a total fan of Skye and summer !!!!!! They seem soooo elegant and beautiful

    Posted by: H on 29th May 2020
  9. I’ve just finished reading Coco Caramel and I LOVE it! Well done, Cathy! I’m actually making my own story (I’ve already typed up another,) and both of them have/are been/being made all because of Cathy Cassidy. Thank you. The story I’m making is about an English-African girl named Udo, who’s just a normal girl with normal friends and a normal life. But when Ian Tassing comes along, everything changes. He hangs about Udo loads, watching sunrises and sunsets with her, spending as much time with her as he can…but why? When I’ve finished it, I think I’ll email it to you, Cathy! From Betty, aged 10

    Posted by: B on 2nd June 2020
  10. I love your books especially the chocolate box girls series ,I’m begging my mom to buy me this book.I just want to say I’m a big fan.

    Posted by: C on 14th June 2020

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