Snowflakes and Wishes: Lawrie’s Story

Discover a brand new short Chocolate Box Girls story, perfect for the holiday season.

Lawrie can’t wait to return to Tanglewood for Christmas – he hasn’t forgotten Somerset or the friends he made there, especially Coco Tanberry. But when his beloved dog Sheba goes missing he and Coco are once again mixed up in a daring animal rescue…

Will Lawrie’s visit turn out to be a hopeless search or will he and his family finally find what they are looking for?


Reviews of Snowflakes and Wishes: Lawrie’s Story

  1. S

    How long is this? And it sounds brill!

  2. M

    I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo want to read this book after reading coco carmel.

  3. M

    can’t wait to read this!!!!!!!!!!
    loved coco carmel

  4. H

    Hey Cath! Is this book out yet? If it is PLEEEEEEEEEEESE let me know!

  5. H

    Is it out yet?

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I love my family, I love my animals, my home and my work. Of all my jobs, writing has to be the best – it’s the perfect excuse to daydream, after all!

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