You’ve been SOOOO patient… but at last I have picked the winners (from a hat, of course!). And I’ve found a few more copies of BROKEN HEART CLUB so there are going to be FIVE lucky winners!!!

Here goes… the winners are: ZARIN K; EVA, age 11; WICTORIA M, age 13; NYAH G, age 10; and LAUREN E, age 12. Please can all the winning readers EMAIL ME through the link on the website homepage with their full name and postal address, so I can get the books packed up and posted off!

Once I’ve heard from everyone on the winners list, there will be a NEW competition linked to my new book LOVE FROM LEXIE. It will go live soon and I thought I’d ask you all to do something to be eligible to win… but WHAT? Any ideas? All suggestions welcome, just post your thoughts below!

THANKS to all who entered, and see you soon!

Cathy xxx

Comments on WINNERS!!!

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    I’ve just recently discovered your books (literally, like 4 weeks ago) and the first book i read was the ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ as i was kinda ‘Alice-addicted’ at that time… I’ve also just finished reading yesterday the Chocolate Box Boy ‘Fortune Cookie’ and can’t wait to read all about his sisters, Especially Cherry! She’s my favourite out of all the girls… And what a coincidence that at the end of the book i took the quiz and i appeared to be most like Cherry!!! I was wondering, were do u get your inspiration from? I’ve had a few goes at writing my own books (short ones) and for me, ideas just suddenly pop in my head! (POP, just like my last name, :D) It must be so cool to be doing what you love and getting money for it as well!!! Anyway, i just wanted to say, Thank You for writing such amazing , intriguing books for the whole world to love anx treasure. PEACE OUT! Alisha XO

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    Can u make a cake competition we’re we bake ur recipes in the chocolate box series ??
    Love u Cathy Cassidy ❤️❤️❤️

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    You could make us write a short continuation of Love From Lexie, of what we would think would happen at the end of the story.Also, I absolutely love Love From Lexie , It’s a beautiful book,hopefully there’ll be a sequel!

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    Hello cathy cassidy, my name is Lylas I am very happy to write you, I like very much your book even if ” 5 letters of the word heart ” made me cry at the end because of Carrie. If you could put in your next book a character of the or not I would set literally otherwise I have a question… Coconut(coke), Summer, Honey, Cherry and Skye really exists you they? In my head I always imagined myself your more wonderful character still and sometimes j ‘ would really like to take their place in the book. I am a very big reader and I write too my professors and my parents.pense that I have a gift(donation) to write but I take especially that your ideas and that of the other authors.

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