Cathy Cassidy’s My Best Friend Rocks 2012


The winners of My Best Friend Rocks 2012 are Grace and Naomi! Their entry was cool, creative and bursting with imagination. Grace and Naomi dream of travelling the world. Now they can use their prize of hot air balloon tickets to take their first adventurous steps! Well done girls!


Cathy with Grace and Naomi


Cathy with the MBFR finalists

The Shortlist

The Prize

Send your entry in to us and you could win the chance for both you and your BFF to come to a special MBFR AWARD CEREMONY on Sunday 17 June 2012, when Cathy will announce the overall winning entry.

The AMAZING first prize for you and your best friend includes:

  • A full, signed set of all the Cathy Cassidy books
  • A HOT AIR BALLOON flight for you and your best friend, plus 2 adults
  • The chance to meet Cathy at the amazing award ceremony on Sunday 17 June
  • Your entry published in Mizz
  • A very special and rare My Best Friend Rocks trophy

Your entries will be judged by our panel of experts, including Cathy Cassidy, Cathy’s editor at Puffin and Mizz’s editor too!

Make sure you include your name, email, address, date of birth and telephone number as well as the name and date of birth of your best friend. Before you send your entries please read the important bits below.

Important bits

There are a few things you need to know when you enter. Firstly, if you are 13 or under, you need to ask your parent/guardian’s permission to enter. If you are 13 or under, please ask them to read the following:

Notice to parent/guardian of children under 14 years old:

If you are a parent/guardian of the entrant and you consent to this child entering this competition (My Best Friend Rocks Competition), under the terms and conditions of Puffin (the Promoter) as found on please tick the box on the entry form and include a signature.

Click here for the competition Terms and Conditions

How to Enter

  • Download an ENTRY FORM here then print it out.
  • Draw a pic (or use a photo) of you with your BFF
  • Draw your dream in the bubble (or use photos)
  • Write a sentence about your dream and how your BFF will help you achieve it.
  • Decorate the page however you like – be sure to use lots of colour and creativity here!
  • Then send your entry before 30 April 2012 to:
    • My Best Friend Rocks,
    • Puffin Marketing,
    • 80 Strand,
    • London,
    • WC2R 0RL

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out the FAB My Best Friend Rocks entries we’ve had in the past. Just click on the links below: