Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar

Meet the one and only DAIZY STAR!

Daizy is ready to dazzle everyone with her brand-new pink guitar – maybe she’ll even find her star quality!

But the Dad comes up with another crazy idea, which means swapping happy family life for milking African goats. Eeeek! Daizy needs a clever plan. . .

She’s got to win the Battle of the Bands, or she can say goodbye to all her friends, sleepovers and – worst of all – custard doughnuts. . .

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Reviews of Daizy Star and the Pink Guitar

  1. It’s an interesting book to be onest

    Posted by: N on 6th November 2017
  2. im reading
    shine on daizy star

    Posted by: M on 6th November 2017
  3. I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just about to start daizy star ooh la la!

    Posted by: I on 6th November 2017
  4. I love this book sooooooooooooooooo much. <3

    Posted by: D on 6th November 2017
  5. I love this book and have read the whole series I plan to start reading gingersnap next. I was totally syced that my name was in a real published book other than my own unpublished one. Yay!

    Posted by: B on 6th November 2017
  6. ok not great

    Posted by: A on 6th November 2017
  7. so good

    Posted by: J on 6th November 2017
  8. i love this book it is so good
    i love it

    Posted by: J on 6th November 2017
  9. I enjoyed it but not as much as the others like bitter sweet and marshmallow Skye and the rest of the books. I thought it was a bit easy to tell what the story line was going to be because it just was easy to tell what was coming next I would recommend the book to poeple aged 7 to 8.I
    ps. I enjoyed it though

    Posted by: H on 6th November 2017
  10. i love all of the books i especially love daizy star books but i found this a bit to easy thanks

    Posted by: D on 6th November 2017

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