The Chocolate Box Secrets

A delicious scrapbook of fun, creative ideas from the Chocolate Box Girls. A must-have for all Cathy fans!

Welcome inside the world of the Chocolate Box Girls!

Cherry, Summer, Skye, Coco and Honey may be very different – but they all love crafting and creating! From hosting a chocolate-themed sleepover to designing a flower headband and concocting a cupcake-sensation, each Chocolate Box sister shares her secrets.

With ideas for every season – there’s a whole year of Chocolate Box inspired ideas waiting – which will you make first?

Reviews of The Chocolate Box Secrets

  1. so amazing when you read them you get stuck into it and you dont wanna put the book down! well done cathy! <3

    Posted by: e on 23rd April 2020
  2. <3 im totally in love with cathy's books! <3

    Posted by: s on 23rd April 2020
  3. I loved all of the books but coco caramel was my favourite well done Cathy

    Posted by: A on 3rd May 2020
  4. I love 😍 😍 😍 😍 your books they are so nice, interesting, emotional, lovely. Best books, welldone cathy

    Posted by: E on 3rd May 2020
  5. omg cathy. i love your books so much. cherry crush and marshmallow skye are my faves!!! i can relate to them so much. thank you for these books. pls pls pls create another series, maybe from the perspective of all their friends and bfs like millie, tia and shay… thx for ur books! πŸ™‚

    Posted by: s on 10th May 2020
  6. Love these books, still read them now that I am an adult. Never did like Honey and still don’t but I adore Skye.
    Fantastic books and I can’t wait to share them with my future children.

    Posted by: J on 15th May 2020
  7. I love your books, they are really interesting and hard to put down. All the Chocolate Box Girls books are my fave so far. Please, please, please write some more books. My fave of the Chocolate Box Girls was Sweet Honey. Well done, Cathy πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ€—

    Posted by: B on 16th May 2020
  8. your books are amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.I love all your books but coco caramel is my favourite.Just fab.

    Posted by: M on 17th May 2020
  9. I love your books! I am so happy that they have your books in the school library!

    Posted by: C on 29th May 2020
  10. My dad just ordered this online as well as Life is sweet sooooooo excited your books are amazing!!
    Just fab well done!!! 😊❀️

    Posted by: J on 13th June 2020

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