Can wild child Scarlett ever settle down?

‘I’ll be different, I won’t break the rules . . . I promise’

Scarlett has got herself in trouble so often; her Mum’s no longer believes her promises. Sent off to stay with Dad, the message is behave or else!

Can Scarlett mend her ways or will she die of boredom? Perhaps gorgeous and mysterious local boy Kian can supply some of the answers . . .

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Reviews of Scarlett

  1. A

    Scarlett is 12 years old, and always breaks the rules. Her mother can no longer afford to keep her, as she had gotten expelled from 3 different schools, then later, one more. Therefore, she’s sent to Ireland to live with her father, requested helplessly to behave herself. But as a rebel, Scarlett breaks a few rules there, too.

    Will she ever try and fix her rebellion ways, or will she not? Maybe a mysterious local boy can help her with a few things…

  2. L

    I love scarlett! She is really bracve through tought imes. <3

  3. R


  4. S

    OMG love c.c books
    because there all amazing but this one is my fave x

  5. R

    Scarlett is the best Cathy Cassidy book I have ever read. It is one of the books that i read over and over again.

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I love my family, I love my animals, my home and my work. Of all my jobs, writing has to be the best – it’s the perfect excuse to daydream, after all!

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